Melodramatic captions get fixed (24 Photos)

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  • Anonymous

    This is all very… Emo-tivational.

  • Aloha.

    #5…and Hawaii

    • ely whitley

      Hey! Stop saying Hawaii in there!

      • Aloha.

        I had to google your reference. more of a family guy..guy..myself.

    • BAMBAM

      If you're going to include Hawaii, then almost every other island nation is missing like Samoa, Fiji, Tonga etc.

      • me neither

        nobody likes a smart ass!

    • emilie

      And Japan

    • Kiwijoe

      Bitch is standing in front of New Zealand…

    • Ditto

      And Cuba.

    • DrJerome

      And the Falkland Islands. I also don't spot Sri Lanka.

    • beat rice

      AND MY AXE!

    • ROK247

      and Uranus

  • EvenIKnewThat

    #9 Shakespeare Invents Umbrella: 1759

    • EvenIKnowYou'reGay

      no sense of sarcasm. or humor..

    • Peter Bergman

      Probably not Shakespeare.

    • Vlad

      i'm pretty sure the romans had umbrellas in the first century ad….so….yeah….also….it doesn't sound good enough to be shakespeare

      • LuvH8fulChix

        Not Shakespeare,…that one was apparently written by "Shakespear."

        • Silentstatic

          from accounting.

    • Paul

      no, Shakespear Invents Umbrella. Two totally different people. Surprised you didnt know that.

  • Teresa Rebecca Cunningham

    #5, Also water, islands and the moon.

    • Petey

      this just in: the moon is not on earth, dumbass

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #3 youre better without them honey

  • Foreverwaiting


    • 16inchzipper

      Um, yeah. I've seen individual items re-posted, some times multiple times. This is the first entire collection that got re-posted.

      Running out of content? How about all those things I've sent in that didn't get posted?

    • ydodonutshave2die

      yeah most of these were on the berry too…

  • Rock On From MN

    Dear poster,

    There are better satirists than you. Nice try.

    All the graduates….

    • Steve

      Dear Rock On From MN,

      No one cares what you think. Stop being a smart ass and enjoy the post.

      A fellow graduate

    • Jeffster

      Why don't you just rename yourself 'thumbmethefuckdown'

    • dirtysteve99

      The graduates? what the fuck has that to do with anything? I guess you're a fucking hipster who did one of these whiny, self-indulgent attempts at a mreaningful picture.

  • mouchette

    #3, I can sympathize.

  • DanielB

    #17 parallel lines meet at a point at infinity, its called projective geometry 😛

    • ely whitley

      sorry but PG is just another state of mind, there are no practical applications and it's incalculable within a standard 3d model. The Fano Plane looks pretty but so do the legs on your average 'mind the Gap' and they never meet either.

      • Bubba

        Oh yes, the legs DO meet! And where they do, that's where the party's at!

      • Vlad

        infinity, I call your bluff…you are complete bullshit….

    • Chase Patt

      Regardless #16

  • JPV310

    #12 Pretty much is the synopsis of our generation

    • BAMBAM

      It is pretty much the synopsis of every generation.

  • Winks

    #18 Generation's. Note the apostrophe. Thinking a lack of education is 'cool' is our biggest problem.

    • Chase Patt

      Really feel that apostrophes are our biggest problem? That's where our generation went astray.

      • Winks

        "Thinking a lack of education is 'cool' is our biggest problem."

        Read posts carefully before replying; it'll stop you from looking silly.

        • Danny Spencer

          What a douche :/

      • Chase Patt

        We've altered written communication to fit our needs, simplified and faster to write for more instant communication. We evolved it; language is always evolving to tailor our needs…we're intelligent enough to figure out what is unnecessary to write while still reading the same. It may sound less "educated", but so does anything that isn't Elizabethan. Keep Calm. My statement was that it's just an apostrophe, we have bigger fish to fry.

    • Frank

      LOL, Yeah I think it might be that you never grew up.

    • Teebor

      "Generation's. Note the apostrophe. Thinking a lack of education is 'cool' is our biggest problem."

      Are you trying to be the proof of that, or what?

      Our Generation is problem?

      You're slipping man.

      • AnthonySyl

        the apostrophe doesn't always mean that it makes the word a conjunction, sometimes it shows possession.

      • Winks

        Are you a moron? It means 'of generation', i.e., 'the problem of our generation?'.

        Genuinely, try less retard and more study.

  • dashete

    #16 Could've actually been the correction in most of them

    • This Is Me

      This should be a shirt.

      • Rip

        I second that… Chive. DO IT!

  • TheYeasterBunny

    not impressed.

  • ely whitley

    #24 LMAO

    • Jive

      BEST ONE!

    • Nick Hariri


  • Darth Ozzy

    2/10 No bewbs.

    • Bubba

      Cos Berry repost. Lame repost is lame!

  • Stan_Dalone

    #9 you can't explain that!

    • Peter Bergman

      Sure, either not Shakespeare or umbrellas were in use long before the official ''invention'' date.

      • Yeepah

        3500 years before J.C. in China !

    • newscot

      Sure you can: It's wrong.

    • Chuck

      Two things, genius. First, it's spelled Shakespeare. Second, he didn't write that.

    • Stan_Dalone

      to answer you all collectively it is obviously sarcasm duh get over yourselves

      • Guesty

        Not sarcasm, shitty old ass meme reference. duh….

      • FuckoffStan

        Someone seriously needs to look up the word "sarcasm"

    • V4Vendetta14

      The word "umbrella" may have been introduced in 1760…but they had names for it in history. Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome…pretty much every civilization thought of their own umbrella-like sun-blocker.

  • buzzkillington

    This was on theBerry first

  • the professor

    go cry emo kid

  • SitVisVobiscum

    please tell me #16 will be made into a shirt!

  • josephanthony

    Isn't Shakespeare spelled with an 'e', at the end? Ergo – They could have meant 'Erasmus Shakespear'; inventor of the cat-saddle, and edible breeches.

  • waffle_monkey

    #2 my thoughts exactly

  • Jame Jame

    #2 Truer words have not been spoken

    #10 Or maybe they have

    • the_junglist

      The Simpsons are still trucking on….. Family Guy on the other hand is beyond the point of no return. It's been eclipsed by American Dad (and rightly so), and since season 3 Stewie went from evil genius to flamboyant baby. Meanwhile, people are still fighting for guest spots on the Simpsons.
      –And if you like Arrested Development, check out Better Off Ted.

  • Bruce

    Probably laughed about that one harder than I should… oh wel…

  • Jay

    #9 is not true…

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