• Iam_Dave

    crazy fast!
    My legs fell off at the first 5 seconds just watching. lol

    • o_0

      y she no doctor?

    • WhatIsHeardCantBe..

      play the video with your eyes closed.. sounds like me scrolling FLBP

      • Iam_Dave


  • mad hatter

    Dang those people sure are productive! And by those people I mean jump ropers….

  • Ken

    Hmmmm… riding the pole should be her next trick!

  • James

    I bet she'd give fantastic handjobs

    • soda pop

      You mean rug burn…..

    • zimzum

      she will set your junk on fire due to friction burn… 😦

      • Max_Power

        Get some lube and a case of 'man the fuck up' and you'll have a great time

    • Not a fan

      New guiness record – orgasm in 3 seconds

  • Catalystika

    Is it just me, or did that sound like your typical techno beat?

  • Owen F-in' Smithers


  • Buster Cherry

    Her face looks like she's having an orgasm

    • Todd Walling

      check out at :21 of the video lol

    • Dick_Hammer

      Or taking a huge dump

    • Ryan

      That was my thought.. Looks like an interesting "O" face for sure..

  • Mr Cheese

    Gotta pee gotta pee gotta pee gotta pee gotta pee

  • soda pop

    that face she is making is hilarious…..

  • misschris

    If it was just a shot of her face w/ that bed-squeak noise in the background, I would think it's a whole different kinda video…

    • revski87


  • Jesse

    I can't do 162 of anything in 30 seconds.

    • Catalystika

      Breaths in and out is a fun thing to try. Well, that is until you hyperventilate and pass out.

    • Brot

      fap fap fap..

  • Contorto

    WTH is that little thing standing off to the left? Child? Monkey?

    • soda pop

      holy crap, yea, what is that thing?

      • Contorto

        Freaks me out a little.

        • Branimir Farkas

          monkey counter xD

    • Arwinning

      OH god what

  • SimonPhoenix

    I would let her do that bouncing on my DEE — ICK!

  • sshuggi

    I know your supposed to exercise to reduce your risk of heart disease, but this is going to make you straight up have a heart attack. Jeez

  • cjuncosa

    The DERP at 20 seconds is priceless

  • Mike Hunt

    I am confident she could make me cum 162 times in a week if she put her mind to it.

  • chicago

    The next person would have to be at a constant hover to beat 162 jumps / 30 secs. Incredible.

  • This guy

    I find this extremely easy to masturbate to.

  • MylesofStyles

    In Japan, they call her THE JACKHAMMER. True story.

  • Owen F-in' Smithers

    I see no jump rope. Derping while jumping in time to a metronome is no record-breaking achievement. Happens all the time.

  • j22

    Her face makes me hot


    hey…was that Hitomi Tanaka in the head box to the right?

  • Anonymous

    Show me your O face!

  • Purearky

    Just wasted 35 seconds of my life…twice. lol

  • V4Vendetta14

    Dennis from Always Sunny must have taught her his Hummingbird workout of imperceptible leg lifts…

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