Daily Afternoon Randomness (51 Photos)

Say hi to Sara on her Twitter Page and she’ll say hi back.

And thanks to Attack of the Show for being a generally awesome program.

  • stanley

    #30, #31

    sit tight, I'll be right over. I have a bus

    • labatanga

      props for not saying…First.

    • xTUNAx

      Fuck Chive, half of the pics up there are attention whores. Boring.

      I'll have to take a break from your site for the first time since Jan 09 😦

      • Dan


        • Westy


      • DanforReal

        What's so bad with some fine girls wanting to show us their attributes? It pleases us because we like to see it, and it pleases them to show it because it makes them happy and desired.

        Everyone happy? Yes


    #13 Even though there a lot of extremely beautiful women on DAR today. I really really want MOAR of this!!!!

    • TiminPhx

      I had said the same thing to myself…of all the great pics today, this was the one that got my pulse racing…

    • MSG

      My buddies and I had an idea to do a cone-only restaurant about 10 years ago. Sorta wish we had gone through with it.

    • BiGGyT

      I believe it needs the "mother of GOD" added to it.

    • Lev

      It WILL burn your mouth.

    • nick

      K! Pizzacones in NYC… they're closed for good.

      • MacNCheesePro


    • Col. Lingus

      He put the other Pizza in a Cup guy right out of business…..

      What movie is this line from????

      • Holmespump

        Actually, he ran the old Cup O' Pizza guy out of business.

      • cincity

        The Jerk…Steve Martin

    • P Diddy

      I just google-imaged Pizza Cone and threw on some Barry White. There's goes my day.

  • forrester

    #50, #51

    She was already my favorite Playmate, I guess this one goes to 11

    • asdfg

      i was expecting less clothing… but that'll do

    • http://twitter.com/Manningn @Manningn

      Oh hells yes I will be watching AOTS today!

      • El_Hefe

        i wonder if it is for todays show, and if they will let her wear it

    • Adam

      Does she look like she's been bonging it up in the red pic? Or is just me? Because if she was a sexy, blonde, freckled, cosplaying, partying, gaming and STONER girl, she may now officially be my absolute dream girl!

    • MGD

      I see a bra that should be burned

    • Wheatley

      This one probably goes to 12.

  • 4t75675675


  • daily

    #50, #51

    I want to be in you

    • Sarah Jean Underwood

      Please refrain.

      • biggus dickus

        where did you go to college?

      • Jagz

        What I would do if I had 30 minutes alone with you… Who am I kidding, I'm already finished (o.0)

      • Truth

        I want to touch the hiney

      • KCCO

        If your mouth was full of me would you still say stop?

    • Rich

      Why cant all women have a body like hers?

      • Truth

        Because then she wouldn't be special, you dumb ass

    • Jack o' lantern

      You're more than a sad and a whole lot o' creepy.

  • Tim Vergeer

    #28 Love it! More Corsets!

    • Mandalor

      I vote:

      HELL YES

    • Freedo

      Corsets ROCK!!!

      • iChive

        I actually appreciate her assets more…

    • some-dude

      That shit's the bomb – like #1

    • mr donuts

      moar please !!!!!!!!!

      mouth drooling like homer simpson

    • Rebeca

      They are fabulous!!! Own several myself 😉

      • Tim Vergeer

        Please, indulge me, send in some proof 😉

      • Robert

        Pics, or it didn't happen

    • http://twitter.com/Manningn @Manningn

      Oh please Chive. Please have an entire gallery devoted to the magical corset.

      • _maxPain_

        ? oh yeah Chive more fabric and less skin pleeeaaase

    • DDD

      THeres a corset in the picture??

    • mikey

      Corsets are great! Chunky asses are not…

      • Tim Vergeer

        Chunky? That's "well formed". Better than skinny.

      • Lotus

        Get out of hnyah!

    • Jake

      I have no idea–I was to busy starying at your PERFECT tush…

      • Guest

        Turn around let's see the front!

    • danno29388

      I just want to help you out of it and then assist getting the marker off! Chive On sexy lady, Nice HUMP!

    • davo

      "why do guys think im a slut?" *posts bare arse on the chive*

    • Damian

      Corsets are the way forward!

  • mooseknuckle907

    #16 you can cut diamonds with those

    • Smithers

      Holy nipples Batman!

    • United State of ME


    • (.)(*)

      one seems to need more support, or is lazy. But hey, they are boobs, so it is all good.

      • Couvs

        that could just be the angle, but keep in mind the left one's got a little more support with the top tied at that shoulder and not the other.

      • its_forge

        It's the one-shoulder shirt.

      • _maxPain_

        made me loll loll

    • truth

      or your tongue

    • Yowza

      High beams > Head lights

  • nathan

    power fisting is also my favorite sport #38


      bwahaha. I wish I though of that

      • Geno

        I wish i had even noticed that… nice catch

        • Truth

          idiot…. you missed the entire point

          • Geno

            And I just admitted that. Not hiding from that fact.

