These Russian women have a very specific ideal man in mind. Are you him? (10 photos)

  • Denis

    #7 is Jeff Reed!!!

  • Cal1

    Holy crap no 8 is me!!! Seriously I shit you not, I am now a little freaked out

  • L1mb0

    #10 I'mma get this bitch a Jesus…. Bitches love Jesus

  • jeevus

    thing is…if you look closely all of the sketches are pretty much male versions of them lol

  • Force King

    #10 Bloody hell its me. Hope she scrubs up well.

  • Bustanut

    This post blows

  • Tyler h

    I look a lot like #5 haha

  • daviehalley

    #8 is mee!! my eyebrows are thicker tho. and my nose isnt the same. hairs a little long but its me

  • Anonymous

    Some of these chicks look like they haven’t sniffed a weiner in years.

    #9 sketch looks like somebody from Americas most wanted.

  • Dean

    So let me get this straight…they outnumber men 25 to 1 where they are from and yet THEY are the one's allowed to fussy?

  • Tobi Gaynair

    Is it just me, or do they all seem to want men who look just like themselves?

  • Freddy Boy

    #1, #8 okay. Where's Novgorod – just in case…

  • Freddy Boy

    BTW, guys. Novgorod has no working airport since 1990. You can get there by taking the train from the airports at Moscow (580 km) or St. Petersburg (140 km). Or the bus.

  • danigurl

    why does no one notice that the drawings they are each holding is that woman as a man…

  • Arni

    HOTT 😀


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