An 11 million dollar car. Sounds like you’re not overcompensating or anything (18 Photos)

Wow, glad to know I started to title the post “$11,000,000 car” and then decided to change it BUT somehow stopped short at “11,000 million” instead of just 11 million. It’s always that Monday Morning detail. Whoops.


  • Bob

    Cars and Hookers! Nice!

  • Money bags McGee


  • Brant

    I hope he crashes it

  • Walter S.

    $11 billion dollars, eh?

    • Kmart

      $11 Million

    • Matthew Ruffi

      Glad I wasn't the only one that saw that! 🙂

    • Silky Johnson


    • Grodon

      I believe the point was that it was an $11,000 car but he spent a million tricking it out……

      • wells11490

        i promise you that car is not $11,000… a mercedes tire is about 11 grand

      • Dorque

        That makes way more sense than a D- in English headline. Now it is a C. This post be a B-.

      • IMO

        The base price for a Mclaren SLR is $450,000.

      • chris

        That might have been the point, if the first paragraph hadn't made it abundantly clear that he spent $5.5M tricking it out.

    • Handy

      math is hard

      • Poontangler

        Not if you're the goddamn asian that owns that hideous monstrosity.

    • Johnny Two Toes

      According to here: It's worth about $5.5million

  • JGaribaldi


    • bennyhillisdead

      My thoughts exactly…

      • mgm

        u are benny hill

        • sinep

          u r fanagle

    • bob

      ugly as fuck

    • beat rice

      about as ugly as that cheeto vehicle in the motivation post

    • yodaddy

      I see your ugly, and raise Fugly

    • AmBush Steve

      You talking about the car or that gawd awful looking model. Spent too much on the car to get a good looking chick to model it.

    • Jak

      He definitely ruined an amazing car

    • ner p

      Ugly times 11 million…

  • David the Irish

    Its horrible in all honesty

    • Darkside

      Should never gave YT folks money….

    • mr no name

      looks like king Midas spilled his seed again.

  • Rival

    I love Goooooooolllllldddddddd.

    • oliver

      are you black or mexican?


        bitch please. everybody loves gold

        • No-Name

          Meh, gold is over-rated. Give me silver.

    • Dumb bastards

      it's kinda my thing

    • Black6dog

      I wonder how many people just skip your comment cause they don't realize it's the best.

  • brandon


  • Muff diver

    Bitches love bling

    • Chad A Whitehead

      obviously not cause he bitch that he's got is fuck ugly!

    • Pinche Manny

      Damm that is one ugly chick they got!

  • Chris

    ummmmm no…just, no

  • Sir Boobsalsot


    Spend $11m on a charity or something instead of making a beautiful car look like an expensive abortion.

    • SpacemanSpiff


    • Michael B. Rawski

      I concur

    • nope

      well, his name IS anliker…..

  • drew

    Guess what? Its hideous.

  • JTA

    Horrible. Absolutely horrible.

    • caleb

      she's not that bad! The car, however, is shit on wheels.

  • Kmart

    I'd like to see it driven off a cliff!

    • AustinPwrZ

      With that Taiwanese girl-boy driving it … you'll probably get your wish.

  • Jeremiah

    That thing is hideous

    • hMMMM

      the car or the ladyboy?

  • Dustin

    All that on one car and not enough left to afford a good looking gal to model it? Dumbass.


    • mgm

      woman are dime a dozen, cars are for life

    • Ross

      hey thats my mom

    • @trustnoone73

      $35 for the Thai prostitute model. That'll make a dent in anyone's banker's roll of fives.

  • J weeezzzyyy

    Waste of his money gold come on honestly, and those rims are like 300 dollars and gold plated get real chive

    • SpacemanSpiff

      why are we blaming the chive for this hidious piece of work again?

      • J weeezzzyyy

        they POSTED IT

        • welshist

          you are a penis – a triumphant throbbing penis

  • Oliver Vorian Wang

    That car is butt-ugly and so is that woman.

    • mgm

      u must look like a young buert reynolds to say a comment like that

    • alejandro

      Could've spent $10, 900, 000 on the car and for $100,000 get a decent model

  • TomTom

    Way to make a nice car look ridiculous. What a colossal waste.

  • lauren

    Ewwww its sooo tacky

    • mgm


  • Unfkngblvbl

    that's the dumbest, ugliest damn thing I've seen in awhile.

    • whosmike

      I would steal the fucking car, and scrap the gold for cash.

    • The_Stif

      I am not sure I understand the title to this… $11,000 million.

  • hausmaus

    Why is there a Taiwanese Lady boy showing that car off?

    • mgm

      no mirrors in your house brah?

      • welshist

        "Brah"? Really? Still using that?

    • Red

      He can't afford any pussy now, that's why. I was thinking the same thing.

  • that_dude_b

    to each their own, i guess………..

  • kfitz9722

    I cant decide which is more ugly. The car or the woman?

    • The_Dood

      I didn't see a woman. All I saw was this tranny #13.

    • AJ R

      Shes a double bagger… one bag for her head.. and one bag for mine.. just incase her's falls off :S

  • allbetzroff

    I worked for Mercedes for a long time. I’ve driven SLR’s, I’ve seen them with body kits, and HP upgrades. And this is by far the most god awful hideous thing I have ever seen. Totally ruined the car while wasting a shit ton of money. Congratulations Ueli, you are a dumbass.

    • mgm


      • That's Questionable

        why are we angry again? o.o

        • DrROBOTO

          those rims are what made me laugh the hardest. Those are some cheap, shitty rims he had coated. why not coat some volk deep dishes? obviously doesnt know shiit about cars

    • Disciple

      Doesn't matter, he's a Swiss guy then he's too rich…

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