An 11 million dollar car. Sounds like you’re not overcompensating or anything (18 Photos)

Wow, glad to know I started to title the post “$11,000,000 car” and then decided to change it BUT somehow stopped short at “11,000 million” instead of just 11 million. It’s always that Monday Morning detail. Whoops.


  • Ahmed

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  • Dave

    You'd think he could have afforded hotter models.

  • Red

    Looks like those model cars a douchebag kid would put together, and paint. Gold and red fine, each their own. 25 layers of paint, fine, I over kill things myself. Mixing in gold that far as I can tell adds nothing but wieght?… Yea. Don't get that rich by sharing, could have put that into ingots or something.

  • Norbert Paulson

    Golden mags, exhaust, and interiors – I'm surprised they didn't just make the entire car out of solid gold. Then again, I doubt anyone would be able to afford the car if that happened.

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