• Anthony


    • mihaisuzuki

      God damn you..

  • Grady

    I didn't know they built volleyball courts in kitchens..

  • Guest

    Too bad they still can't drive.

  • Shane

    The red teams uniforms remind me of McDonalds.

  • eclipze

    EYES BLOWN. Now a moment of silence to reflect on my failure in athleticism.

  • naelst

    01:47 – Third row, second from the right: Not a single fuck was given!

  • lala

    difficulty level: Chinese

  • Edge

    How can they be good? They aren't wearing the right shorts!

  • Eduardo

    Actually that lasted that long because they suck badly at it
    got it all backwards.
    they suck so much, no one could put the ball down on the court

  • Underbaker

    I didn't see one close up of a tight ass, this is fake.

  • DChiver

    Since they were present in the footage I think they are Ninja Institute of Awesomeness, dropouts… 😐

  • SpacemanSpiff

    and that was just to score the first point

  • Volkan

    But did u recognize that the watchers of the game r so cool. I think this performance is so banal for them 🙂

  • McWhitey

    It's a white white world. What you lack, you put others down. Keeping on Chiving you valiant Chivers!

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