• :-D

    saw this on reddit yesterday…

    • Nilbog

      And I saw this same comment on the chive yesterday… Weird…

    • agat

      Yeah theChive rips off from Reddit ALL the time. ALL THE TIME!!!!!!

      • DrLeppiwinks

        yah and Reddit rips from Buzzfeed and here and sometimes opposite and then theres this cycle involved – math + who gives a shit = Its all on the internet, they stole it from someone who posted it somehwere, and you'll also see it other places. Your choice is to pick the site to get it from, some pick this one, some… pick others. Deal with it.

        • Keepin it real

          Reddit doesnt rip anything from anyone. Reddit users certainly do but they're not making any money off of it, are they? The Chive (the business) rips content off reddit and makes money.

          • REDHEADS4LIFE

            I see ALOT of stuff on the DAR and such that is from 9Gag, I'll see it on there first and then the next day or that afternoon on here. It's the internet there are so many new things per day.

            • Red

              nobody cares where the fuck it comes from.

          • DrLeppiwinks

            thats so great man… maybe just go ahead and go look at it over there… I dont like WalMart making money, so I dont fucking shop there… your choice bud

            • Keepin it real

              I do look at it over there. I was just pointing out that reddit users ripping content is not the same as a business ripping content for profit. thechive basically takes most of the good stuff and puts it in one place, that's what I use them for.

          • Southern Dude

            I've never paid TheChive anything… you got ripped

          • ???

            So you are saying the Chive does not get pictures sent to them but personally trolls the internet steals pictures and charges for every single post? Yo i don't know who has your money but i can tell you for damn sure someone is lying to you. The business is called the internet. You have a website you charge people to advertise their stuff so you can keep the website going. Now for marketing the website is a side deal that people personally decide to do. If you do not decide to buy then guess what, you are involved in a decision. Did you pay? No so please do not act like this girl, and use a little sense. Thank you

          • Tullius

            Um, Reddit makes a lot more money than theChive. They just leave it to their users to do the work of providing content.

        • agat

          When Reddit users do not post original material, they give credit to the source. TheChive has stolen from original Reddit users and intentionally changed the proof of source.

          • DrLeppiwinks

            ok cool, so I'll try to not look at any sites purely based on humor unless that have an APA format works cited, proper grammar and margins… you guys are acting like you're here for the good of documentation and credibility. Im here to laugh.

            • Bennyfran

              I think in this case you would use MLA.


        ur all fucking losers, case closed end of story.

    • Jason

      Did you see Sexy Chivers on Reddit? No? Then GTFO.

      But good trolling.

      • labatanga


        do with it, what you will…

    • Dapper_Dave

      Who cares? I don't go to reddit…..I go to The Chive for my internet media.

    • She's a goner

      We are all forgetting the most important matter at hand, if someone doesn't remind this girl to breathe someone will die!

    • :-D

      I find it funny though, saw it already. MUAHHAHAHHA

    • mike

      The chive is should be called thebestofreddit.com that being said i still love it!

      • Hostile

        Hell, the reason why I browse thechive is to catch the stuff I missed on reddit.

    • Evan

      The worse part about this is i went to school with this girl and if not even college can ehlp ehr i have no faith for this one oh how much you have to learn

    • RayBoogs

      its the fucking internet everything comes from everywhere THATS THE POINT! If no one "stole" stuff from other sites then we would never see anything, if I post something from thechive or reddit on facebook does that mean I'm stealing it or reposting it? No its called sharing, cause most of my friends don't go on thechive and even more don't go on reddit. stop being a dick and trying to look cool and tell people you've seen it before them on reddit, man this shit is nearly as bad as first posters. And yes I know, sorry my grammar isn't immaculate.

      • agat

        The difference is you don't profit from what you re-post on facebook and theChive does make a profit.

        • Charlie_Cheen

          And what's wrong with them making a profit by collecting cool things from the internet, as well as a ton of OC that is submitted by users? They are providing a service by giving us collections of things in which most of us are usually interested.

