Photoshop: nailed it (25 Photos)

Images via Psdisasters

  • uhhh


    • FACE!

      good for you.

      • uhhh

        Is it good for me?

    • huuu


      • uhhh

        best record of all time,
        that was also in 2007/2008 but thats all you have so i get why you would say that

  • Seldi84

    #5 The clones are here.
    #23 Seems legit.

    • Ron Burgundy?

      Agreed on 23…that kid just has mad game!

    • mihaisuzuki

      #23 He wished !

  • Hebert

    #23 is a douche without the outfit !

    • Bobby

      that's not kris humphries?

    • luis_pedro_sato

      Its a nerd not a douche

  • 65massey

    I grew up looking at naked native women in National Geographic, to this day I cant get off unless the wife has a basket of fruit on her head.

  • Mutt

    #6 Thing on vacation with his girl

    • Birdhaus32

      I want to know how many people will actually get the reference

      • COCO

        I did!!

        • Nope


  • Penrath

    #4 #6 #12 #21
    There is nothing wrong here…these are just Photobombs with Thing from the Addams Family…..

  • Kigero

    a lot of these are horrifying but mostly #4… Yeah she needs a doctor

  • etcrr

    #9 hopefully no one notices she has no arm

    • Elcastino

      Would still do Marissa Miller with no arm…..

    • Wim Wobble

      optical illusion, arm is behind her, don't see why this one is posted

  • Sorry i suck

    #22 I don't see this one

    • @baef

      His front leg is a woman's leg.

      • friend

        It might not be, runners (and swimmers) shave their legs and arms to reduce drag.

        • John

          Extra finger on right hand.

          • cormacmc

            Do most people in your region only have 4 fingers?

    • luis_pedro_sato

      It also took me a wile

    • cormacmc

      I thought it was because the head looks too big. Like someone scotch-taped a head cut out from somewhere else.

    • Mr. X

      the light effect makes it look like he is puking (getting lean fast)

      • BentWrenches

        Lose weight with cake!

      • Justin

        It's not light effects in the photo, it's reflection from the store lights.

    • SARmedic

      The front leg is photoshopped, it's almost gone at ankle level. I had to copy the image and then zoom in on it to see what was wrong, as soon as you do that it's very obvious. They used the smudge tool all the way up his shin, it's a totally different color when it meets up near his knee.


    Awww they ruined #1…How will she ever make sammichez again?!

    • joe

      Her left arm kind of looks like one off of a barbie doll… I thought the photographer was being sly in comparing modern models with that of plastic dolls… O.o

  • etcrr

    #20 what's wrong with a man trying to wash his third foot and leg? wait …wut?

    • MonkeyMadness

      It's not a photoshop fail, just an optical illusion. He's not actually wearing the left boot.

    • HUH?

      he just has a very odd shaped weiner. when they ask him how long it is, he says "its a foot".

    • grizzlet

      Meanwhile, in Chernobyl

    • bbb

      This one better to go in "*** timed perfectly…for your pleasure" gallery

  • TheFlintSkinny

    #22 Get lean fast with cocaine.

  • Aznsupastar

    #23 That's TOTALLY Kris Humphreys.

  • whyme1973

    #10 She give great hand.

    • Birdhaus32

      I'm slow this morning. What am I missing on this one? Other than the fact that her entire face looks shopped

      • Craigery

        Her head looks way too small compared to the shoulders, neck, and hand.

        • Birdhaus32

          I just thought she had big hands

          • Firefighter23

            You know if your hand is bigger than your face…………….

            • chicago

              looks like a hand growing into a paw [seen in any werewolf movie].

            • quentin

              tell that to uma thurman

  • Tupac

    #19 I dont get whats wrong with it?!?!

  • ben

    a lot of these seem to just have awkward camera angles

    • Wim Wobble

      I agree

    • Craigery

      Out of 25 photos, 23 are obvious photoshop disasters. There are MAYBE two (#9 and #14) that MIGHT be nothing more than an awkward camera angle, and even those two are suspicious.

  • texjosh

    This is the same post every time… time to retire it or get some new material.

    • FACE!

      Let me guess…you saw this on reddit first

      • Uncle Ron

        No actually he is right, about 7 of these pictures have shown up in previous photoshop fails on here

  • Geo

    #20 is not shopped !! he put his shoes on the ground and washed his foot 😀

    • phydor

      how else is he supposed to keep his butt off the ground?

    • Kiwi

      You can even see that the shoe closest to the camera doesnt have a foot in it (or a leg going to it).

    • awestruck

      You just amazed me sir. Thank you

  • Bry10

    #23 Soooooo Saddddddd!

  • MonkeyMadness

    #5 They all have duplicates, not just the ones circled.

    • Craigery

      True. The entire front row is flipped and used as the second row, and then flipped back again for the back row.

      • Zherkof

        There are rows??

  • Anonymous

    #7 is an optical illusion. Her left hand is on top of her right.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #23 Nice try loser.
    Actually it's not a bad attempt at PS, we've all seen much worse.. well, in this gallery as matter of fact! 😛

  • bless1


  • Takingbackcider

    #4 Is after the Divorce.

  • LuvsHorror

    This is some creepy shit.

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