• etcrr

    shit happens

    • mihaisuzuki

      yeah but still nice solo.

  • Chicken

    What a Champ!

    • CaptainInsano

      That might be the funniest thing on the chive ever

  • c-rizzle

    He still continued playing like a baws.

    • PapaB

      my bad bro meant to thumbs up!

  • myself

    For a minute there he appeared to have the possibility to get laid that night, but in one fleeting moment chances blew away.

    Still a great solo.

    • MoarPlease

      So you're saying he's going to have to have one more great solo performance

  • Ricco

    He should have been sleeping in the library with his friends.


      I see what asian people do to your family and I'm sorry for you

    • Ben

      You should be sleeping at work, with your friends

  • Toetapper

    As a performing musician, one learns that anything can go wrong at any moment. Sure, most performances are routine ("Routine" in this sense allows for minor glitches that crop up every time – every performer makes errors in each performance).

    This guy is a real trooper – no pun intended, given the uniform. Still, I could recount feats of courage and strength that weren't on a battlefield but were no less worthy of medals that recognize meritorious service.

    • theend81

      Wait, so are you trying to compare overcoming stage fright to taking a bullet or being an battle?

      • truth

        Nope. He is trying to say he throws up when he gets nervous and wants a medal.

      • Rafiki

        I think he's saying that doing what you've got to do (no matter what it is) is an honorable trait all people have to overcome

        • truth

          Now see that…I totally missed that. Thanks for clearing it up for me and Theend81.

          • Confused

            No he was seeing if he could tretch 6 words into an essay
            Why use a big word when a dimunitive one would suffice

    • Meh

      Toetapper is prolly a tapdancer and is one of those people who came out the closet and wants a medal for that too and how dare anyone compare war to fucking musical performances and courage as the same as being shot at to tapdancing in front of a crowd…..ignorance

  • some dude

    throw up? naw that wasnt me, i have no idea how that got there. Idk if you noticed but i was busy playing the drums!

  • Luis

    Instant Karma.

  • Wet_tosti

    Smells like teen vommit!!

  • Pants

    All those whippings and forced dysentery have to add up eventually.

  • Virulent87

    Epic Is Epic…

  • Melissa Rios

    Maybe some of his friends wasn't expecting that awesome drum solo and somebody accidentally farted. a really strong one too,maybe. that's why he vomited.

    • TitoRigatoni

      You may be right… I like how at around 0:24 the people in front of him turn around to look at him, it looks like they weren't expecting that awesome drum solo

  • Noegod

    God damn this asian drummer kid grew up quick! Ha!

  • Mroczek

    Nice, just like Keith Moon would've done !

    • TitoRigatoni

      Except Keith Moon wouldn't have stopped playing to puke, and wouldn't have tried to hide it like that…

  • TheJesus

    I love how he just laughs it off at the very end.

  • DragonFart

    Dedication Level: Asian

  • Rafael_RS

    a true Rocken'Rolla

  • Blake

    That's fuckin pro right there!!

  • disconnectfromyou

    Insert High Expectations Asian Father meme here.

  • twoedges

    Like a fucking BOSS

  • ilovefarts

    i fro up, me not so rucky – . –

  • Lokobo

    Rock and roll never eats. Now he knows.

  • Rafiki

    Sometimes, a man can have so much rock and roll that his body can't take it. He rallies fast, thats so rock and roll <seriously

  • daved

    that was so good i just puked myself

  • ROK247

    try to pick out the exact moment where he suddenly realized that he just totally fucking nailed it in front of everyone he knows in this entire world.

    • Ramrod

      Yup, saw that. His asshole and throat tightened up at the same time.

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