Man spends his entire life savings Star-Trekking his home (21 Photos)

No seriously, he lost it all in his divorce.

To get a full virtual tour of Tony’s previous ship, check out his design website.

  • ukulelemike

    Hmmm…I wonder what the divorce was over

    • iambigd42

      hahahaha… That was funny.. good one

      • Birdhaus32

        OO! OO! Pick me!

        What is spending your life savings on an Enterprise apt Pat?

        • blunt


          • Birdhaus32

            Damn! I knew that didn't sound right

    • penguin slayer

      She liked DS9 better?

      • homey the clown

        that was good toooooooohahahaahahahooooshitaaaaahahahaha

    • caait.e

      electricity bill

    • Anametobeat

      The ridiculously stupid thing is, if you read the MSNBC, he was already separated from his wife when he started working on this, and his wife owned the apartment.

      I mean, seriously, who puts that much work into something when it's not even yours to begin with?

      • Anametobeat

        *the MSNBC article


    • homey the clown

      thx Mike, I needed that laugh brothaaaaaaahahahahahhahah

  • echogeo

    Pre-nup, dude. Pre-nup!

    • ezhammer

      the wife owned the apartment

      • fibonacci5150

        if that's true, he deserved it. If not, then well… damn

      • Bea

        Whether the wife liked the trek home or not, it was all hers. I wonder how much does this house's maintenance costs.

    • Evan

      The header should read "Man Spends Life Savings: Buys Back Virginity"

  • Ever

    Trekkie fan or not, that's actually fairly badass.

    • Jason B

      Yea, but it's all obsolete with the next spin-off… 😥

    • pinky thumbs


  • rochester, ny

    It looks so warm and comfy. What women wouldn't love it.

  • Shadowwight

    Oh…please let his ex wife at least be a Trekker…. A house like that needs to be preserved in its enhanced state….

    • Birdhaus32

      Minus the fact that he started as the Enterprise and later ruined it by converting it to Voyager.

  • G-had

    so he had a woman before he did all this?

    • drewscriver

      Had being the operative word here. My guess is that he split with his virginity intact…

  • TheDogdeom

    Maybe his wife got sick of cosplaying Troi? Still thats gotta hurt, the place looked fantastic.

  • G-had

    NM, they had been separated for 3 years before he did this.

  • AmBush Steve

    That is awesome. Regardless of the reason for the divorce, bitch is just nasty to do that to him.

    • etcrr

      hell hath no wrath liked a scorned woman

      • Xaphod

        Careful HHNF may pop up by merely referencing her name…

      • Frank

        Yup, nothing is as bat-shit crazy as a woman.

    • Dapper_Dave

      I hope that woman dies in a fire

  • uhhh

    GO PATS!!!!

    • SpacemanSpiff


      • DaddyD

        I'm a Pats fan like uhhh, but I still had to thumb you up!

  • irons

    No women in the pic's, huge suprise there.

  • JRChive

    #21 *Sigh*… Bitches

    • mihaisuzuki

      Bitches +1

  • phdonme

    Well that's what happens when your Ex-wife is your landlord.

  • Wow

    Get a life.

  • pantibiblon

    Oh shit.! $150,000 ?
    Chivers I'd like to antecipate myself for Hump DAR.Have a nice weekend.

    B.T.W "bundas" is the word we use here in Brasil to say " asses".(4 those who didin't know it )

  • Alex

    It's cool but I wouldn't want to live there..

  • Douche McFuckstain

    ex-wife must be a..

    *puts on sunglasses*



  • da bears

    As Mike Ditka would say to the ex…"STOP IT"

  • Corwin


  • oilfieldbill


    • Johnny K.

      Dude… Do you need a hug?

      • TheBAMFinater

        or a girl friend. But he still has a point.

    • Dalton

      disregaurd females, aquire currency

    • Intellect1618

      …and I'll add, "You know women, mate. Like monkeys, they are – won't let go of one branch until they've got hold of the next."

    • etcrr

      it's a shame that he wasted his money, However it is a crime that a woman gets everything. There is NO JUSTICE when it comes to divorce. Divorce laws are way behind the times and should be overhauled.

  • Slip

    This guy smoked a rock fell out of a tree hit his head and had an epiphany. Build my house to USS Enterprise specifications. Now all he has left of his life is jerking off while having an inner struggle of who the best captain.

  • Jack_LeMac

    He'll bounce back, it looks like he's probably got a pretty good source of income

    • Joe

      pretty sure he is jobless, well he was when i met him. Well apart from a star trek design business

  • Adam

    Im surprised he was ever married in the first place.

  • Mike

    Love is grand, divorce is a hundred grand…

  • Lucky_Charms

    That's why I just spend my money on beer and do nothing constructive at all. She can't take that away!

    • Rick

      U are wise beyond your years my friend.

    • sureman123

      your my hero!!!

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