• bryan

    could have done without all the junk in the middle

    • wade

      do people ever stop complaining nowadays? I have to complain about others complaining. That's pretty sad. I remember when the internet didn't even exist and you'd never even get to see this video most likely. Now we get to see an amazing video and all we can do is complain that "we could of done without 60 seconds of that video." So sad.

      • Bill Fucking murray

        youre complaining about complaining, welcome to the internet, welcome to irony

        • Outlaw73

          If only we could focus more on yoga pants, FLBP or Minding the Gap, none of us would be worried about "the junk in the middle" .. or {that what Wade said} or stuff ..

        • Renaldo

          He does make a valid point.

        • Internet Tough Guy

          I'd like to register a complaint about people complaining of all the complaints people are making these days. Ina day and age when we can put a man on the moon, surely we can come up with something better to complain about. Like my rosebushes for example. I cut them back in the winter but they don't rebound and produce the way i feel they should. Let's complain about that for a while.


          Richard M Nixon

    • Andy Valentine

      That's what she said…

    • mountainsniper31

      Just like ALL basketball games. Just record them and fast forward to the last two minutes.

  • J0R


  • Bill

    WTF! Awesome ending

    • Sarex

      Go to 4:15 if you want to see the shot. 🙂

    • dipshitmcgee

      Ha how good is it watching the refs run away, especially captain don't-use-my-arms

  • WuTangClan

    Cal Poly Pomona!! Go Broncos!!

  • Peter2323

    You can tell its Jr. College by the cheerleaders

    • MEN

      Haha no our school is just not fortunate

    • A_O

      huge one at 1:40

    • Sean

      Its actually Cal Poly Pomona University..they're just division II they're eHh ok hahaha..i'm an alumni..and yeah the cheerleaders suck

    • titan1912

      They are both real colleges just not that big of ones-Titan1912

  • etcrr

    That was incredible both teams with clutch shots

  • OG

    Kid in the red shirt gets trucked after the half court shot.

  • Legion

    4 minutes to see 3 baskets? WTF? Waste of time.

    • O RLY?

      judging by how you're on this site at all (and post comments on it), I'd say you probably have 4 minutes to spare…

  • Sigma Nu

    GO Cal Poly Chive On

  • myself

    It's extremely rare to see two teams be so clutch in the same game.

  • Mattas

    Someone is getting laid… by whom ever her wants… Most likely Mac the Intern's mother.

  • Seb

    Was I the only one who saw a kid in red shirt get tackled at 3:07?

    • http://dinkus.blog.com Emzilla

      Poor kid!! He jumped up LIKE A BOSS, though!

    • sam

      also notice how the guy who ran him over glances back but then keeps running?

    • love the cute people

      death to guy in yellow

  • fed

    this is why i love this game

  • Odie

    Unbelievable. Tip o' the hat to both teams.

  • I Like Turtles

    That place is packed!! Is this Kentucky?

    • DatEmge

      Pomona, CA

  • Scotty

    Why do Earthlings get so excited over playing with balls?

    • Frank

      I don't know, but your mother sure seems to love it.

  • DatEmge

    That would be my school!

    Cal Poly Pomona

  • Da Sandman

    that has got to be the fattest cheerleader i have ever seen…

    • sureal

      so glad im not the only one to have noticed that lol

    • geez

      lol my thoughts exactly.

  • Chris

    I love how the coach just stands there at the end as if nothing happened..

  • Dwah

    there was only one casualty of that evening, and it was Jenkins.

  • penis

    timmy at the end (3:21) says fuck this and exits stage right

    • Cobra

      "timmy at the end (3:21) says fuck this and exits stage right"

      Fucking great! I needed that laugh this morning ….

  • StaticFX

    that needs some major editing…..

  • Blake

    3:04 kid gets slammed to the floor and fat dude in a yellow shirt says sorry and keeps on booking!

  • lorycowery


  • Ryan


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