• David


    • avidd

      Why, David, why?

  • Darth Yogurt

    I find this difficult to masturbate to.

    • echogeo

      That was funnier than the video.

    • Brian

      Difficult, but not impossible.

    • Hi-O!

      Keep trying

    • Sean

      You're doing it wrong

  • GernBlansten

    Wow. People actually spent money to produce that.

  • Sticky Wickets

    This show is hilarious

  • Southern Dude

    you've got some smootchz on your jamijam

  • Anonymous

    I said bittch

  • Throttlefan

    Oh lord, what a waste of time.

  • Verbal_Kint

    I think I'll stick with Parks and Rec. BTW, when are you gonna do up some Ron Fucking Swanson shirts?

    • socal dude

      I would buy that shirt.

    • reaperMEDIC

      We demand American Bad Ass!!!

  • Hakkayo

    i really need to watch this show

  • Tacos117

    300… with more black dudes….

  • UGTP

    The first two episodes of this show were pretty funny. Loved the concept but god damn they drag every skit on way past its funny-ness… I stopped watching after wasting an hour on the 3rd and 4th episodes and being bored to death…

  • Yo Yo Ma

    Would have been better if they stopped after the first bit but they had to pull an SNL and kill the joke.

  • UKChiver

    I want those 5 minutes back.

  • judasp1

    That is the dumbest damn thing I have seen!!

  • @McBeastie666

    like your mom.

    • etcrr

      Hey McStupid go tell your jokes that only 5 year olds tell, back in your class for reatarded kids

      • Not McBeastie

        like your mom….it's "retarded" dumb fuck.

        • Luurtsy

          *yourselves; *That's; *yahoos; *not.

        • etcrr

          Check it out. Dustin Hoffman, Rain Man – looks retarded, acts retarded, not retarded. Counted toothpicks, cheated cars, autistic, sho', not retarded. You got Tom Hanks, Forrest Gump – slow yes, retarded maybe, but he charmed the pants off Nixon and won a ping pong competition, that ain't retarded. Peter Sellers, Being There – infatile yes, retarded no. You went full retard, man… Never go full retard.

        • etcrr

          You trolls are so predictable you come running to help each other, whenever you can't do better than tripping over yourself. So go ahead get all your friends (trolls) and vote me down multiple times because that's your only recourse. It certainly isn't anything intelligent to say. that's for sure.
          Here it is an hour later and I was right again. You yahoo's just can't help yourselves you think by voting me down it means I am wrong. lmao idiots it just means you are stupid enough to believe you are better, when you are not

  • ebineezer splooge

    ha black people

    • Hi-O!

      What's up with those blacks talking like whites?

  • Kyle429

    That was the most retarded waste of 5 minutes and 43 seconds I have ever seen in my life.

  • Bud

    ***sniff sniff*** Smell that? I smell sponsored bullshit.

    • Jack_LeMac

      Funny, I smelled something bitter

  • Some guy

    Dave chapelle why you no come back and show black people how to be funny again

  • Andrew

    Not the best Key & Peele sketch, but what a great show! These guys are doing amazing things with sketch comedy.

    I usually don't disagree with the majority of the Chivers, but they're way off on this on. Key & Peele are excellent!

    • Sluttypanda

      completely agree, I thought it was hilarious. Maybe just that time of the month?

    • SuckItAndres

      you sound like somebody who also likes MadTV

      • Andrew

        Actually I hated Mad TV and was hesitant of Key & Peele because of that. I appreciate good sketch comedy, and these guys are some of the best out there right now. Check out some of their sketches like "Bitch" and "Two black guys in a movie theatre" (They're better than the titles suggest) to see how good they really are.

        But hey, you might be right. It's not like I've studied sketch comedy and perform on a consistent basis. Oh wait…

        • SuckItAndrew

          Saying you "study" sketch comedy doesnt really increase your credibility. I study gourmet cuisine, it doesnt mean that my opinions on what tastes good are more relevant than yours. In fact, having grown up and lived in LA for 20 years, I have known my share of "stand up comedians" and "comedic writers." The majority were not funny and spent most of their time trying to explain how funny something was that nobody else found funny, because they do comedy for a living so they MUST know what is funny. The reality is that comedy is whatever makes people laugh, you dont need to be a professional to do it. See the part in the Borat movie where he goes to a professional humorist to find out what is funny.

          As for the sketches you mentioned, seen them, while they start with a good premise, they are very repetitive and just run the same damn joke into the ground at varying levels of absurdity. Even all of their over-acting and stupid facial expressions cant keep me interested

          • Andrew

            Actually, I'm quite sure your opinions on what taste good are MUCH better than mine because you've studied gourmet cuisine. Just like comedy, food is all about your personal preferences. You're right about the comedians and writers you know – they don't know dick about comedy if they need to explain what's supposed to be funny. Some people understand the deeper meaning of a sketch, and some don't. And most don't care beyond the surface level (most of the people posting on this thread). Just like food. Some want a deeper understand while some just like tacos. I'm not a successful writer or comedian, and I'm not explaining why Key & Peele should be funny to you. And I shouldn't have thrown out a dickish line about how I've studied comedy. However, when this thread has mostly amounted to people trolling a comedy group that is very good at comedy I feel the need to point out that most (if not all) of those people don't know shit about sketch comedy and should save most of these comments for themselves.

            In regards to those sketches, do you know the game they were going for? Do you know why it was done like that? You may not like their comedic brand, and that's fine. All I was trying to get at was that these guys know sketch comedy and are incredibly talented at what they do. And they're not overacting. It's part of the game they were going for.

            Rant over. See you around LA, bud.

            • BG.

              Are you two ladies done having your period all over each other?

              • Andrew

                I'm the kind of lady who doesn't period all over anyone. Thank you.

  • G-Unit

    This is a pretty underrated show though… Sketch comedy is tough… but some of what these guys do are good.

  • Jack_LeMac

    I thought this was pretty funny, but different strokes I guess

  • Shanks

    Didn't really find it that good….

  • StanDoffish

    it would have been funnier if it was funny.

  • Carlos

    Everyone on the internet is a critic.

    I enjoy the show. I enjoyed the beginning of this skit. A lot of people are trying too hard to speak for everyone (and trying way too hard to be sarcastic and funny).

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