That’s not funny. (31 photos)

  • Lawrence

    #13 How can I Fap without the iphone App…

    • Justin

      These guys have been "fixing" the iPhone app for a while now. I really hope they don't fuck up the android app..

    • gromtown

      Really? its called porn…

    • Bob

      The iPhone app is a complete waste of money. Rarely works, pics are small, and did I mention it rarely works? Only a buck, but what a waste.

    • Maddog68

      Screw the iphone App……….. We want the Android App!!!

    • Tim

      Hey buddy, you have safari on your iphone right? It works like a computer browser right? You can enter and go to the site right? Am I right?

  • Dr.Wilson


    • therealguy


      • Dr.Wilson

        I know you are butt what am i?

    • MRPOOP


  • Seldi84

    #1 Is very funny,
    #7 if you didn't well up or cry during this part of the film then you have no soul & probably like Twilight.

    • vince

      I've never even seen it and the pic alone about brought me down

    • IICoLt45II

      men don't cry

      • Seldi84

        Real Men cry at UP. & maybe that incinerator scene in Toy Story 3.

        • IICoLt45II

          you win… i didn't cry, but still sad

      • Zzergg

        "Crying, acceptable at funerals and the Grand Canyon." Ron Swanson.

    • gingergreek

      I'm ginger so your logic doesn't work on me. However I did well up like a baby!

    • Pants

      What is it with people who think this is sad? If anything it's the funniest goddamn picture out of all of these.

      • Joey

        Spoken like a married man.

  • Wark

    #30 "Stop stealing the blankets, bitch!"

    • Plurp

      Yikes! What is this from?

      • Truth

        Fewdio "Strange Bedfellows"

      • Chris Moltisanti

        Midnight Meat Train

      • Robert

        My nightmares.

    • sixdeadelves


    • Katie

      Not cool!

  • jenndawl

    #12 is funny. I would laugh if i saw that…..

    • @McBeastie666

      you did see that.

      • aussie aussie aussie

        damn you logic….(shakes fist) damn you to hell

  • uhhh

    i hate the giants oh so much!!


    • daveh873


      • uhhh

        I knew you would comment

        • daveh873

          If you're gonna talk endless shit, don't be shocked when it gets thrown back in your face.

          • uhhh

            im not shocked i just said i was expecting it and then said congrats
            you seem upset maybe you should go check your undies it may be your period

            • Above AVERAGE

              Isn't there a joke out there somewhere about arguing on the internet being like the special olympics?

              These two chuckleheads are a continuous reminder of that joke [to me].

              Tom Brady wears girls underwear.

              That is all.

              • uhhh

                we remind you of a joke that you dont really remember?
                Sounds like your the one who should be in the special olympics

    • aussie aussie aussie

      Who freakin cares…it`s all over for another year

  • 80's Baby

    #19…. cooooooold blooded

    • Drewcifer

      I lol-ed harder than i should have… to be fair, so did my co-worker, so its not just me…

      • The Chivers

        you're still a dick.

    • Andy Valentine

      Not cool, fellas. Not cool.

    • Allscool

      Hey he's Canadian, he would've laughed

    • DaddyD

      I think he would have laughed.

  • SARmedic

    Too much win in this post to only comment about one. Well done Chive, well done.

    • SARmedic

      #1 is too funny, reminds me of my childhood.

    • IICoLt45II

      you only commented about one…

  • reaperMEDIC

    #15 I literally just Laughed out loud hahahaha

    • Pedo-Man

      I know. I love raping children :p

      • Pedodog

        We should make a club.

        • Kevin Rudd

          seedy fucker

  • innuit

    #19, #29

    the worse it got the harder i laughed…

    now my boss is laughing.

    • Maytrix

      #29 – Not funny… just a waste of a good meal! 🙂

      • MattyP

        It's not being wasted…they have it on the grill….

        • antitango

          OMG. I'm crying I'm laughing so hard right now.

  • Maytrix

    #9, yeah, that's pretty funny.. destructive, but funny…

  • lando c.


    it was just a matter of time before the chive made a pedobear shirt.

    • Charlie_Cheen

      Pedobear on internet = funny

      Wearing pedobear shirt around IRL = CP is not funny IRL

      • Above AVERAGE

        IDK wtf you're trying to tell me, but IIRC, no one cares.

        • gillespe

          stfu. i agree with him.

    • MonkeyMadness

      The Chive do like their child molesting jokes. If I saw someone wearing that around, I'd likely kick their ass.

