Daily Afternoon Randomness (48 Photos)

  • dylan

    #46, #47

    But then #48 warmed me right up

    • Kay2

      Anyone else see a similar shaped figure in the clouds? #48

      • SmokeyJane

        I see it:)

        Anyone know what #44 is??

        • Budzilla

          superballs.xtra bouncy

          • SmokeyJane

            really, that's it?? I thought they were filled with whiskey or something haha… that would be much more interesting;) thanks for the help Bud!

    • Bro-Magnon

      This is kind of evil for the chive to do to us northerners. It's like, because of this, you'll have none of this for next few months

  • zman

    #6 HOT DAMN!!!!!

    • BSS

      Gotta be implants or shopped

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1253607342 Brenton TopGun Platner

      Shopped for sure… unfortunately.


        this is real google her

    • louis cattanaccio

      not it's real, search Gina at meatspin.com. NSFW

      • DON'T DO IT!!!


        • Salute My Shorts

          how many times man? Gotta be honest since you went.

      • shitfaced

        You're a Dick. Actually 2 Dicks.

      • Smitty


  • CorbinKeith

    5th!! a new personal record haha

    • kitten

      but you're third… moron

      • asdf

        Also, die

        • Smitty

          in a fire.

          • Daniel

            where no one cares about nomenclature or numerical order.

            • whiteboyblackass

              i love q-tips

              • feegle

                i prefer cotton swabs

                • Smitty

                  C-C-C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!!

  • will

    #42, #45, #48

    I used to be a devout boob guy. Somehow the chive has made me an ass man.

    • Commando00

      #6 #9 #36 #45 #48

      I'm with ya on that one!!……..

    • Woodrow

      Agreed, big boobs dont do much for me anymore, but i love looking at asses!

    • Kay2

      What about man-boobs? #17


        this is gross

    • SpacemanSpiff

      I welcome you

    • talkingmime

      strange…cus I used to be a devout ass guy and the chive made me a boob guy

    • B. Stinson

      You're welcome

    • qwert

      so youre a proctologist now?

    • stumeister

      Would hit this so hard, that whoever pulls me out would br crowned king of England!

  • Yes Sir

    #28 looks very edible

  • Intensemasterdebater

    #11 Funny, I had a dream about a 3-way. You weren't there!

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/ADHDavenger13?feature=mhsn Firefighter23

      She was for me!

    • Smitty


      Enough of your dream based jealousy.
      Menstruation is NOT carte blanche to treat people like shit.
      Yes, you CAN have enough shoes.
      If you are going to spend a small fortune on make up, shut the fuck up about our tools.
      We don't care about your hairdresser's third cousin's bestfriend's mother's manicurist having gone to school with your cousin's collage professor's son's car detailer. No it isn't a small fucking world.

      and stop watching Oprah already. we are sick of being in the doghouse just for coming home.

      Not a single fuck was given today and yes indeed… I DO want to watch the world burn.

      Come at me bro, bring it.

      • Ren

        Lol. This is like every bad stand-up stereotype on both sides.

        Women like makeup and shoes.

        Men like tools.


        • Daniel

          fuck that shit

      • TheAutomaticMan

        Well said sir.

    • sakmaidik

      If you look long enough, it looks like she's breathing.

  • a_schoenoprasum

    replace #6 with #3 and that sign is correct

  • Pete_Mitchell

    #36 wow

  • Tek257

    Early DAR. My day is complete now.

  • uberbrie

    I'd like to combine #26 and #28 for a bit

    • Spencer_on_Fire

      Sounds like the best vacation to me

      • uberbrie

        Why would I vacation in my Rape Van?

    • WFD

      one of chuck norris' homes and one of his wives..

  • Spencer_on_Fire

    #6 #36 #48

    Early DAR is gold


    #36 Fuck you

    • pooper

      u mad?

    • Elcastino

      Still lame


        i didnt see eye pain to much on the fap…anybody got a clue =?

  • Judd

    #10 Mr. Norris was born March 10, 1940

    • dork

      yeah i googled that too. buzzkillingtons we are

    • buzz

      also googled.

      such a shame.

      • Kimmens

        actually i am born at march 10th and i googled my birthday,
        i share it with chuck norris and osama bin laden lol

        • KState

          me too – add carrie underwood and shannon tweed

        • RobK

          Chuck Norris found out he shared a birthday with Osama bin Laden and roundhouse kicked a bullet to Pakistan. When the SEALs got there too late and tried to take credit for it he ran up and roundhouse kicked their drone to the ground.

          • Craigery

            trying too hard to be funny.

            • Nameless


        • Lisa

          same! most epic birthday battle ever, no?

          • Living Tribunal

            No. The word "epic" is far too overused.

    • ronnieblaze

      and his name is carlos too

    • http://twitter.com/chaoticbeauty6 @chaoticbeauty6

      didnt have to for the sake of an "lol"

    • Shyla

      Chuck norrise can be born on whatever day he wants, any day he wants. hes fucking Chuck Norris!

    • diehardcard

      And V-E Day is May 8th. Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.

      • anon

        Your right fellow assassin

  • Hack

    #23 – Well, you have the right sexual orientation.

    • http://twitter.com/YWordArmy @YWordArmy

      Queen was awesome… you prick.

    • Chi side

      And the cousin is a girl. nice try though

    • herp de derp

      freddy mercury is less gay than justin bieber

    • Craigery

      so? everyone listens to Queen. hell, my grandmother listens to Queen. what's the big deal about that?

      • Lulatsch

        They made/make some of the most fantastic music on this planet!

        Awesome music and a voice that fell silent far to soon!

        • grouchyoldman

          why is it that when your generation strip-mines the music of mine all you pick out is the crap?

          • 89FOUR

            EXACTLY! Queen was great IMO, but hop off their nuts!

  • not so fast

    #20 hmmm… i'll hear more of you ideas.

    • TheBAMFinater

      I hope she gets a camera for Christmas.

  • Alvin

    #28 I have a sudden craving for some cake and milk

    • hMMMM

      This looks like a pile of sliced swiss cheese

      • MattKL

        There's food there?

    • Elcastino

      I'm hungry for taco.

    • it's420Somewhere

      For me? Well I'll have to make you a cream pie

  • Jobin

    #28 Jackpot!

    • fuzzbucker

      I know! look at that cake!

  • a_schoenoprasum


    like a motherf*ckin boss!


      haha u wrote that thinking everyone would think your cool…well your not

    • Jesse Custer

      The most awesome dump truck of all time. I'd rather have that than those huge fucking buses anyday.

      • Dorkfish

        Me too….look up Earthroamer

  • JshWGrdn

    #28 This, a beer, and about an hour of her time and I can die a happy man.

    • ryan

      just her and id die happy

  • chetvik


    no coincidence

    • Leo

      The chive got trolled.

    • Nro87

      More like "no truth."

  • drui41

    where is that

    • Frank

      Man! I could Love Her…. she is Fantasstic!!!

  • Sean

    #35 Awesome.

  • drui41


    • Austin Powers

      Dr. Evil's secret volcano lair

    • MattKL

      Like the Earth is giving the sky the finger.

      • Dating Myself

        Looks like the best Christmas gift I got as a kid, "The Guns of Navarone" playset..anyone else remember that

    • Chap Stick

      What is this?!?!

    • walther

      anyone know where that is?

      • walther

        nvm, it's Ball's Pyramid

  • Whatever

    #6 Holy shit!!!!!!!

  • dizzle

    How many times are you gonna post #34

    • hMMMM


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