Party like it’s 2012 (44 Photos)

Send any and all drunk pictures to mactheintern [at] gmail [dot] com.

  • asdf

    #36 want have

  • bryainiac

    Did anyone else notice the guy peeing in #1. My friend is stationed at the same spot in #12, she just came to New Jersey to visit and will be returning tomorrow I think. I'm glad we got to hang out for new years. Happy new year all of you Chivers.

    • Dick Salad

      Heh… Have fun running range 400. I certainly don't miss running around with bangalores and carry ammo cans up machine gun hill…

  • etcrr

    #39 how trusting should you be with a drunk with a knife, no matter what he wants? never

    • inspector32

      who says the person with the knife is drunk?

    • Iskren

      Is this Loni Evans ?

    • Hank

      There are people I would trust with a knife while they are completely wasted, and those that I would never trust with a knife sober. It all depends on the person. For example: I have never used my knife on somebody that did not deserve it, drunk or not. However, one of my female friends accidentally sliced my finger open while sober.

  • thefooky

    Funny post.
    #1 Why is there a dude always pissing on my house!

  • bbbbbb

    #30 Damm it feels good to be a gangsta

  • TWON925

    #11 You have much nicer friends than I do

  • truthy jones

    I can't believe the amount of shitty, shitty, tasteless, swill-like "beer" people will drink.

    • The_Dood

      Especially when you can get just as drunk with way fewer good beers, without all the bloating and far less pissing.

      • Real American Ass

        or maybe people just want to get drunk and buy the cheap stuff cuase that is all i can afford okay

  • Josh

    Stumps doing it right!

    • Tim

      What else is there to do out there except get wasted and maybe if you're lucky score a desert yetti from down the hill in Palm Springs?

      • Royce

        Chivin' from the stumps? I'm chivin' from MCAS New River. Semper Fi devils.

  • Der_Joe

    #17 uuhmm I think your house is burning….

  • Jades


    The Redhead.

    Find Her.

    That is all

    • Stephen Douglas

      I second that !

      • FARMER

        Yes find her!

    • Playa

      While you are at it, please also find the brunette in the brown bikini and green grass skirt in the lower right. #9

      • Mr.Wiseass

        But not until after you find the Redhead.

    • spartan104fred

      and please find the next picture in the set, or just a close up of the red head and brunette from that party

    • fieryredheadkate

      I will .

  • virus guy

    Chive, I have now had my computer compromised twice from the chive, what’s with the viruses? I am telling everyone who will listen to stop coming to the chive.

    • BentWrenches

      Yet,You are still here??

  • R2G Fan

    #9 #39 Yes please.

  • irons

    #5 find that ginger!

  • Bret

    #24 and #25 are the best chive on

    • Brandon Weeden

      bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks

  • irons

    Oops, find the ginger in #9 not 5

    • yodaddy

      The only male in this photo is the photo/poster in the background so it would be impossible to find a ginger, however there is a redhead! MORON

  • bkfrijoles

    #9 can i join???

    • zingggg

      Yes ,if you are a whore too.

  • Dan

    Is #35 a scene from a budget horror movie?

  • SurfBoi

    #6 The elf…priceless. #9 The redhead mmm…and the naughty one licking the…:)

  • Marc

    Happy Hangover guys!

  • hypocriteskank

    Lauren was partying naked again.

  • patov40

    I celebrated new years with my goat and a bottle of Viagra.

  • truthisobvious

    #31 #37 Regular Chive meet up.

  • dominantone

    #32 is at the knot unh durham nh. I have spent a time or two staring drunk at them walls.

  • regularchivers

    #27 Then they all banged each other.

    • mtk91

      yeah the signs are there "additional parking in the rear"… 😉

    • Matt

      If that's the PJs in Aston Mills Pa then believe me nobody is getting laid. There's usually about 3 toothless old guys in that bar and that's about it, hence the 4 dudes and 0 girls.

  • Edaea_Sinid

    #3 Guy in background is like: "Forever alone"

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