These signs, they’re full of WTF (30 Photos)

  • just a black chiver

    Fuckin signs…o yah!

  • Wet_tosti

    #3 Oh Mike… Please do explain?!

    • tobi

      second that!

    • Mike

      It hurts

      • JHL1

        Thanks Mike. You saved me a lot of pain.

  • The Bandit

    #18 …fly, you fools!
    #6 true story!
    #1 ….what to do? Fire all bullets in the air?

    • JHL1

      *shall not
      (It had to be done.)

  • well hung over

    #2 I started a restaurant in honor of your mom.

    • Kenny

      wow. a "your momma's" joke. you should make a show about that on MTV.

    • squishybits

      haha, its a Malaysian/Thai restaurant in Auckland, NZ. Has bronze print in the side walk saying, "me love you long time"

  • Laura

    #16 god is a pervert

  • Max

    #19 is a famous tourist cafe in Brussels, the only drug they serve is stomach pills after eating…

  • chuck

    *true story.

    • somebloke

      This is brilliant. I wonder who pays for such a billboard? Good on them.

      • chuck

        not only that but the placement (look at the surrounding area) is also brilliant.

  • august west

    ft. collins?

    • Amy

      Definitely Fort Collins! I drive by this place all the time!

  • anitarose

    #2 is my favourite restaurant in New Zealand, and yes the name is a deliberate pisstake

    • hi_steaks

      too right… keep calm and poon on

    • Underbaker

      Do they do delivery?

      • Powdah Hound

        you mean "derivery"

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #28 that fruit cake must smell delicious!

    • Johnny Two Toes

      You don't know what the real definition of a dutch oven is, do you?

      • lordastral

        no dutch oven is slang for farting under the covers so it traps the smell. i actually had to burn a brain cell looking that up. otherwise a fruit cake baked in a dutch oven is completely expected and not at all weird. kind of a fail pict in my opinion

  • dashete

    #26 Now that's what you call cross-marketing

    • JHL1

      I hope the Johnson drug testing is a pee test and no a blood test :-O

    • Zoe Isabeau Graves

      yup, fort collins, corner of college and a few streets south of mulberry if memory serves. had to go to the drug testing place for a job.

  • B Line (@asylumstudio)

    #18 awesome

  • Machinist

    Of course I can! The question is, shall I?

    • dave

      Got em.

  • Pete_Rock

    Seems like a nice place to work.

  • etcrr

    #20 there's a joke there somewhere, but it escaped

    • Lisa

      i see what you did there

  • etcrr

    #5 Which is worse the sign or the guy humping the sign?

    • eh.

      He's not humping it, he's molesting it. There is a difference, and that may alter your interpretation of the picture.

      • djr9nuva

        is he wearing a justin bieber shirt?

        • Underbaker

          If he is, then the sign should be molesting him.

  • Zell183

    #24 This is from Green Bay WI. One of my best friends was the one who took this photo. Needless to say I had a very solid freak out seeing that the photo made it onto WTF Signs.

    • Bobby


    • Monkfish

      Cool story bro…

  • Frank Feynolds

    #21 More curious about the Canadian seed exchange

    • Bill Blakey

      It's in Toronto, and it's exactly what you'd expect … a pot lounge / seed exchange.

  • dumber than his kid

    #1 is probably a gun range or shop. People are going to be coming in with guns all the time, but should not be loaded.

    • CalAb13

      Um…. but the sign is facing inside


    • Leon

      Its a pawn shop in Tulsa 🙂

  • AlwaysQuinning

    #4 The clawwwwwww

    • mouchette


      • bse35

        that's Da Crawwwww

  • Insomniac

    #8 if it wasn't dumb enough… that's a dromedary, not a camel…

    • lordastral

      "The dromedary (pronounced /ˈdrɒmədɛəri/ or /ˈdrɒmədri/) or Arabian camel (Camelus dromedarius)"

      Yes, its a camel.

  • Bobby Gosbee

    #18 Why do they always get these wrong. Don't you know it makes us nerds heads explode?

  • Berto

    #1 Tulsa County gun and pawn, on west side the classiest side of Tulsa, Oklahoma!!!!!

    • bse35

      Tulsa, Oklahoma now I understand the sign

    • Leon

      Yep meth-side Tulsa

  • chicago

    #3 people will considered this a TO DO checklist now.

    • chicago

      WTF? I hate my own comment. too early to think…

  • The_Dood

    I think I've seen #15 enough times now.

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