• lolza


    • Oh guy

      He's a loose cannon cop on the edge and has had enough of private flying drug dealers. He's the 1%.

    • Krusherx

      Seeing this at 6 am with my toddler around. And still I screamed HOLY FAK…

    • Kman

      Haha this was my immediate response too.

    • http://www.facebook.com/gregisgreg Greg Lee

      best first post in a long time

  • Andrew

    Shit just got real.

    • http://www.tube8.com SimonPhoenix

      Well said.

    • Duvel

      Reality hits you hard bro

      • ranD

  • Broken O.


    • welshist

      you utter cunt

    • yo yo ma

      Not only are you not first, but that cop is on his way to your house to smack you upside the head for being such a dork.

  • Fever

    Like a boss.

  • Broken O.


  • Batex

    oh u f@cked now mother f@cker!!!

  • frank

    Has to take some balls to do this. The drug lords are ruining all these countries and making them more of a shity place to live in.

    • Primer Gray

      Yeah…for people who don't do drugs 😉

    • pete

      people using drugs cause drug lords to ruin lives…If only "hollywood" en "the music industry"stopped using drugs……

    • Julio

      There where no Drugs on the plain, just stolen items!!!

    • Mark

      That is a stupid statement! Drug lords running this Countries??? Do you even know the reality of Brazil? Get informed dude, or else you can join the Sarah Palin club of misinformation!!!

  • Aliks

    I like how the driver isn't even fazed by the idea of ramming his car into the eye-level wing. He just zooms up and does his shit….another normal day in the life of a columbian policia

    • http://twitter.com/BMignaco @BMignaco

      This happened in Brazil

    • Luis

      There are speaking Portuguese (Brazil) not Spanish…

    • Julio

      They are from Brazil!!!

    • Arley

      at least learn how to spell it its Colombia not 'Columbia'…

  • Jim

    That cop has some huge balls! It's to bad he is probably wearing concrete shoes at the bottom of the ocean right now.

    • child.molester


    • Chivalrous

      In Mexico anyway, the latest usual practice seems to be dismemberment. Sometimes they send the body parts to friends and family.

  • SenorWilson

    Brazilian standard issue police gear: Black t-shirt, jeans, m-16.

    • Giggedy

      Don't forget the straw hat. Besides drugdealers escaping by planes, the sun is your worst enemy.

      • SpacemanSpiff

        straw helmet

    • Rodrigo Zeba

      Federal Police. They where undecover.

      • jesse

        and some big ass balls made of steel!

      • André

        They are COT – Comando de Operações Taticas, elite squad from Brazilian Federal Police. Nobody is badass as they are.

    • MacNCheesePro

      Yet, you change the t-shirt to a turtle neck, it makes you a technological genius. Can't go wrong with blue jeans and a black shirt….

  • Witness.

    George Bush jr walks out with his head down.. "No opium? 😦 "

    • armyabn

      Move on already, queer.

  • ChaseTheWalker

    That's some good stuff!! That's how it should be! Everything should be like it's a Bruce Willis movie!

    • MacNCheesePro

      Yippee kay yay motherfucker!

  • alate

    please tell me this is not from a movie or a clip of some sorts… I live in northern México so.. if it's real it makes me extra happy

    • Nava

      Yes this is real, this is the Federal Police in Brazil

      • Filippe

        yep it´s totally real, how do I know that, I`m brazilian 🙂

        • André


    • child.molester

      como si los pinches polis de aca de mexico tuvieran las huevos para hacer algo asi…. y mas con el pinche presidente q nos cargamos q nadamas lo caga todo….

  • teh dude

    Bad ass overload….

  • Smoores

    Pit Maneuver an airplane, like a boss.

  • kyle

    michael bay couldn't do any better.

  • DaMainMan

    The camera angles almost look too good to be real….if it is- those cops deserve the "Badass of the year"-Award…

  • Jason

    wife: what did you do today honey
    cop: rammed an airplane took out some bad guys
    wife: thats nice
    cop: make me a sandwich and bring me a beer

    • http://www.tube8.com SimonPhoenix

      and you left out the part where he asks for a BJ too!

      this video definitely is chive worthy of Sandwhich, Beer and a BJ from the wifey.

    • Crispy

      A man that has the balls to do that to a plane does not have a wife. He comes and goes as he pleases and fucks a different woman every night When e walks into a bar the women fall over each other trying to get a piece of him

  • hakai20

    Bad Boyz 3: SHIT JUST GOT REAL

  • mojo420jojo

    Chuck Norris, now a Brazilian cop….

  • DC22

    Like a fucking BOSS!

  • Zero00430


  • clara

    that was the coolest thing i've seen in a long time!!!

  • fhhfihsdis

    Actually the plane was not filled with drugs, but illegally smuggled electronics.
    At least according to the portuguese text on the original youtube video.

    • ROK247

      have you told any kids that there isn't an easter bunny lately?

    • Filippe

      yep, you are right, no drugs just laptops etc…

      • Andre

        But the site, and the plane, was always used by drugdealers to do theirs bussiness. This action, ideed, screewd the entire operation.

  • CNG

    Pretty crazy. I still hate cops though.

    • yup

      Go eat a bag of glass

    • That Guy

      Don't worry assbag. We hate you, too.
      Now, go suck start a pistol.

    • poople dinosawr

      must suck to have tiny balls… maybe when you grow some, you can apply to be a cop too

    • ShakeyTheMoyle

      I bet you're one of those Occuposers on Wall Street too. I feel sad for you:(

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