Safety first, guys, safety first (5 Photos)

  • Me.

    #5 I feel like there should be a Gorilla up top throwing barrels.

    • Beer Cans

      HAHA! Nice comment.

    • tralfaz

      Now I hear the music.

    • NonaNorway

      LG is probably too busy but I'll ask.

  • this is sparta


    • Me. (jerk)

      Haha i beat you, Asshole! Enjoy your day i hope you feel accomplished.

    • Giraffe


  • this is sparta


  • this is sparta


    • Giraffe

      just give up.

  • teh dude

    that just makes no sense…

  • Anonymous

    Or it is pure genius

  • kjwalle

    Hahahahaha! Hilarious!

  • maboze1x


  • Herp Derp

    That guy is getting double rations of fried chicken and grape kool-aid.

    • sham

      we dont drink grape kool-aid in south africa, only beer!

      • jarred

        chicken licken and zumalek for this guy 🙂

    • The_Dood

      If you aren't trolling you're just a fucking moron.

    • tangles

      the 60's called, they want their racism back….

  • daerek

    generic comment to generate points.

    • Giraffe

      generic reply to point out annoying comment

      • Brutal Deluxe

        Generic combo of wildy misplaced racist comment and anticipation of thumbs down

        • JHL1

          This is a name brand comment. It's no better then the generic comments, but it costs a lot more.

          Just do it!

  • Rufio07

    Safety never sleeps

  • Dick Naylor

    OSHA is gonna shit their collective pants!

    • Juann Strauss

      There is no such thing here in South Africa. I spent two years working on a construction site walking between apartment buildings over a plank roughly 10 inches wide. no harness, no safety net. Then I chickened out and studied software development.

      • Miss T

        Errr, no, there is such a thing. The Occupational Health and Safety Act is alive and kicking in South Africa. As a SHEQ manager based in CT I am saddened that you are not aware of this fact.

    • Active_hunter

      Osha is only in the US, and it keeps the stupid from hurting only themselves.

  • Spt

    In God he trusts..

    • B45op

      In the guy sitting on the plank he trusts

  • jarred

    south africa

  • GordonGekko

    Musina is pretty much Little Zimbabwe in SA which is probably why COSATU doesn't really give a shit about this insanity.

    • Dr_StrangePants

      what the devil is COSATU?

      • CalculatedRisk

        Confederation of South African Trade Unions… As labour-oriented a group of people that has ever existed…

  • B Line (@asylumstudio)

    Pahahaha….. Awesome

  • Sasuke

    South Africa at its best! I Love My Beloved Mother Land.

    • Warren Marmeduke Lombard


  • tralfaz

    As long as the guy in #3 doesn't go to the bathroom he's all set.

  • Josh Winklepleck

    Anyone else’s butthole pucker a bit when you saw #4?

  • db$

    safety first, then teamwork

  • Anonymous

    What? He’s wearing a hat with a wide brim. I heard sunburns are very serious in South Africa.

  • etcrr

    Hell No, Guy sitting dwn farts they're both dead lol

  • Hooka

    Its actually not a terrible set-up. The real concern is the weight rating of the 2 bottom ladders. I' have seen worse ladder contraptions on here than this one.

  • Cropped Rag

    Doesn't matter, he has God on his side, he'll be fine.

    • Hobo with a shotgun

      If he had god on his side he wouldnt have a shitty job where he has to risk his life with fucking video game style ladder contraptions!!!!

  • bse35

    safety? we don't need no stinking safety

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