          I saw this on Reddit too and see several things from there and many other places. I sometimes see things from 4Chan on Reddit, does that make Reddit bad?

    • DRIZ

      ur all fucking losers, end of story

    • tanakattack

      Hilarious that you're getting downboated. I mean it's true.. theChive takes almost everything from Reddit and profits through merchandise and advertizing.

      I'm aware of this and don't care, I'm still here on their site. But point this out to half the people on this website and they flip shit. This site is cool, but it would be nice if people realized how internet content works.

      • Charlie_Cheen

        "This site is cool, but it would be nice if people realized how internet content works."

        That's exactly the point, those of us that are intelligent to get how internet content works and it just gets annoying to see "hurr durr, saw this on reddit yesterday…"
        No one is flipping shit that it's happening it's that we don't care and it's just annoying when someone feels the need to point it out on every post that isn't OC Chivettes, etc..

    • Danny

      I saw it on YouTube two days ago.

    • The Buck Show

      So what idiot.

    • Yeah Guy

      Go jump off a bridge

    • yarks

      this is bullshit, gotta be fake. nobody can be this stupid.

  • Thomas Jackson

    Someone please keep this twit from breeding.

  • Tava

    Find her!

    • Wolfpack Steve

      Please don't… Her brain is traveling well over a mile per minute.

      • Lupus

        whack it in half bro.

    • Joe Q?

      The most amazing thing is that with her crazy logic her first guess was 58 minutes. Amazing.

    • LucretiusCarus

      Apparently she's in Logan Utah or thereabouts. They teach those Mormon girls math real goodwise, huh? Go find her!

      I've been to Logan–interesting place. The 7-11 closed at 10, they assumed my coworker was a Wal-mart worker, presumably because she wasn't white, and I tried to get beer at the bowling alley only to get the response, "Sir, this is a bowling alley. We don't serve beer here." WTF

      Utah–not like the rest of us.

      • Brigham Smith

        It's the Utah Paradox …. beautiful women everywhere and most of them are deep as frisbees.

        The question becomes 'Who is dumber? This girl or the dude that married her because she's pretty?'

    • Smurf_taint

      So she can be sterilized!

    • Ryan

      Well, his name is Travis Chambers. Hope that helps.

    • E Davis

      Yes, do find her… so we can have ourselves a public execution. Or at least fix her so she can't breed.

      But seriously now, please someone reassure me that this is a joke. I will kill myself if I do not receive confirmation that this was some sort of fabrication – within 30 mins.

  • Carl

    If that isn't true love then I don't know what is.

    • fed


    • whyme1973

      She must be awesome in bed.

    • Nick

      That man is an absolute champ. How does he deal with that?

    • burr

      But I can totally see her freaking out about everyone who makes fun of her on the internet. And then getting a divorce.

    • Nick


      • Mike

        Found the next husband guys

    • Josh

      I love this girl for trying so hard.

    • Thibodeau

      Her folks are like- huh, uh. She's YOURS now, dude.
      Can you imagine trying to explain how a 3 way switch works? We would have warp drives by then.

  • Wee Jimmy

    'Guesstimating', the second she said that I lost all hope in the human race.

    • Frank

      I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

    • Bender

      We're boned.

    • bss

      you sir are a dumb ass because that is actually a word

      • swick

        Now i have lost all hope for the human race. Guesstimate is actually a word…sir

      • Calm

        There's nothing wrong with the word… I use it plenty, and I have post-graduate degrees. While it might be a silly contraction, it gets the point across which is what matters.

        • Simple Simon

          It is NOT a contraction! You wouldn't say, "I'm guess estimating." It is a portmanteau of synonyms, like ginormous combining giant and enormous, but not actually changing the meaning. Guesstimate makes you sound like a moron. Just say guess. Or say estimate, if you want to sound smart. If you really have even a graduate degree, much less the posts you claim, you have just confirmed my decision to lose hope in humanity. Thank you.

    • HiGhOcTaNe21

      i can't believe you and 143 other people don't know that 'guesstimating' is a real word….that makes me lose hope in the human race…

  • Statan

    Wow. Remember gentlemen; you're dating her to fuck her, not to listen to her. She's a keeper. Just remind her to breathe frequently.

