Meanwhile, in Africa (27 photos)

  • 6_Crack_rocks

    #6 they stole my car!!

    • kewl

      Modern suburban McMansion, horse-drawn car-thing. What a bizzare land of contrasts!
      Can anyone suggest where this might be? It would need to be wealthy enough for housing like that, but no so uptight (like our first world countries) that the police would be all over you for a non-regulation vehicle…

  • name not important

    #3 ohh man, thats not natural

    • Frank

      "I know I wished for some deep throat, But this is ridiculous!"

    • DaddyD

      Not natural for you, maybe. Very natural for this gentleman.

      Keep in mind that he probably thinks you look funny.

    • splash down

      but Oak Express is

    • ThatGuy

      This is shopped. There are some people who "extend" there necks (it really just pushes the shoulders down) but its never that dramatic. Also the pixels.

    • danish dude

      No, it's not natural. It's also not an African nor a real photo. It's shopped and the dude is from New Guinea. The rings are from an asian woman. When you use these rings, it isn't the neck that's made longer, it's the bones around the neck (dont know their English name) that are pushed down.

  • Edge

    #3 Lord of the Rings – or am I stretching for that one?

    • D.S.

      So many good technological, scientific, and medical discoveries have come from Africa in the past few hundred years. I think this post is a testament to the greatness of the continent.

      • JonBoy

        such as?

        • D.S.

          Please tell me you aren't that thick

          • JonBoy

            please tell to what you are referring to

            • Frank

              Referring to Western scientists doing research on plant and animal life in Africa, and finding things to help the people of the world.

              • D.S.

                harsh or bitter derision or irony.
                a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark: a review full of sarcasms.

      • Danish dude

        That guy is not African. He's from Papua New Guinea.

        • Brutal Deluxe

          I thought I recognized Jerry.

        • u

          maybe he's on vacation in Africa

  • Hamburglar

    where you at stuf?

    • andfukyamoms

      they made a post for ya homie

      • Phuckifeyeno

        And this why i love thechive!! ask and you shell receive!!!

        • @mayerjacoby

          hey relax, stuf sucks, but this post is super in bad taste

          • Lugh

            As I said in your other post… why?

            Why is it offensive? Because it's Africa and not West Virginia? Because the people in it are black instead of redneck hicks or crazy fake Chinese ripoffs with a poor command of English? Are there no idiots on the entire continent of Africa that can be made fun of? Perhaps their positions as subaltern victims of European colonialism somehow renders any attempt to derive humor from people doing stupid things as implicitly racist? Get over yourself and lighten up. There are just as many fools in Africa worthy of our derision as there are in the rest of the world.

  • Katie

    #8 Note the little baby

    • Tre

      Tig Ole Bitty hanging out too.

  • Woodrowrules

    #13 That dude ain't playing

    • Futbolero

      almost sure he's not african neither

      • AP All Day!

        Good old Afghan Police by the looks of it

        • HobbesLeviathan

          Yup, Afghan Uniformed Police…you can see the Afghan flag patch on his right arm.

          And the machinegun (PKM) looks extra huge because Afghans tend to be on the short and skinny side.

          • OpMongoose

            Thank you, I thought it was like a BAR but I figured those are pretty hard to get and they sure as fuck didn't make it that far. Is that gun made by FN ? (conversation for the brigade but KCCO)

          • Dr_StrangePants

            Not to the American BDU's that are out of focus on the upper left hand corner

          • CaptainObvious

            Yup, good old crooked ass AP. Might want to unfuck that link before he tries to do anything with it.

    • Si1entStatic

      until he blows thru that ammo in 5 seconds on full auto…. Then it's "U mad BRO, Just playin"

  • Ned Plimpton

    #3 Now THAT is the weirdest boner!

  • Tanner


    This gives a new definition to the phrase "wireless headset"

    • DaddyD

      Ear phone?

    • D.S.


      • @mayerjacoby

        i think that's just in poor taste DS

    • november juliet

      in-ear sound system

    • Anon

      This is why they can't have nice things.

    • Dr_StrangePants

      Oh Dear God….What are my Hipster Students going to do when they see this?

  • Del

    #26 we got a hammerhead, Bitches love hammerheads

    • Underbaker

      It's Hammer time.

  • Csquaredapparel

    #18 but I don't wanna…

    • Blue

      Goes right along with #8

    • hark1985

      baaaaaaaaaack off

    • goglas

      get married

    • Match Maker

      …marry your daughter!

    • Allah

      rag headed goat fucker

    • Tre


  • Lowrent75

    Uh-oh. Where is stuf and his nonsensical rant?

    • AyatollahTrolla

      HAHA I was just thinking the same thing!

  • theblenny

    #5 All dem cops for a week old plant.

    • logic

      Yes, one picture tells the whole story. There couldn't possibly be more to it. Not a chance.

  • Magnus

    #5 This is Brazil, almost Africa.

    • Futbolero

      you beat me to it

    • hark1985


    • hm.

      Looks like Philadelphia to me..

      • Big_Hairy_Si

        This African, if you're 'Merican.

    • mkpo

      So Brazil is almost Africa?
      Guess America is almost Europe then.

      Learn some geopolitics.
      And FUCK YOU.

      • Steohawk

        Me thinks that your sarcasm detector is out of batteries.

      • Cantaloupe

        geo… politics… wtf? I don't think that word means what you think it means; but we already know you talk more than you think.

    • Emygdio

      And yet it's on a.. DIFFERENT CONTINENT!

      • Bruno

        I thought sarcasm was a common thing these days.

        S'pose I'm wrong.

  • no sir

    Don't ever fuck with an elephant if it has that fifth leg…

  • tmach81


    F*ck your $100 Blue tooth headset. It's called improvise

    • JustSuper

      Actually its called improvisation. But who's counting?

  • luckyB

    #3 um is that a slinky? if it is youre doing it wrong….

    • Bob

      It's cluck cluck the bobble head!!

  • Steve

    #10 Cue the Ruff Ryders Anthem

    • hark1985

      That's how ruff riders roll

    • Anomanom

      Now playing that song!

  • jean.

    seeee.. Chive does support African American culture.

    • amandajean

      I'm pretty sure this is redundant.

    • Lil John

      Not a whole lot of "American" in that but I take your point.

  • Jayyy

    #23 Either way works 😉

  • HatBomb

    stuf is going to shit himself on this one, prepare for troll level 99.

    • passwordistaco

      Holy shit, just the thought of him checking this out made my day, thank you sir.

  • passwordistaco

    #22 Broah's Ark?

  • echogeo

    stuf just jizzed in his pants.

  • JohnnyBravo

    This crap ain’t funny racist pricks

  • Jamforever

    Motorcycling lvl.99

    • RobTalk

      this one actually made me laugh the most.

  • Edd

    #25 and then say RIVERSIDE mothafucka…. Check yoself

    • PatWizz

      blood diamond, real life.

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