Signs full of ‘WTF’ (30 Photos)

  • amlegion

    Who needs sleep. Problem is looking at this now what am I gonna do at work.

  • Cowthang


    Nothing WTF about that, nom nom nom……

  • dgvw

    #15 haha New Zealand

    • xspader

      New Zealand FTW! Famous for LOTR, Hobbit, and stupid signs…

  • dashete

    #6 Learns classic karate cheers such as: "Get him a body bag, yeah!" and "Strike first, strike hard, no mercy!"

    • MattKL

      And of course, "Sweep the leg!"

    • LucretiusCaro

      Fear does not exist in this dojo, does it!?


    i remember rainbow road , it was a bitch when you were stoned #28

  • sit ubu sit good dog

    I remember rainbow road, it was a bitch when you were stoned #28

    • Jon

      Thats in Idaho lol

  • 3rd Shift Says

    #30 Seems legit….

  • @mkingscott

    #10 Been there 🙂

    #25 "Body like buffalo" – new meme?

    • Alpha0010

      I think those signs might be intentional Engrish, since they are all like that, and all so absurd. Then again, Asia is a weird place…

      • Dan Quayle

        I just want to know what the Chinese have against the potatoe.

  • etcrr

    I use this stuff all the time makes me feel fabolous and sexy. #17

    • Underbaker

      I bought some extra for tonight.

  • Strgnslyr

    The crescent kicks @ss

  • not again

    #2 This is what all "DJ's" need……

  • Mr. Know-it-all

    What's so weird about the first one? Those are around pretty much every prison in the country.

  • Oregon_country

    #30 Yea im sure you'll make it home alive

  • MattKL

    That's what Maury Povich is for.

  • MattKL

    #13 One ticket. please.

    • gotta be fresh

      Sorry buddy, but you need to be at least — this tall to ride…

    • alex

      lol fargo nd right there

  • Jawbone

    #21 Gatlinburg TN! Great burgers at that joint.

    • solomonoftm

      Chive on from Gatlinburg!

    • Bob

      We ate there this past Saturday!

      • boB

        Did you have a good poop?

  • freddy boy

    #4 A profoundly weird memory of the subway in Mexico City. God bless the USA.

  • Bob Lee Swagger


    These signs are common near federal prisons around the country. Here in Las Vegas, there is a ten-mile stretch of highway where you can be arrested for picking up a hitchhiker, because it is so close to a maximum security jail.

    • Emzilla

      There are three prisons out here relatively close to a school- those signs are posted every couple hundred feet…

    • SoBe Bound

      I've seen those in numerous places near prisons. Very common. Not much WTF there.

    • Not a fan

      Hell of a lot cheaper than making the prison more secure

    • she's a witch

      pretty sunset in the background

  • spicticus

    #25 I'm going to have to start using the Body like Rambo but Brain like Potato saying…

  • KeepCalmDriveOn

    #14 where was this sign when I was in high school??

    • Underbaker

      I hope it's not copyrighted, I want to use it when I open a resteraunt.

  • bucknasty

    #25 The English language is tough…

    • Tankus

      I WOULD buy one of those just for the laughs at home!! XD

  • aciekay

    #28 it DOES exist!

    • canada

      niagara falls, ontario

  • daroofa

    #5 Journalism is dead.

    • nsed

      CNN is a joke.

  • misanthropetb

    I have a request. Can we get a HQ version of #1 for the next wallpaper Wednesday post please?

  • mises

    Legit cab-downtown san diego

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