Welcome back to college everybody!

  • Latina

    Latinas are HOT!!!

  • Non-minority

    I am hispanic and surely am not a minority
    And flok this site Daily.

  • Anonymous

    I am hispanic and surely am not a minority
    And flok this site Daily.

  • Towliee

    You sir, are a racist. MLK did not fight for affirmative action, he fought for equal rights for all people. By you coming on here and demanding that they post 30% minority, which black and asian Americans (the only 2 races you repeatedly mentioned) together make up only 17% of the US population, Is racist. They probably post much higher than that, even tho the internet does not have affirmative action so they could post only pictures of white people if they so pleased.

  • Falco09

    This is called a beer monster. I've been out of school for 5 years and I still know this. Learn how to party chivers and chivettes.

  • jeff

    You guys are fools.. racism would die if nobody acknowledged it, but as long as people get offended it stays offensive. Ignore racism and it losses its power.

  • Bill

    This Troll got way 2 much attention

  • Yourafuckingmoron

    OMG people like you are the skidmarks on the underpants of society. STFU already. If you want more minorities go launch your own damn site and you can put as many as you want.

  • MexiCan

    Do something else with your free time, something productive. Not posting a % of minorities is NOT racism.

  • That Guy

    Shut up and suck me off.

  • daddy

    I agree with the first post; they smell bad and aren’t very bright or attractive

  • michiganasshole

    Black or white just show me the humps

  • Anonymous

    If this site was full of black people and no whites it wouldn’t be racist but as soon as some black person cries about not seeing any black people on a white dominate site it’s racist, it’s so annoying and ignorant at how black people are racist towards whites all the time

  • thatsyourargument?

    Whoever wrote this, you personify the problem of modern society. Whoever invented the 4th place ribbon to make the fat kid feel better 30 years ago, ^this^ is the result. thechive is all about "fun," there is no hate here. Girls, Star Wars, and hilarious photos of people being people, thats what we do and its pretty awesome. Chive on

  • kman

    Thank you Chive for letting this play itself out.

  • Anonymous

    White people are the minority now days. You wanna see black chicks? Go watch BET

  • Anonymous

    Mmm… black people

  • Eddie

    Who told Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson about thechive.com???

    Nobody makes you come to this web site!!

  • Anonymous

    Look as a black male I have no problems with what the chive does I’m a loyal chiver checkin it on the phone even after the place I’m stationed blocked it( sad day in naval history) so to the people @ thechive make your haters your motivators keep posting good shit cause honestly you can post black white Asian Latinas it doesn’t matter women are beautiful period if dumbass people weren’t so focus on race it wouldn’t be an issue I don’t see color I see a banging ass girl

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