    • baconpie

      If you think that airhead is a keeper, then you need to have your head examined….you must be dumber than she is.

      • Ned_Plimpton

        Word of advice, banonpie…. If you want to live a happy life, don't marry a woman as smart or smarter than you.

        This guy is doing it right. She's a keeper. And she's hot.

    • reflexdiving

      Must be Great in the sack!

    • gerry

      hay dip shit, he said she was his wife. this guy is living proof that if you set your sights low enough you will never be disappointed. looks don't last, but a beautiful mind will make her gorgeous for life. grow up little man.

      • Statan

        Stop fooling yourself. Life is just a series of meaningless, albeit dazzling flashes in the pan. If you're not living for the short term goals, you're missing all the best the world has to offer. Just look at Wall Street. Tops in that is banging hot vacuous chicks and sleeping in the immense pile of blow you bought with the dividends of your ill-gotten hedge fund that made a few hundred people homeless.

        • Mike

          Shouldn't you go occupy something other than the Chive?

      • Scout

        Yes, but obviousy she doesn't exactly have a beautiful mind. Unless beautiful means failing every science class ever taken.

    • jhf60

      Alright now … so maybe her elevator doesn't quite go to the top floor; but frankly, I don't see that as any reason to maintain that this fellow is "dating her to fuck her." To me, that kind of treatment doesn't come across as very Chiver-like to me. Give the girl a break. She seems to be quite sweet and sincere. I hope she doesn't end up by seeing this posting. Frankly, this is one time when I feel that these condemning comments were made by some immature jack-offs. May someone be saying such things about your wife, girlfriend or sister; how would you like it?

      • shelless

        restored my faith in men

  • danbob

    he married her for her genius.lol

    • Backseat Chiver

      He married her…so…which one is dumber?

    • Johhnyslappingham

      Not married long after he posted this. He shouldve thought about her bewbs before he decided to get smart and post this. rookie mistake

    • TheAutomaticMan

      It's videos like this that make everyone else, assume that Americans are morons. No one ever gets to see the videos of smart people. They're not entertaining enough. The movie Idiocracy is going to be a true story.

    • Bob

      Wow… Just wow. Get her on Jepppurdy….

  • Justin Gayackett

    These young people will be running the world in 20 years, watch out!!!!!!!!!

    • Simon K

      Nah, don't worry. Not these ones.

    • bewbz

      spoken by an old fart, I'm sure ~bewbz

    • brett

      They're mormon, and one of them is running for president. so it wont be 20 years from now, its all ready happening.

      • Cantaloupe

        Yea, Mormon is so much worse than the other brands of stupid Christian

    • bill

      Hope she doesn't have children. The kids might say their cold and she'd probably put them in the microwave to get warm.

      • Okuma

        No one who doesn't understand how to use there/they're/their should be insulting anyone's intelligence. You learn that shit in first grade. Are you smarter than a 5th grader? How about a first grader?

        • bill

          sorry I went 2 public school in Umerika

          get a life douche bag, go suck a bag of dicks!

        • banananah

          you know there are other countries outside US…

      • GrammerNazi


    • Chuck


    • mybrainhurts

      They might be running the world in 20 years, but be careful, she might cut that in half and in only 10 years she'll be running the world in 20 years.


    • Lupus

      The world will end in 2012…..so, yeah i dont think we'll even see 20 years.

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    Don't you ever, ever leave this woman. The manipulation possibilities are endless.

    • Ten

      She also believes that his dong is 10".

    • DDD

      Yes dear , its Idaho law that a married woman is required to make her husband a sandwich and get him a beer whenever he asks, true story…

      Chelsea, we HAVE to do ANAL so you wont get pregnant….

      Chelsea, its good for your skin, now rub it in…

    • Backseat Chiver

      Best response yet. However, for me they do not overcome the insanity I would slowly develop.

    • ddd

      why do people tape stupid shit like this

      • ShakeyTheMoyle

        It's the first tenet of the internet….thou must humiliate others!