      • Twigfinger

        I agree with MonkeyMadness. I'd sort them out in a second.

        • Twotime

          also agree. that shit ain't funny.

  • T-B

    Thank Good the android app is almost here!!!

    • mostest

      Not like it will work, but at least it will be available to fail. 🙂


    Chive, Y U no email back about problems with your KCCO mugs breaking and poor quality? the handle has a chip and feels like its ready to come off any time now. Yes, it came out of the box that way sadly. Still a loyal chiver

    • John

      Did you email Patty about this? Sometimes things get missed but we're pretty good about replacing the mugs that get broken during the shipping process. Email Patty again and mark it, 'urgent, you idiot'

      he'll get the message.

      • The Andychrist

        Now THAT'S customer service.

      • Drewcifer

        mine was broken out of the box… but I did not take pix, so I guess it did not happen…

      • PANCHO

        well do thanks agin

    • baaah

      Just came to my mind : what sense does it make to be "loyal" to a god damn website ?
      Protip : don't be a sheep and have a good day.

      • Parallendicular

        What is the harm in supporting something that you enjoy? I guess being appreciative equals being a "sheep" nowadays.

    • Katie

      Mine were cracked too, I sent them back to where ever they are sent from, Texas I think. I don't think I got my money back 😦

  • Jake too

    #14 Chive no funneh!

  • p dangerously

    #16 Mind Blown!!

    • HUH?

      so what happens when an irresistible force (chucks foot) meets an immovable object (chucks nuts)? does the universe explode? is that what this means?

      • 90859

        you travel back in time to 2006 when chuck norris jokes were actually funny.

  • echogeo


  • Don keysak

    What movie is 30 from?

  • Dunno

    What is #30 from?

    • AgeReal

      Its a short film on youtube. I have been trying to find it again. No luck

      • Unfkngblvbl

        Here ya go:

      • Wintery

        its called Bedfellows on youtube

        • Underbaker

          • @chaoticbeauty6

            eeewww!!!!! creepy as fuck!! lol

          • Toba

            I creepy had a physical manifestation, it would be the shit in my pants after watching this vid.

          • Jimmy2Sticks

            Thanks for posting the link… This is what I get for working late, and trawlin' the Chive instead of making rent… My pants are weeeellll shitted.

          • Cr0daddy


          • Katie

            Yeah not watching that!

    • Samantha Kristal

      Oh god, why did I watch that at work? haha

  • ST33

    Some smiles and laughs until #7. Then it was, straight faced "Oh that's fucked up" look.

    • myself


  • dcolbert

    #13 Well, at least you're paying attention.

  • Tim

    #13 Take as much time as you need for the Android app. Android users are not use to our phones fucking up like the iphone users are. We won't be able to handle the stress of it not working!! Then again we're smart enough to use the browser on our phones when the app doesn't work:)

    • Dalton

      silly i-sheeple

    • Sam H.

      I think what you meant to say was

      "Android users are used to waiting months for their version of the apps to come out, by which time the Iphone has already had multiple working versions/fixes. So we don't really care about another month or two!"

      As for Android users not "used" to their phones fucking up…. Jesus. Do you even use your phone for anything other than calling your mom?

      Enjoy your dot matrix passcode lock and moving screensavers. That's about the only plus you've got above us lowly Iphone users.

  • vince

    WTF Chive #7 is not funny not even appropriate for the not funny post. Save that for the "make a grown ass man cry at work" post

    • KBull

      I couldn't agree more. I literally looked at it for 5 min hoping i would find something less depressing about it. nope, never found it.

    • cubanitagirl

      i was thinking the same. so sad 😦

    • abc

      seriously? good luck handling real problems in the real world then, if this actually makes you cry..

      • captain obvious

        seriously? good luck handling real people in the real world then, with little to no actual empathy

      • Buford_Justice

        When it happens to you it will probably become a real problem in the real world

    • Just Sayin'

      I laughed, only because every time i see him i think of fabio capello.

    • Franklin1138

      I totally cried at that part of the movie. That was heartbreaking.

  • IICoLt45II

    #14 the channel button isn't working

  • chuylennon

    Am I too drunk? I don't see anything in #6

    • newscot

      The bars are blocking the wheelchair ramp.

      • chuylennon

        right… thanks

        • Me2

          Except that there's zero chance of it really being a wheelchair ramp with no railings along it.

    • TJ

      The bars r blockin the handicap ramp in #6

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