Kim Jong Il has passed, the war on staring at things is over (32 Photos)

via KimJonIlLookingAtThings.

  • Bexter

    The leader of north ikea??? Proofread? Lol

    • glenn

      it was probably a joke mate

      • thepoopsmith

        fuck commies

        • Vitali

          fuck you. you capitalist pig.

          • T-money

            he can type… obviously not an animal

          • thepoopsmith

            lol go eat some government issued "meat"

          • bobby

            if you dont like america then you can git out

            • Vitali

              who said I lived in america? I don't have "diabeetus" and can see my feet when I stand up. I can't possibly be from america…

        • ...

          yes, lts enjoy our uncontroled quality capitalism

    • David

      It's from Saturday Night Live you dingbats.

    • Dave

      Ricky from Trailer Park Boys was posting again. I mean, worst case ontario you get the context from the picture. We are not talking rocket appliances here…

  • April Calendar girl

    Ikea/ Korea was prolly fucking autocorrect, lol. Do they upload pics from their iPhones!??

    • Adam_R

      No, it was typed that way purposely. Its a joke aimed at the company Ikea who, while formally based out of Lichtenstein, probably gets most of its cheap-as-hell quality parts from factory workers in an even-cheaper-as-hell North Korea.

  • trestates

    Herro kim jong il..

    • Buford_Justice

      he died to being to ronery

  • AussieChiver23

    I’m rearing my rig boy grasses.

    • Osama

      wow.. fail.. since when is "w" and "b" pronounced as "r" in an asian accent.
      It's "L", I repeat "L" that is pronounced as "r". Not any other letter you randomly choose.

  • John

    #6, biggest smile while eyeing the giant meat logs… hmmm…

    • Underbaker

      The man liked his cheese too. #16 His idea of Heaven is probably a Hickory Farms.

    • mihaisuzuki

      Dude ,what's interesting is behing you

  • Dylan

    Leader of north Ikea eh? Typo fail

    • Adam_R

      Dylan – Joke recognition fail

      • Osama

        I say it's a joke by Chive fail. The company Ikea has nothing to do with North Korea but originated from Scandinavia. In fact, it's China that manufactures cheap products in bulk not North Korea or South Korea, so that reference is a fail too. No wonder people think it's a typo. They don't believe that a joke could be THAT lame.

  • Kahless

    Ooooo first

  • Kahless

    Does that say the leader of north IKEA at the top…?

    • Schwing

      He was the leader of all the things.

    • Goomba

      Sure does!

    • Christian

      A funny joke one would not have dared making when he was alive.

      • etcrr

        if one lived in North Korea anyway

  • etcrr

    You never know what he taught his son about staring. His son may soon pick up the practice and the staring may continue

  • blurry00

    #22 I demand bigger cucumbers!

    • Lulatsch

      The guy on the right is pretty amusing!

      • The_Dood

        If by amusing you mean "more stoned than a biblical whore."

    • PappyCrux

      "…and this is what we found up your ass, dear leader!"

  • Wet_tosti

    #7 Where is the flied lice, you plick!

  • bob lee swagger

    Burn in Hell Kim Jong Il, the only good thing you ever had was making me laugh in Team America!!!

  • Christian

    What's this one called?

    • Benali

      Staring and pointing. Gotta mix it pu sometimes.

      • Benali


  • Richard

    #32 THAT ASS!

    • Si1entStatic

      Blue tie Business "when your gone we'll open the first McDonald's right over there."
      Korean translator "Umm you sure you want me to tell him that?"
      backgrond guy "International incident, International incident, International incident, The plane is fueled and on the tarmac"

  • The World

    #22 Shove that cucumber up his ass! rot in hell you bastard!

  • @maniaclemaximus

    #5 #22 I rav the weirdest boner right row

  • Shawn

    #16 Only Cheese can break this guy's pokerface!

    • Grodon

      Then you obviously missed the appreciation for processed meat! #6

  • kongkong

    #24 He does look pretty pissed off beacause of those starring-at-things machines they own.

    • kim Jong ir

      I want spectatol numbel one and two kirred so I can stale

  • Machinist

    How do they even explain away that he is dead? He's supposed to be an immortal god…

    • greatdiggler

      that country is a terribly cruel joke. watch Vice Guide to Travel – North Korean episode. it's mind boggling. the ppl are brainwashed puppets (unfortunately). they are basically saying that the son/grandson Kim Il Ung is the reincarnation of Kim Il Sung.

      fucking looney tunes….

    • Craigery

      Easy: He didn't die. He ascended to Heaven.

  • joe

    Hans Brix? Oh no! Oh, herro. Great to see you again, Hans! _

    • _maxPain_

      Hans,,hans,,stop breaking my balls,,Do you know how fuck'n buzy I am loll loll

  • Rizzy

    I hope now they can hold free & Fair erections

  • mattheadface

    #17 is that kim jong's eel?

  • torc

    #16 im gonna eat you first!

  • NaTaS

    #31 Bitches be all up in my Kool-Aid & don't even know the flavor!

  • lmao

    #22 …soldier: i'm gonna shove this up your ass

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