TheCHIVE is coming to Indiana University! We need campus ambassadors (16 Photos)

It is a little known fact that many of the "brains" behind theCHIVE are from the great state of Indiana. And of those genetic mishaps, several of us are also grads from Indiana University down in Bloomington (Me, Leo, Emily, and Megan). John went to nearby Hanover College.

Last year we made our first visit to the IU Campus the week before Little 500 for a meetup. We had so much fun with the Chivers there we've decided to make it an annual event. This year's mission -- Make the weekend before Little 500 into Chive 5. Our parents told us we needed to grow up and start acting our age...they only fueled our reckless immaturity.

So here's where you come in. We need is for several IU student Chivers to help us with the planning of the event, Chive ambassadors to be the go-between for us prior to our arrival. You'll be doing the scheduling and coordinating of events that will ensue on the opening weekend of the Little 500 from April 13-15. In exchange you will be destroying yourself with us all weekend with us and finding new ways to test the laws of alcoholic debauchery.

So for those brave few interested here is what we want from you to help us make an informed decision. Send a little information about yourself to me (keep it brief and to the point) at bringittobob[at]gmail[dot]com. Mention some of your organizational skills and scheduling prowess along with your level of maturity -- preferably less is more here. I will sort through the requests and pick a couple representatives to help put on this massive event.

So get crackin' and remember -- we're all counting on you. Below are a few highlights from our last trip down there for you to make fun of us for. It's OK, we understand.

  • hoosier

    i had no idea the Chivers are Hoosiers. awesome. see you guys in a month!

    • Doof

      I will see you that and raise you a beer!

  • danny


    not a bad excuse for John to go back and bang a bunch of coeds. fml.

  • james tipton


    was there last year, the chivers can hold their own with the college crowd. had a blast

  • KCCO


  • bones

    Not creepy at all……

  • IUrules

    Go hoosiers!!

    • Jim

      IU sucks! Go Purdue!

  • theChive

    We need desperate lonely losers to plan our sausage fest.

    • Dr. Evil

      Oh hai mayer's sock puppet!

      • blah blah


  • notice

    Attention all sluts and douchebags ,this is your chance to get an STD. Chive on !

  • truestory

    Keep calm and whore on.

  • Jack

    Isn't he a little bit old to be partying with college students ?
    Pretty fucking sad.

    • paul

      jealous ?

    • Doof

      You mad bro?

  • echogeo

    What's with the scarf?

  • 1911

    Chive On from Hanover College! I've worked there since '97.

    • GoHC!

      Hellz yeah! Go HC! '96 grad here. I had no idea the Chive is a product of a Hanover mind.

      See you at Louies (aka Johnnie Reb's)

  • kyle

    Just lost a ton of respect for this site. If assholes could fly, bloomington would be LAX.

    • Kyle

      and Lafayette would be ATL. Chive on!

  • lionus


  • Oscar Wilde.

    Come to USC, parties here vastly outclass the midwest. Also it's pretty close to you guys….

    • Yessirr

      Well yeah… but then they'd be at USC…

    • 6_Crack_rocks

      You honestly think USC out drinks the midwest? Not a chance in hell, USC could not party harder on a Friday night then mid west schools do on a Tuesday.

      and who the fuck wants to hang out at USC?

    • Boobs

      USC has one bar near campus. IU has dozens. Not disrespecting the school, just saying IU is a more authentic college experience

  • Jeff Albertson

    #16 Back in 2005, I passed out on a couch inside of that window with a full pizza on my chest. The owner's dog was found sitting on my chest eating the pizza. I am looking for someone who has the picture.

    • Guest

      sure, sure. don't believe a word.

    • Blah

      Cool story bro

  • Slim Mumbles

    can we stop with the scarf now?

  • hoosierman

    hell yeah! drop a line when you get here!

  • 340

    The guy in the first picture is wearing a purdue shirt. Boiler up. #1

    • Anonymous

      You can see the "OILER" of Boilermakers

      • Chanel

        pretty sure the shirt says BOILER DOWN!

      • hoosier

        I have that shirt. It says "Boiler down" with a picture of a train crashing. On the back it says "You are ugly"…because everyone knows Purdue chicks are busted.

  • etcrr`s Goat

    He likes it when i say baaaaa…. ❤

  • 0CanadianBacon0

    COME TO CANADA.. specifically Halifax

    • HungryWinnebago

      Avoid Dartmouth.

      • 0CanadianBacon0


  • jess

    hate to bust their bubble, but them cats are going to tear them up tonight!



  • Yessirr

    You'd think the crew could afford a little better beer after all the KCCO shirts they've sold.

    • kekermahoney

      seriously.. nothing's worse than regular Bud in a can

  • bless1


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