Daily Morning Awesomeness (25 Photos)

  • Still_Counts

    Looks like a flat tire… the ass, i mean…


    • Gixxer
      • Guzzini


    • Kodos

      Joanna Krupa

    • JOHN

      WOMEN: wear these pants MORE. They were awesome when I was a freshman in high school a decade ago and they are awesome now. Please bring this style back

    • newscot

      Apparently Joanna Krupa used to be a Juggy on The Man Show…. I think that's awesome for some reason.

    • its the truf

      It does look like a flat tire…i want nothing to do with a flat tire

      • dub


      • Jak

        Affraid of a little dirty work? Don't worry, it washes off.

    • KingDerp

      So's your face.

    • 99mike

      Maybe so, but I have some "Fix-a-Flat" right here….in my pants. (see what I did there…:)

    • Kris

      Maybe the "women of color" posts are more your thing then.

    • Stud

      I Usually fill up a flat tire….

    • balls

      looks more of a fap tire to me

  • That guy...

    #2 "Me father was a tree"

    • Jack Move

      Matt Daaaaamon…what a perve!

    • It's420Somewhere

      Find the chick on the right.

  • T_B


  • T_B

    first is the worst, second is the best

    • That guy...

      Thank you.

    • Anon

      Is this related to two in the pink and one in the stink?

      • Bnon

        Try the mini-van…two in the front and four in the rear.

        • KingDerp

          or the Bus…One in the front a dozen in the back

          • Bluto

            So you hvae 13 fingers?

    • 123

      Do you wanna know how I know you're retarded and looking at the wrong things on this website?

      • 456

        Because it's easy for you to recognize one of your own?

  • That guy...

    #4 or…. "I smoked all of your Pineapple Express" may also fit

    • http://gallifrey-gazette.blogspot.com/ Zach

      Also, I hope you enjoy having two arms.

      • Just Sayin'

        Also "You know how that first guy got aids?"

  • Garrett


    Oh hai!!

    • robin

      bears are awesome.

    • eggnog

      that fence is not tall enough for my comfort…

      • Jones

        there is an electrified wire running right behind it. That was taken at the Olympic Game farm in Washington, I believe.

    • JOHN

      6 weeks later Werner Herzog listened to the audio of the girl getting her hand ripped off.

  • chris


    • dah

      More like 8th

    • brett

      go fuck yourself

  • Patrick

    #13 I laughed so loud, I woke up my roommate.

  • Chive_Geek

    Still miss you, John… and still trying to give peace a chance.

    • Get Real

      Good lord if ever there was an eye rolling moment this was it.

      • Red

        Yeah, no shit. What does this guy for a living, write Taster's Choice commercials? Yack.

    • Do0zer

      Sorry but the Beatles music was horrible and John Lennon was a dirty hippie.

    • Brother M.

      "still trying to give peace a chance."

      yeah. let us know when you move out of your parent's house and into the real world.

    • The Dude

      Shut up, dickwipe.

    • https://www.facebook.com/damonaco Daniel Angelo Monaco

      Too bad he didn't give his kids a chance when he left his wife and shacked up with Yoko, who promptly cut Julian Lennon out of his share of his father's fortune.

      Oh, but yeah give peace a chance. It's a picture of a millionaire in an expensive toy most of us will never own, not Jesus.

      • ijreoi


      • LaLa

        wonder how many people consider him a 1%'er….oh no wait, he has a pass -.-

    • Andrew

      ya see its comments like that that make people want to bash your face in and get violent.

  • Ever

    #25 Made my day.

    • 80's Baby

      Made mine too… Cant stop laughing…. Comment above put it best…. "Oh hey girl?? How ya du'rin?"

    • http://www.facebook.com/porterol Raliegh Porter

      that was bad ass… i have alot of respect for those animals… they are very clever. i hunt them all the time!

    • MzAshiee

      It made my day too. That bear is so cute!

  • Me.

    #5 kind of blunt…at least be creative "More racks for Iraq!" there…

    • nemu

      he looks like the singer Prince.

      • freddie mac

        Nemu beat me to it!

    • Ptesla

      "More silicon for Babylon"

    • B-ry

      Ha! You should take that idea and run with it… I wonder if iRacks.com is available.

      • the_mike

        Not anymore, thanks!

  • Jim

    #11 "Yep….just shit myself"

    • Kay2

      When they eventually become senior citizens, I imagine they'll look a lot like this.

  • Sean

    #23 Huh. It works when I do it… I wish.

  • https://www.facebook.com/a.d.lahey Andrew Lahey

    #10 Wash me like one of your french girls….

  • This guy...

    #12 Fact: Lips made of same material as pants..

    • Benny

      Her lips are made of latex? Huh.

    • JLC

      Seriously, who decided that swollen, earthworm-like lips were a good idea? What's wrong with keeping things stock?

      • iuot

        stock is boring…..

    • http://www.facebook.com/Cagekicker69 Paul Baumeister

      Also not biodegradable…

  • Of corse...

    #16 How thoughtful…cops are so nice.

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1064188593 Josh Gorter

    #21 Kind of looks like mac the intern.

    • thangers


  • Ken.

    #24 FIND HER!

    • dashete

      You still stalking her? It's been like 7 years, let it go.

      • etcrr

        I believe Ken has been stalking Barbie for more than 50 years to be honest

        • The Juice

          why? has he been after your collection, Stan?

    • JimiConCarne

      Done aaaaaand done.

      www . funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/1095070/real+life+barbie/

      Also, yeugh.

    • The_Dood

      Aisle 34, look for the box that says Barbie. She may not be quite as tall as you expect.

  • http://www.markmushakian.com Mark

    It might be that I'm tired, or that I've been a bit down today, or that they're just my cup of tea, but #1, #13, #17, and #25 cracked me up tonight. Thanks 🙂

  • fibonacci5150

    #25 "yes, you're clear to move along before I eat you" OR is she trolling it after casting Animal Allegiance for 60 seconds?

    I used to troll the animals in Skyrim…… 😦

    • don juan

      I skyrimmed your mother last night fibo

    • MMM

      But then I took an arrow to the knee…

      • nahu

        ok it's getting old….

      • fibonacci5150

        No I went down on a Hagraven and got brainrot

    • thedude325

      get a job

  • Juan

    #15 So sad to see someone developing a drinking problem

    • JLC

      Or maybe he's learned to drink with the Force….

  • dashete

    #2 "Mom, that thing you told me about guys liking tall girls is total bullshit!"

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002304462816 Chris Yepson

    "with karate ill kick your ass…" #17

    • Benny

      *"With Karate, I'll kick your ass."

      • asdf

        **From here to Tienanmen Square. Oh yeah motherfucker, I'm gonna kick your fucking derriere. You Broke the Rules! Now I'mma pull out all your pubic hair"**

        • asdf

          **you mothafucka**

    • tralfaz

      Let me send you back …TO YOUR PEOPLE!

    • Big Nipple Girl

      This is SUBURBIA!

  • vsinertia

    #19 like a baous

    • fred

      Tony Kanaan (the car that went over the top) lost his breaks and used the red car to slow down.

  • MattKL

    #5 Finally, a cause I can get behind!

    #23 Nope, that seems pretty right.

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