Dog doesn’t like your clean bullsh*t (27 Photos)

  • Stupedaso


  • benninj

    Dogs, still better than cats!

    • Not first

      Especially in Korea and Vietnam!!!

    • tooCurious9

      at least they are trying to find something out

  • JPQC


    • Testa

      lol, first fail

  • Here's Johnny

    I hate when that happens #7

    • 1zmaj

      can't figure out who to shoot?

  • Ben


  • Todrunk2

    Someone needs to call the Dog Whisperer

    • Fun

      No need, these lazy ass people just need to exercise their dogs more. A tired dog is a good dog and not bored

  • Spencer_on_Fire


    Ohai…..No I wasn't sleeping with your wife

  • Hooka

    Duhhhhh Second

    • Testa

      Nope, Chuck Testa

  • Ben

    #9 r kelly's dog

  • echogeo

    The Cone of Shame is no match for Damage Dog.

  • Berto

    Good Dogs!!!!

  • Luz

    #4 looks lie my couch

  • AssClown

    #12 No wonder!! Look at those damn demon-doggy eyes!! That face is just a cute, adorable masquerade!!

  • JHarris

    #8 Blind dog.

  • Maytrix

    That's one way to learn you should keep your dog in a crate when unsupervised!

    I love #13 – must be payback for having to wear the cone!

  • JHarris

    #16 Well, at least the bitch is making a sandwich.

  • steve

    most of these people got what they deserve. leaving a dog in the house alone for a long time.they shouldn't even have a pet

    • Lisa

      yeah because dogs never chew/destroy things when you leave them alone for short periods of time. if you have a dog you should NEVER leave the house EVER.

      • Woody

        You people ever hear of a cage?

        • Justin

          Don't get a fucking dog if you're going to cage it. Animal proof your damn house if you're going to spend that much money to: get a dog, get it vaccinated, toys, food, etc etc.

          Maybe someone should put you down, or in a cage

    • ImpressMe

      How do you know they left them alone for a long time? My dogs can do that much damage in minutes….while I'm in another part of the house…… lol Lighten up dude…you seem a little tense.

  • ifuckinlovecigs

    #9 good boy!


  • JHarris

    #27 Don't forget to brush your canines.

    • JHL1

      Eeeek! Rabid dog!

  • Beer man

    This is why I havs a cat. Dogs suck!

    • Unfkngblvbl

      yeah, cuz cats never tear up furniture with their claws…dipshit

      • rikooprate

        What kind of man prefers cats over dogs anyways? Do you like the color pink? International Male catalog?? Cold play???

        • Rapanui

          dogs are retarded, loud and they stink. And what kind of retarded fuck wad are you? You think owning a cat makes someone gay? Holy shit your ignorance knows no bounds. Go read a book you ape.

          • rikooprate

            So you're gay then? Good for you! Takes a lot of courage. btw – what is this "a book" you speak of? Sounds interesting!!

          • 30aught6

            Dogs have been bread for thousands of years to protect man and his domain. It is their natural instinct to protect their master and alert them of an intruder.
            Seeing eye dogs can give the blind the ability to move freely in society. They help break the barrier of autism for young children. Cadaver dogs are the best option to search and find survivors in a catastrophe. They are the best at bomb sniffing.

            Hell, when Seal Team 6 went to extricate Bin Laden they had a MR dog with them. Dogs have earned the K-9 Medal of Honor as well, and have served in every theater of war.

            Your cat can't do any of that shit. Mans best friend? You bet your ass, buddy.

            • Smuggler

              Fuck yea.

    • ssstoopid

      Cats piss on everything, and they are fucking vengeful drama queens.

      • larry


  • Andy

    #13 Why? Because you took my balls and put a cone on my head… and Fuck you that's why!!!

  • @MissRachelJane


  • Nope

    EXERCISE your dogs people. You would also be ripping off couches if you stay inside of your house 24/7 with no TV, phone, internet, etc. to entertain yourselves

    • Derpin

      No, most of the Chive's readers do stay indoors for a majority of the day with little human contact or exercise.

      • Jewels

        when dogs get bored…. they entertain themselves. A dog that is well excercised and recieves enough stimulation…. doesn't tend to destroy the house!!

    • anon

      I have tried that unfortunately it hasn't helped. I take my dog running with me 25-30 mi/week. I have never taken her longer than that bc I don't want her to get overworked. None of it has helped she is still crazy destructive, even if she is alone for just an hour. I wish I knew what else to do, she destroys any kennel even metal ones. :{

  • Spencer Reichley

    Fuuuuuuckkkkk!!!!! (all photos)

  • joe

    dogs do this because there lonely & stressed out…angzyity.

    • Jewels

      sorry…. gotta do it. Anxiety.

    • ImpressMe

      They also do it when they are bored…or the sun is shining…or its dark….or because they have already eaten/destroyed all the chewtoys you bought them… Just sayin'

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