Some fans are devoted for life (23 Photos)

  • Dave


    • Shannon Coverdale

      first douche to post maybe

    • derp de derp

      get it tattoo'ed on yer ass… oops, too late

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Where the steelers!!

  • Takingbackcider

    #23 Redneck Randal?!

    • Colin_

      How did I know there was gonna be some guy with an Earnhardt tattoo? Oh yeah, because rednecks are crazy.

      • Chris

        Crazy? Really? Why the fuck is that any different than some stupid tattoo of some fucktard that gets paid for running back and forth on a field or court and slapping each other on the ass? For the record not all NASCAR fans are rednecks!

  • notfirstbitches


  • Posted this

    wait till one of these clowns kill or rape someone….. good luck with that…..

  • TreeHugR

    Some of that ink is pretty good, actually. Bird FTW!

  • ontherun1989
    • SuperCereal

      Yeah, that about sums it up!

  • shoeless001

    if I ever get another man's face tatoo'ed on any part of my body, please shoot me

    • GoForth

      You mean you already have one?

      • Hunter X


  • b money

    Good job, people. I hate you all.

  • Lefty8

    #18 Larry Legend could've still made shots with that warped ball

  • Hector

    #16, HA-HA!

    • ROK247

      looks like someone lost a bet

      • ChivinSeattle

        I bet that's actually TIm Tebow!

    • Dan E

      Actually that's god, he has the Tebow tattoo.

      • themordify

        did he add a name to the list of mistakes that hes made since he created man?

  • Zach


  • Intensemasterdebater

    I somehow feel normal now…

  • ezhammer

    #7 I hope that guy was a cavaliers fan!

    • JEB

      Its alright, it will fade away in the 4th quarter

    • Chase Patt

      I hope that guy is a fan of inaccurate portraits

  • Boss Hertzog

    I have about 8 billion Steeler tats to submit here

    • Mito

      One for every one of Roethlisberger's victims?

  • .Krookz


  • Anonymous

    Who gets some dudes name tattooed across their back?

  • rtaylor12

    #20 there is something gay about a guys head this close to your crotch… just saying!

    • guest

      He wanted a horse cock, but really it turned out to be a horse face.

      • George

        He also appears to be carrying a portable vagina bag.

  • GernBlansten

    Well, fan is short for fanatic.

    • Mikey

      Actually fan is short for fancy. It's an old English term for a person who enjoys boxing. Learned this in a history of sport/athletics class in college…just sayin'

      • GernBlansten
        • Guest

          Uh, no.
          I can change a dictionary reference online to say anything I want. Lame is still lame, and you, Sir… etc.

          • GernBlansten

            <img src=""&gt;

            Scanned from a Random House dictionary published 1980.

            Honk on it, pedant.

            • ThatGuy

              I guy on the internet got you to get a dictionary, look through it, scan an entry then post it. Who is the real loser here?

              Also you are both wrong. Fanatic come from fancy.

  • Elway Is God

    #6 #12 #20 #21 #16
    It seems that Bronco and Raider fans are disproportionately represented in this parade of insanity. I can understand the devotion to the Broncos, but the f'ing Raiders?!?

    • Gawd

      Elway doesn't exist.

  • Holy Hell

    Close to being as gay as Twilight !

    • Hunter X

      This is so his boyfriend can imagine he's doing Tim in the ass….

    • gutterville


  • fakebutt

    sports fans aren't smart

  • Barry Switzer

    Thread should be called: "Sopme fans are total fucking morons and shold be taken out behind the barn and shot."

    • notfirstbitches

      spelling. don't do that much at OU do they. they just fuck cows. and fat chicks.

    • Napoleon

      "Sopme" people "shold" look for spelling errors before they post…

      • Barry Switzer

        Sopme other people shold go fuck themselves. Nothing worse than the spelling police in comment threads. I was really confused. Those weren't random typos, I actually thought there was a silent P in "some" when in fact, it was a silent U in "should" that I was thinking of.

        sentence structure. did't teach that at your school much. or capitalization.

        • notfirstbitches

          don't need to capitalize on anything more than your ignorance and bigotry you goat fucker.

          • notfirstbitches

            oh and how about OU handling ISU this weekend. bye-bye title game.

            • Tribbs

              Yea except that was OSU, but good try…

  • Poontangler

    Complete pack of goddamn morons.

  • Hunter X

    I can understand a team logo, etc…but to put some dude's face on your skin…just ain't right.

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