Soooo…. you got wasted (28 Photos)

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  • Wyomingchiver


    • JJJ

      you can't call yourself a chiver, wyoming or not, if you are this much of a cunt. I hope you die.

      • CowboyAdam

        Damn. Don't you think that's a little harsh just for asking if they are first? Douchey, yes. A cunt, perhaps, but I don't hope they die. They are still a fellow chiver and us chivers need to keep calm and chive on, not wish death on each other. Can't we all just get along?

        • Brokeback Adam

          I hope you die, fag.

  • Lance

    Good morning!

    • Allex

      ^TIHS FISRT !!!!!

  • Kane W.

    #28 been there

  • Dary


    • Allex


  • iambigd42

    #2 Blue Skirt- Find Her!

    • dizzle

      kcuf that, find both of them broads

    • Patricia

      And find the dude too. I always loved a drunk date

      • Allex

        FIND TIHS !

    • cadet 703

      I FOUND HER!!

  • HatersGonnaHate

    Hopefully ruining someone's "First" chance here

    • Allex

      HOW COULD U DO TIHS !?!?!?!

  • YUP

    #9 What? K-Mart still exists?!

    • The Milkman

      K-Mart Sucks.

      • c-rizzle

        Yea, K-mart sucks. Definitely, K-mart sucks…. gotta get my boxers at K-mart. In cincinnati.

    • soldieringitout

      I naturally read it as Wal-mart the first time and re-read it because I didn't trust your comment

      • GR8 Scott

        #9 Damn, I did the same thing. We've been brainwashed.

        BTW, riding the little carts around K-Mart is not really the best way to end a night of drinking…although it does beat some of the other alternatives featured in this post.

  • YUP

    Chive, get some new fucking KCCO shirts already!

    Fucking everyone

    • Mikey

      This Tuesday (feb. 28) at noon. They've been advertising it for like a week dude. Just keep calm and sign on on Tuesday…you'll get one

      • No Doubt

        Keep calm and then get pissed off when they are sold out at 3 01 pm EST….

        • Jacob

          I'm keeping pretty calm, I already have mine.

          • Jim Lillywhite-Buley

            Its so much easier to keep calm when you already have both of them I find. Good luck to all chivers this Tuesday though!

  • Euhhh

    So drunk I counted to potato

    • Allex

      Sooooo TIHS !!!!!!

      • Billy

        3rd tihs wtf is wrong w/ you.

  • zachary

    So many girls..

  • Zedhere

    #11 This is how my head feels this morning.

    • PortAlberniChiver

      This one was funny as hell

    • MattKL

      "Listen, Santa can't drink no more milk. Santa has a lactose intolerance, and it gives him horrible gas pains. Do you want to see Santa farting down everybody's chimney?"

  • Jameswastaken

    #15 made me realize how tired I am right now…couldn't stop laughing at the guy in the backgrounds face.

  • Sean

    #15 cheep hotel room, stupid haircuts … must be Marines lol

    • No You

      ah yes, Oceanside, Ca.

    • Edd

      Guy in corner jerking it to his buddy getting laid…. Yep , marines…

    • Kasey

      Was thinking the same exact thing when I saw it.

    • markkens

      Eyoooo get summm

    • daniel

      Not Marines just ROTC cadets I was the one who took the pic

      • brooktown chiver

        Cool Story Bro, tell me more

      • Dick Salad

        That's even worse than some boot ass Marines out in Oceanside.

  • etcrr

    #27 I'm so drunk, I can't get the frig door open

    • yodaddy

      More like, who gave her the vodka this time!

    • sit ubu sit good dog

      U r so unfunny,,

  • takens05

    #9 Americans…

  • Joe

    I can't stop laughing at this!

    • Del

      "Im so hungry, where is the food at??"

  • karl

    #14 hawk nation! It makes me so proud to be a hawkeye!

    • chris

      Why are you proud to suck?

    • womp

      fuckin gdis

    • Ora

      Cyclones over Hawks errday

    • Another Hawkeye

      Hahaha… looks like the Dirty Burge…
      Party on Hawkeyes!

    • Alex

      Proud to be a Hawkeye who drinks bottled water and redbull to make them hyperactive? Lolzz

  • lorycowery

    Zeppelin ftw!


    • Edd

      Shotgunning a Budlight with LZ tshirt ==Yes

      Nursing an 8 oz PBR —- with hipster beard and shitty mohawk– Douchey McDouchemeister

    • mouchette

      Kohl's band shirts-ftl.

  • Lakewoody

    #2 – cant we just order the guy his Jimmy Johns?!?!

    • mouchette

      Beach club

  • AmBush_Steve

    Just me or does that belly in #3 look like Curious George?

    • wut?

      Now I can't not see it…

  • Alex

    #22 Find the brunette

    • janedoe


  • Mitchiver

    #10 went whaling and brought home his kill

    • shad

      There she blows…………..

    • Alex

      Beached perhaps and possibly dried up

  • Jimbo

    I just hope he did not dent it.

    • Thud

      His Head?

  • Kozi

    Shout out to The University of Iowa! Chive on from Little Rock, AR 😉

  • Girlinatux

    #15- ha! Looks like last weekend…

    • Edd

      You got boned in a cheap motel by a jarhead while his buddy jerked ti in the corner watching??

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