These Russian women have a very specific ideal man in mind. Are you him? (10 photos)

  • Tommy chi town

    Is #2 tim tebow

    • Yea Yea

      I said the same thing as soon as I saw it. That's great!

    • Dave

      She's wasting her time Timmy don't put out!!

      • mihaisuzuki

        Yea..she has some high hopes.

  • EasternCanuck

    Wouldn't want to be the one in the drawing for most of them.

  • Doug

    Those women are very, um unattractive.

    • Rick

      #8 yeah, so disgusting…

  • Jeremy

    I think #8 is holding a picture of me.

    • fed

      just don't let her drive, look at that dent…

    • lee

      did you notice these are women in "russia" yet she is sitting in a vehicle with left hand drive from the usa

      • L_E_Ott

        they drive on the right in russia like all of europe

        • r356

          this and everything else on the internet
          is completely true

        • DaddyD

          Actually, European Russia drives on the right, but much of Asian Russia drives on the left.

          • Doda

            bulls##t. Where are you people getting this information?

          • Chase

            cite sources, MLA format…none of that APA crap.

          • @SnakeMxR

            UK drives on the left too

  • GernBlansten

    Based on the photos, I think we could round up all our hipsters and send them over there. 2 problems solved.

    • Active_hunter

      You are deserving of a Nobel Prize for that solution.

    • Verbal_Kint

      my thoughts exactly..

  • Andy Drake

    #4 is a young Corey Feldman.

    • Wardog

      I thought white Tim Duncan.

  • DrLeppiwinks

    #ALL OF THEM : Looks like the "artist" drew a portrait of each girl and put a beard on them… and #10 is that just a random horse walking around?

    • White15

      It looks like Sarah Jessica Parker. She was probably visiting her old clomping grounds.

    • Active_hunter

      After reading your comment, I went back and looked. Damn, I think your right… These ladies where trolled by an artist……haha!

    • mosborne

      I thought the same thing!!

    • Randall Gallegos

      "why do i need to be naked for you to draw someone else? CAUSE IT HELPS ME CONCENTRATE! now take off your blouse…

    • Eliel

      thats the same thing i was thinking.

  • Holy Hell

    Interesting what they think is handsome.

    • carl

      no shit… Dane Cook??? really???

  • Bhodi

    Even at a 25/5 girl/guy ratio, I don't know if I would want to go there.

    • elvis

      that would be 5/1 ratio can no one do math.

  • fede

    no!, thanks god i'm not a sketch!

    • fed

      omonimo! come va?

  • TheTzar

    It's all the same guy with different disguises on…
    Why are we looking at the dudes anyway???

  • TheWick

    not a single bald dude??? C'mon ladies were not so bad

  • Guest

    #1 is unbelievably gorgeous! MOAR CHIVE! find HER!!

    • Jouhker

      What do you mean- find her?
      She is in Novgorod, Russia. Get a make up artist to make you look like that dude, and buy a plane ticket. Easiest lay of your life!

    • Guest

      imma make a mask that looks like that sketch, so i can bang her

    • biggles

      she is hawt, and then some

  • Ambrocious

    #3 wants her man's head on a 2X4.

  • Loud@theclouds

    That’s me on #1, what up baby?

  • Dick Salad

    They apparently want Mexicans… good for them I guess…

    • Vlad

      In 90s Russian women were into mexicans, that phase is over :))

  • theatreides

    It's the same guy….

  • Bob

    They should just all go gay, and start a website so they can move out of that crap hole of a city, and meet a man.

  • R2GFan

    The guys in all those drawings look Russian.

  • TrentVincent

    Aside from #1, would anyone want to be one of those guys?

    • Irishstephen

      No. No I would NOT sir… The horror!!!

  • jared

    Apparently the Backstreet Boys are in high demand…#10 #9 #7 #3

  • jasonsapunka
  • TommyB

    #8 is closest to me. Thank god she's blonde. My buddy is dating a Russian chick and he says she's tough as nails.

  • Lia

    You sure they did a sketch of their ideal man? Every pic I saw, the woman and the drawing have similar features.

  • Ziggy

    Haha #4 so looks like whiteboy7thst from youtube!

    • Dizz

      not really man

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