• Zeke88

    This post has been placed to stop any of you "First" jackwagons from achieving success.

    • rando

      I like your style

      • tommytwotime

        I like your moves

    • Rick Derris

      ummm…. are you not posting First in the first comment yourself, making you a jackwagon also? just curious…

      • Zeke88

        Ever seen firefighters light a backburn to stop a forest fire?

        • USMCDJ

          i am one 😉

          • Slumd0gg

            Firefighters are a joke. Real heroes are paramedics. Emts suck too.and nurses.

            • Scotty

              Shall I burn your house down then?

            • reaperMEDIC

              Not sure if troll,idiot, or too fat to be a firefighter…

              • Slumd0gg

                Firefighting in 5 seconds… Wet stuff on the red stuff. yaaaay!

                Ps Im dual trained. Also just being a troll. 🙂

        • SMT

          Well done sir!

      • Brian


    • The J

      Posting an "anti first" is still essentially wasting the first post.

      • Zeke88

        Think of it like an occupy movement, but without all of the unshowered hipsters milling about.

    • Hooka

      You Sir are a fucking giant among men. Thank you.

  • HiTmAn

    Remi is nothing but pure comedy gold. I recommend all of his videos .


    Yup.. Acid is yummy

  • Frustrated Chiver

    where is my BFM email with a link for purchase?

    • BostonChiver.

      Looks like you got a free t-shirt…less shipping charges. Kaboom.

  • BryanT

    worst video……………….ever!!!

  • Swamp1983

    that was pretty cool

  • loo-hoo-zer

    wow this blew

  • ChronicUser

    I'd politely ask for a beer and a ride in his "room" to my floor.

  • Anonymous

    Take the stairs.

  • DemonDan

    He could have offered her a beer…asshole.

    • LucretiusCarus

      He was probably drinking some shit like Kronenberg, 1664 or Heineken. He did her a favor by not offering her that swill.

  • passwordistaco

    I was sure his "home" elevator was gonna be gone after he stepped out to his "pantry" elevator. So disappointed.

    • sam

      yeah i was hoping that would happen too. >.<

  • val

    Ah ah that's a french dude, he made a lot of elevator jokes like that.

  • Zedhere

    What's the score? Mind if I grab a beer and watch?

  • Ali Ackbah

    Completely ripped off From Trigger Happy TV…

    • lolzor

      yeah, nobody could have this idea of doing something fun in an elevator before or without copying trigger happy TV

      • lolzor

        yeah, nobody could have this idea of doing something fun in an elevator before trigger happy TV or without copying it.

        • lolzor

          And I'm a noob at both "posting" and "englishing" …

  • Conor O'Neill

    Remi is my hero, one video he dresses up as a chicken and lays flowers at a rotissary, brilliant

  • Ali Ackbah

    The Dom Joly Trigger Happy Tv… Not the shit version on Comedy Central

  • BostonChiver.

    Remi, ask the (potentially) cute girl in, give her a "ride" home or to work, and get that # kid. Damn french are never polite.

  • Cools10

    That was funny!

  • Mike Litoris

    She would have caught me fapping.

    • Hugh G Rection

      that's what I thought he was doing when the door opened!

  • Dries

    Remi Gaillard is a hero! Check him out (youtube) while he surprises amauteur cyclists or footballplayers. Or when he was mario karting the streets of Paris. Epic!


    Remi-King of trolls!!!

  • KayMan

    no fucks given that day

    • Bored

      No thumbs given that meme

  • Paul

    Remi is a genius! And has unbelievable skill with a football (soccer ball to you yanks)

  • hondo

    that is AWESOME.

  • coop

    OLD….Dom Joly did that YEARS ago.

    • Reivilo

      This was made years ago too actually. This dude is quite famous and prolific. U got to check out what he can do with a football.

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