• TheMoose03


  • Mike

    Thats wassup

  • Ander

    Manic depressive, my ass! Eeyore's got some movez!

  • mazooba

    best non-boobie related video i've seen on chive

  • Doctor_What

    Very cute

  • Edgar

    This definitely cracked me up! Lol!

  • nigga in paris


  • eclipze

    Tiger owned the guy who was gonna teach how to dance. lol.

  • therealguy

    clearly ain't a white guy in the tigger costume

    • Malkintosh22

      must.. resist.. racist… JOKE

    • Alex

      Winnie the Pooh, def a white guy

  • will

    that was awesome

  • JROC

    at times like this i ask myself why the fuck am i awake:?

    • http://yahoo.com nickis

      um you aint suposed to cuess here sorry thats the rules

  • mtsd

    This was fucking stupid

  • Mouchette

    Tigger’s always had panache; Eeyore comin outta left field with the moves.

  • nayala

    awh this made me smile!!

  • touch my d

    pooh looked like he was about to do the redlight boogie

  • Guest

    Best vid in awhile!!

  • etcrr

    Dudes forget those are actors. Actors dance cause they have to.. So the deck was stacked lmao

  • Kim83MD

    Eeyore shufflin' = Awesome.

  • tylermacias

    They be like, "Poo, can you teach me how to dougie?".

  • Matt

    Is that kid in the beginning the same guy who proposed to his girlfriend in this video?

    • jujubean

      I think it is man, that was the first thing i thought when it started playing

  • gene

    u just don't mess with Tigger!

  • bse35

    Tigger's got the moves man

  • tara

    made my day

  • DeDav

    Showing that it's true that anyone of ANY age can have fun at Disneyland!

  • misschris

    I loved this – definitely brought a smile to my face! Who knew Tigger could move like that?! 😀

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