    • BType13X2

      he told her she was pregnant she married him manipulation complete.

    • Verus87

      best comment without a doubt lol

  • Unfkngblvbl

    I have no sound at work, but watched it anyway, for some reason. Without sound, she looks like a total moron.

    • Master_Rahl

      sounds even worse. I think she's smarter with the sound off.

    • Bud

      The sound is not going to affect your initial impression.

    • Bruno

      wait till you hear it with the sound off… she's definitely gonna blow your mind hahahahahaha

  • mike

    She may be dumb but I bet you she can Fuck his Dick off. But god she’s dumb.

  • craiger

    literally wrong on sooo many levels…where to begin?

    • shralp

      Just give her the Distance = Rate x Time equation and watch her head explode.

    • Hugh


  • amazed

    holy cow – great troll??? that was painful to listen to

    • That guy...

      This is like the Blonde Version of "David After Dentist"

  • pdub

    the joke’s on him, he’s married to her…smh

    • MattyDeuce

      He goes to bed with that though, and you would love to do the same. He is absolutely doing it right.

      • Backseat Chiver

        Plenty of girls, who are multiple times smarter than her, are just as or better looking.

        My wife included. We both had a good laugh at this…

      • vvv

        I am sorry but you are being a bit dull…
        If you really would marry a hot but stupid person (i.e. a person who you will not really be able to have any meaningful or interesting conversation to) you must be quite young.

        Hot does not trump interesting to spend time with in the long-run .

        For a one-night stand – hell yeah.
        For marriage – you will get bored very fast.

  • Phillip

    First….I think… This is awesome HAHAHAHA

  • Dveith

    That was painful to watch. At least she managed to dress herself, maybe?

  • Martina

    Omg. I’m laughing my ass off!!! She’s a gem! Lol

  • http://twitter.com/Kentholio @Kentholio

    It seems all cute now, but i'd bet they were divorced before the road trip was over.

    • LucretiusCarus

      No way. They're Mormon (probably). They mate for life.

  • wat

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

    • http://www.thechive.com AdamBaldick

      good one

    • MonkeyMadness

      We don't want you to, either.

    • Danny

      Join the three other people who posted the same comment before you.

  • Shnooda

    Sad. Just sad.

  • socal dude

    Makes sense to me. However how long would it take to travel 88 miles and 88 miles per hour?

    • sadman

      If your flux capacitor is calibrated correctly, you could arrive before you started.

    • Martin McFly

      the answer is 0 minutes if you're trying the DeLorean with a Flux Capacitor.

    • Alex

      I would say… 1955…

    • derp

      why the fuck would i want to go back to 1955????

      • andfukyamoms

        umm to be rich as fuck

    • pawn

      cut it in half and times it by the tire rotation of 400 rotations per mile….3 days

    • DiamondXP

      If by any chance your in this situation and you run out of Plutonium or your Mr. Fusion is on the Fritz. You can always harness the power of lighting for 1.21 GIGAWATTS of electricity to do the trick.

      • Frank Dogg


    • Lupus

      I'd say cut it in half. Thats what I would do.

      • thatniggawitagun

        damn like 50 replys in less than a min

    • Ian

      at 88 mph, you wouldnt go anywhere, just back in time.

  • Cup O Java

    I'm guessing he didn't marry her for her brains

  • Jimbob Jones

    I mean, my god..

  • lexchiver

    Good thing she's pretty because with a brain like that she's doomed.

    • blastbee

      ha ha you mean Domed!

    • bungholio

      haha shes not always gonna look like that…hes screwed!

  • Matze

    in germany we have the saying : Dumm fickt gut = Stupid fucks good!
    so lucky dude 😀

    • derp

      in germany u have the fritzal minuver

      • Matze

        ok no idea what that is even goggel doesnt know 😦 but fritzal is a town in germany

      • dave

        It's "Fritzl", and he was from Austria.

    • Bud

      Well that settles it, I'm moving to Germany. Their sayings are far better than ours.

      • Brutal Deluxe

        And their pornography is far weirder

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