• no one cares still cool

    Who gives a fuk if we went to the moon or not… Are u goin…. Ummm no because you are still fucking up cheese burgers @ McDonald’s

  • awful


  • fjones


    Okay….but weren’t there only dudes on the mission?

    • Dingo Yukon

      No. Several astronauts were women. One of them turned out to be in a bazaar love triangle and then she went crazy… Cool story right


      Ever heard of a fleshlight?? Pioneered by astronauts

  • Jim Carey

    Nooo Waaayyy……… WE LANDED ON THE MOON!

  • etcrr

    #13 They ran the first Apollo's with apple 2e's 128k memory. wow

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  • maziar

    Best. Member. Ever.

  • Max_Peck


    Thanks! Gonna have to pull this one out every time the nutters come out…

  • PolyNecrosis

    #20 Mount Everest's summit is definitely not 52 miles.

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