Daily Morning Awesomeness (30 Photos)

  • http://www.theChive.com Mack318

    #12 Well, ive done nothing with my life. Fuck Mondays

    • iheartboobs

      This truly is epic!

  • Whatname?

    1:08 in the moming in Colorado. I love beer needless to say

  • Still_Counts

    #28 is Epic.

    • Pudge

      watched it about 4 times….. nice roundhouse kick to finish it off

    • Wood

      I love that his lives are infinity to the fourth power, divided by zero.

    • Isaac

      I sent it! Glad my first ever post was featured and is this epic 😀

  • http://twitter.com/Cyberfunker @Cyberfunker

    Is going to be a good week.

    • corey

      #5 surfing level: Chuck Norris

  • Bob Lee Swagger

    Steven Spielberg?!

    • joe

      i think its james lipton from actors studio

      • dwide schrude

        Walter White?

  • MattKL

    #2 Darth Vader on a surfboard: Your argument is invalid.

    • JT Mo-Nay

      looking like he's about to commit sepukku

    • wakedork

      I call fake, no one owns a Darth Vader Mask, a cape and his belt and doesn't own a lightsaber.

      • Leeks

        Correction, no one who owns all those things would want to get their lightsaber wet.

  • DOit

    #21 "Shhhh…I'm just gonna use this"

    • some bloke

      That's so cute!
      I wonder what he wants it for? Decorating his racoon batchelor pad?

      • ShakeyTheMoyle

        He wants to wipe his feet before he breaks in and rapes your dog and/or cat…. raccoons are neat and tidy.

    • KeepCalmDriveOn

      Someone is a fan of The Big Lebowski

    • yup

      Sly Cooper

  • monsieurloti

    #20 On my 9th birthday I got a walkman

    • Alex

      On my 9th birthday I was told to go get a job and quit being a suck ass. Then I mowed the lawn.

    • AsciiAdam

      My 8th birthday was at McDonalds and the highlight was the tree talking to you. I also got my Admiral Ackbar T-shirt! Go 1984!

    • Illicit-Weaponry

      On my ninth I probably got a 99 cent He-Man action figure. You cant get shit for 99 cents anymore.


      • Leeks

        Have you tried the 99 cent store?

    • Sundevil8181

      I was given my first new baseball glove when I turned 9…before I was using gloves from the 60's

    • Patrick

      nobody tell the 99%

    • Dr_StrangePants

      my 9th birthday, was spent at DZ Discovery Zone….and every single one's been down hill from there

    • DickFister

      I got molested on my ninth birthday. I sure miss that babysitter

      • etcrr

        im right here

  • Bob Lee Swagger

    This picture encapsulates what I love about the internet.

  • Smurf_taint

    #27 forever alone

    • Alex Miller

      Now where the Heck is Bagu?

  • Rollout25

    #22 Tequila!

  • BoredMedic

    17, Moar! Nuff said.

  • john

    #22 is just all sorts of creepy

  • nostalgic

    #20 i got hit for sneaking into the adult section of the vhs rental store

    • MattKL

      Good man.

  • drwar41

    #28 I think we've all wanted to do that to that toad

  • notworking

    #4 quick, we have to get lemmiwinks!

  • sshuggi

    #1 Dude, get on the sofa. The floor is lava.


      Those Jehovah's Witness people are relentless…

  • bbbbBeaver

    #18 They serve the best Spotted Dick.

    • DaddyD

      And great Coq au vin.

  • Damien

    Silly Gaylord must run like a…..Oh….

  • aj rantz

    #18 Gotta love a girl who loves penis

    • Pouet

      Unfortunately, it's the "café Panis". Just a little photoshop there.
      It's located on the side of the notre dame cathedral. You can google it.

  • HI hater

    #28 funny

  • Young Jedi

    #2 The surf is strong with this one.

  • Jessup

    #17 MOAR

  • diegs

    Chuck norris isnt that impresive anymore… when they told him it was justin beibers bday he souldve said “wtf is a justin beiber?”!!!!

    • Dan

      I would say how dare you for questioning the impressiveness of Chuck Norris, but I know you won't get to read it because you were killed by a round-house kick to the back of the head the second you hit submit comment.

    • Shawn

      Say what you want about Chuck Norris (or don't).

      That gif was funny as hell.

  • Adam

    #23 ???? whats with that?

    • etcrr

      the guy who came in 5th is Gaylord Silly enough said

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