The most extreme hot tub ever (30 Photos)


  • ConfusedHick

    and then I walk along the bridge and *snip*snip*snip*…

  • Turtle

    Most extreme waste of time EVER

  • LIJay

    While I agree that it's "extreme", I'm left simply wondering…why? Especially with all those dudes. Extreme Cockfest is a proper name for this crap.

  • pimpampet

    why this isnt possibel in 'Merica?

    The platform would collapse under the weight of 45% of the people being fat.

  • Htisss

    Who the fuck pays for this shit. Elitist douche-bags. Was it you? You fucker. #26

  • New York


  • Frank

    Nice aquatic meat packing plant. Another epic waste of my time chive. Guess I’ll just have to work today.

  • morebeer

    Know how I know you're gay…..

  • SDC

    Looks like a complete waste of time..fuck ya europe!!!

  • Coldzilla

    Nah Ill stay up on the bridge throwin down balloons filled with Jägermeister thank you very much.

  • RedJo

    Well I KNEW there must be some swiss chivers! That was one hell of a birthday bash! all over the news here today. They're absolutely crazy, even had a Jaccuzi Happening on the peak of Mont Blanc! und jaccuzzi. ch you find all the pics.

  • ComeAtMeBro

    Hows about, NO!

  • Jesse Sanchez

    What a waste of time

  • YangBrett

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  • Kyle White

    One question. How the hell did they get down(well, I guess it would be up in this case…) from there? o_O

  • nacirema

    Couldn't these rich idiots find a better way to waste their money?

  • Stretch

    Wtf there’s people with out jobs and starving people because they can’t pay for gas, but this seems like a good way to spend some unneeded $$$$$. These people in these pics GFY, while the rest of us keep calm and chive on!

  • idk

    How do you get down…or back up?

  • Ren-chan

    these people are NUTS!

  • Charles Paquette


  • Karen Reader

    Now that is a crazy hot tub!

  • gary

    how did they get back up

  • Steve Grenier

    How did this not end badly.

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