I miss college drinking games (25 Photos)

Cornhole! (if you live in the midwest, you know, if not, the ‘bags’ phenomenon is coming soon to a tailgate near you).

theCHIVE’s Portable Cornhole Sets are finally available right here. Each board is hand crafted and custom made right down to the hand-sewn bags. This is a (very) limited release and will only be available for the next hour or so. Good luck and enjoy!

All Chive Cornhole Sets SOLD OUT.

  • All methed up

    Wtf is landmines

    • Brent

      You spin a quarter, take a shot (of beer) and catch the quarter in-between your index and middle fingers. If you don't catch the quarter properly or it stops spinning before you catch it, you have to start over. If you hit a land mine (empty beer can) you start over. When you finish a beer, you can slam it on another players spinning quarter and they have to start over, avoiding the new land mine.
      Your shot of beer must be on the table at all times (unless drinking it), you can guard it with your not empty beer can, if another player hits your shot glass with the quarter, you have to take the shot and it's now your turn.
      Thats how my friends and I play it.

      • Phil

        Basically the same way I play, except we use two shots and there's nothing about defending your shots, drinking them not on your turn. We also play that you have to use the same hand for drinking and picking up the quarter.

        No idea why they've stacked the cans in the photo.

        • Brent

          I haven't seen the stacked cans before either, but I guess it could be a bigger penalty for hitting the taller stacks.

          • Phil

            Yeah we usually play with 4ish people, so by the time the tables full, you're pretty fucked up

            • Pimpin

              I've played a different way, and I think it gets you drunk faster.

              First you need a cup, a quarter, and beer.

              Fill the cup with as much beer you think you can drink while the quarter is spinning. Once you've finished emptied a can, it becomes a landmine and you can smash someone elses quarter down while they're still drinking so they have to go again. It gets harder as the landmines start to pile up on the table

              Basically you fuck yourself up while trying to fuck other people up. Stacking doesn't make sense in any for of landmines though…

              • James699

                I've never heard of this game, but I would crush people for sure! only in my game you would have to spin, then chug and entire can out of the cup

  • Strick

    Beiripped. Combination beer pong(Beirut) and flip-cup

    • MackDaddy

      Those Cornhole Boards look sweet!… I just bought a set from a company called Cornhole Glory. They made me a set with Osama Bin Laden dead and the bullet hole was the hole. They can put any image, logo, picture, ect on your boards, they are sick. Check em out at CornholeGlory.com if your interested since these boys are sold out.

  • b money

    24. Deal me in.

  • SMontgomery

    Slap a bitch, if you’ve never heard of it your missing some real party revenge.

    Involves table center full of cups of beer filled to w/e level deemed appropriate. Players surround table, two opposite players start, each with an empty cup and a pong ball. They bounce ball into cup, and the pass both cup and ball. If they get it first try they pass to who ever they want. If made 2nd-… Attemp, pass to next player, clockwise. When you and a player immediately to your left are both playing, and you finish prior to them, you slap their cup off the table, forcing them to take a cup from the center, drink, and resume trying to bounce the ball into their new cup. Goal is that when you slap someone, you pass to the person to their left and if they sink first try, they pass to you, and so you have another attempt at beating out the individual to your left. Backups often happen at corners of tables and vicious cycles of drinking revenge often occur. Light weights beware, if you can’t shoot, you will be drink heavily.

    • wells11490

      slap a hoe… and its a great fucking game

    • Smitty


      • Smitty

        WTF IS THAT BS? ^^


  • fisharms

    I miss all these games. Time to drop ten years and go back to college!

  • Missoula

    #22 Nothing like a house that smells like cigarette smoke and has burn marks all over. Didn’t know people still smoked inside, unless you live in a trailer.

    • Crazy

      You make about as much sense as a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.

      • Missoula

        Yep, cigrarettes are awesome. You win.

  • Bexter

    #2 down south we call it ‘circle of death’ 🙂

    • Sean

      Yeah they definetely have a picture of circle of death/kings up instead of asshole.

  • Goblin

    #18 the board is not set up correctly.

    • mihaisuzuki

      Does it matter? It involves booze!

  • thomas baker


    Boobs, Beer Pong's secret weapon

    • KeepCalm

      Let me tag a big "FIND HER" onto your comment.

      • HeyJewed

        I am actually pretty sure this is from a porn… No, I'm not kidding or a troll btw

        • Do0zer

          You have my attention…..

    • pasurfer114

      gotta miss college

    • dave

      i missed the cup

      • ryan

        But you hit the cleavage?

    • BMerce33

      On an unrelated note: #19 I had no idea Mr. Snow Miser was that well endowed.

  • jennifer


    I miss flip cup… so very much 😦

  • jason


    the chive continues to impress. they actually have Nick's sink the biz. warms my heart.

    • gjurd

      all Hoosiers know it all to well

    • Indian Oven

      I've got one of those buckets and still play in Ohio. Go Hoosiers!

  • warren


    Any personal favorites missing from this list?

    • Anon

      Both my favorites are in that picture there.

  • http://twitter.com/TrentVincent @TrentVincent

    #24 I got winner… Or loser… Just deal me in

    • Unfkngblvbl

      there are no losers in this game

      • conserndguy

        ewwwwww look at the couch ewwwwwwww aids couch,

    • yodaddy

      Ohhh I like where this is going!!!!

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #3 I'll do you one better…drunk JUMBO Jenga

  • Spencer_on_Fire

    #1 #5 #7 #14

    Miss them? At my house, we still play them

  • mark Wisconsin


    god i love Bags. my fraternity just got the best spring term gift ever

    • evihc

      quoits ftw

    • whosmike

      I never heard of it in vegas, where I am from, but I live in the south and it is a lifestyle.

    • Detroit

      Cornhole. You deserve a T-bag for calling it "bags."

  • kapper

    #24 i call dibs on this game

    • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

      hell yeah! me too!

  • negativesm00th

    And a partrige in a pear tree.

  • Bud

    I'm 28 and I still play #14

    • Joey O

      I'm 29 and I did this last night. Either my tolerance is way up or I was a pussy before.

    • is it?

      is that mac?

      • Mac the Intern


        • it is!


    • nicky b

      It's not power hour unless you're a bitch. It's century club. Followed by a blunt sesh.

  • driz

    #11 PFFF LIGHT BEER, come on pussys

  • Bud

    Ooops #15… Not #14

  • P-Rod

    thumper? c'mon

  • Csquaredapparel

    #25 CORNHOLE! Game is awesome!

  • Liar

    not a single dice was shown! What about liars dice?!


      or 3-man for that matter

  • conserndguy

    #16 i could throw a cornhole further than that

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