Hot Right Now: Paulina from South Florida just enrolled at Chive U (24 Photos)

Photoshop: nailed it (25 Photos)

95 12 97

Images via Psdisasters

  • amandajean

    Like a boss.

    • luis_pedro_sato


  • JohnnyUnitarrrrrrssssssseeeeeee

    #16 + #17 are not photoshop disasters. This is a result of panning on an up converted SD signal, to HD. You tend to see it in fast motion sports, especially ones with balls. The ball will travel forward and then suddenly jump back before leaping forward, further than it was before.

    I fucked your mum last night, btw. She loved it

    • TitoRigatoni

      I thought 16 was some sort of green screen malfunction, but your explanation makes more sense. Either way, it's not a photoshop disaster.

    • Ima Dick

      No….. Just No. That's not even close to how up converting works

  • thedude325

    Did you ever consider that perhaps they are all just seriously deformed

  • Kimmy

    #10 Find her!!!

    • Craigery

      She's in the Beetlejuice waiting room.

  • chicago

    #3 and #21 extra or odd hands are always so funny to me. #3 is a special shocker for that someone special.

    • Alan Garner

      i don't see whats wrong with 3

    • Zherkof

      3 doesn't have extra fingers… count them. It's simply the way she's holding her hand coupled with the angle of the camera.

  • WileyMinnesotan

    #23 ftw

  • Leonel_LyL

    #23 I don't get it… It's so natural.

  • KHanson25


    Looks pretty legit to me

  • Heelboy

    #21 Is David St Hubbins showing us what happened at his last prostate checkup??? I guess if they are unplugged then Nigel can't set his amp to an 11…..

  • ChivinSeattle

    Seriously Chive! If you have to repeat over half the post, just wait until you get more pics! We still love you. If you're gonna repeat something, repeat country girl!!!

  • sandi

    #23 is real. this was kims first attempt at a sex tape, decided to dub in rayjay instead of this lil guy

  • Big Baby Jesus

    #17 trying to fill the stands with photoshop because soccer sucks.

  • Vent187

    #23 is real. Pornstar Kim kardashian is a whore.

  • insideoutjim

    #21 is on purpose. That is the crazy, wacky way they are. Thank goodness.

  • Treneuf

    #10- of course I didn't, condoms are for pussy's

  • Aleshia

    #3 a lot of the faces are the same. Just backwards

    • Aleshia

      Lol I meant number 5

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