            • Truth

              Full credit for being a stand up guy…

    • iChive

      Tiger uppercut!

    • Garret

      power fisting is the reason why cheerleading can be considered sport


    #1 New meaning to "tactical nuke"

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000050683330 Hayron Dorand

      aha this picture is made in harskamp​​.
      the terrain is a major military exercise in the Netherlands

    • Bogus_Shizzall

      When the M67 frag grenade and FUCK YOU just isn't enough

    • Maui Brent

      Honey, I know you sent me to the store for milk, but they had this great sale!!!!

      • rofldingdong

        Lmao! Well done!

  • Username Taken


    They are fucking awesome as are you! Call me

    • Brandon

      You haven't even seen her face!

  • devon


    I'm sure the Chivers have a few thoughts about your corset…

    • 16inchzipper

      What corset?

  • johnboy

    who is #11??

    • james

      #11 SCROLL DOWN

    • Tricky Richard

      Should be able to google her on up under "Jana FTV"…
      Be prepared… She does a lot of stuff… mostly with girls…

    • Lunchbox

      My future wife!

    • http://thechive dave

      Better question. Where’s the bottom of this picture?

    • http://twitter.com/luckyfunk @luckyfunk
      • maboze1x

        I think I'll take my chance!

      • http://aditsaxena.com Saxxi

        Watched some NSFW,
        didn't got cought.

        Who's boss now?!

    • Derpin

      Jana Jordan, FTV girl. Likes toys. NSFW Google images aplenty.

    • HUH?

      who was in charge of cropping this! you sonofabitch!!!

    • ArchAthens

      Jana Jordan

  • nnn

    #50 caught a glimmer of hope for nudity

  • Johnny Sixarms


    • Johnny Sixarms

      Just kidding. Billionth.

  • http://twitter.com/jahrodnz @jahrodnz

    #32 MOAR!! And #28 we need more photos to see their potential 😉

    • cjuncosa

      Was gonna say, #28, Im not entirely convinced and need more evidence to really make an educated statement.

      • Tim Vergeer


  • Chet_Manly

    #6 Friggin hipsters… so ironic.

    • Lexie

      I'm pretty sure they're from the band Motion City Soundtrack (although I doubt you care…)

  • http://thechive.com ontherun1989

    I made this face #12 when I saw #2 and #11.

    • suckkka

      #2 is a DUDEEEE.

      • Tombstone

        Prettiest man I ever saw – Curly Bill

  • DereK 8 []

    #29 Soooooo Awesome, I want one

    • milly

      And he shall be called Stampy.

      • DereK 8 []

        Yes,, only if Bill and Marty could give me something stupid. Or 10Grand:)

    • Katie

      <img src="http://i39.tinypic.com/1jb1p4.jpg&quot; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

      • Zan

        Are you sure this water is sanitary? It looks questionable to mee!

  • @bdaley84

    #28 what corset?

    • mikey

      …the red one above that fat ass…

  • levon


    if you ever want to pass the time, google Sara Jean Underwood naked yoga

    that video deserves to be recognized by the Academy

    • Charlie

      I feel ashamed to know what you're talking about.

    • Schteeve

      Damn you, sir.

      • Sarah Jean Underwood

        So awkwardddddddd.

        • Sarah Jean's dad

          indeed it is awkwarddddddd

    • Dylan

      You are a scholar and a saint. Thank you

    • mittens

      Thumbs up for awesomeness. Naked playmate yoga is relevant to my interests.

    • gorditogeorge

      Thanks, levon you just made my day!

  • Nickincollege

    #32 Why apologize?

  • Joe

    #32 Good policy!!!

    • mr donuts

      omg this is my kind of girl. love when they strut around in a thong only

    • Gallus

      Do you see the gap? Do you see that lovely, marvelous gap? I hope someone posts this pic next week for "mind the gap."

  • jasonsapunka

    #22 That guy is a douche.

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      He also died. Twice meow.

      – Dammit, have to wait for october meow.

      • Kitten

        For once, Paula, you have read my mind and actually said something that isnt horrible or troll. You ma'm are awesome

        • Daith_Lee

          Whoa…slow down on the handing out of the "awesome" cards…

          • drea619

            ya be careful dude!

    • Connor Macmanus

      Rick had no choice he had to take Shane out. The dude would just not let it go.

      Season 3 is going to be great.

      • Nefaarious

        Idk, he was kind of acting like Shane at the end of the the last episode though 😦 I know you need order, but it seems like he went off the deep end

    • shad

      Doesn't matter….. Had Sex

    • Dale

      Should not have messed with Rick's old lady.

  • aaron

    #16 oh my….

    • Blake

      I don't understand it looks so warm outside

      • jim

        Warm or cold, she looks friendly!

  • http://cinemaplastique.tumblr.com MigraineBoy

    #16 Ah, those majestic mountain tops!

    • Master_Rahl

      must be cold. Thank you Mother Nature.

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