• MattKL


  • etcrr

    fun and games till someone's chute doesn't open

    • Cowthang

      but if you're going to slam into the ground, a church is probably the place to do it

    • Sticky Wickets

      I would say that the same goes for actual base jumping

  • Frasier Krane


  • SoMyNameGoesHere?

    30 second commercial for a 1 min video?

    • thechevron

      Thought I was on yahoo

    • millipede

      Get Chrome with Adblock, noob.

    • guy

      yea im almost done with this site… doesnt provide shitty ads

      • gary

        shit sucks…chive on

    • If you said so...

      There are adds on the internet? Who knew! Addblock plus and noscript, done!

  • Stephen

    What the hell kind of lenses are they using jars of vasaline? Jesus this makes my eyes sad

    • bob

      infrared/nvg dumbass. its inside a church at night when no one is around. you think they would just LET them do this?

  • Oregon_country

    Stairs are for pussys

  • Sean

    That… was awesome.

  • Logicyup

    I'm all for jumping off of high things, bungee jumping, sky coasters etc.. But I prefer having a little bit more room between me and a sudden stop just in case I have an oh shit I'm gonna die moment.

    • BType13X2

      To that I say, There are good idea's, there are bad idea's and then there are oh shit my leg bones are going through my stomach idea's.

  • Pants

    I just love watching ads that are half the length of the fuckin video.

    • shnugs

      luv my firefox add blocker

    • _McCool_

      Real World Problem: Having to watch an add that is half the length of the video.

      Get a job, and quit bitching!

  • StaticFX

    Is this recorded on a VHS tape?

  • Jesus

    Was this in St. Paul's Cathedral?

    • thomaaaaas

      they tell you in the start of the fil its at koekelberg (belgium) pay some fucking attention

  • hondo

    holy shit.

  • Ben

    no in the basilica of koekelberg in Belgium,

  • TheFunhouse

    Bet any money these guys play the shit out of Assassins Creed

  • Sundevil8181


  • Jake

    I love what you did with the mobile site, Chive. 🙂

  • coinbank

    am i allowed to complain about the video quality?

    • koen

      The original youtube footage is way better.

  • lfsg

    I'm Batman

  • Da Sandman

    nice ^^ translation of his swearing after his tumble: "kiss my balls"

  • Kim

    yr fone camera sucks.

  • MikeHunt

    Awesomeness. These dudes have huuuuuge balls.

  • joe

    all these ads are going to chase me over to liveleak

  • Stef


  • nothingbutsoftball

    looks like its night vision camera and that they broke in at night. using flashlights – unauthorized of course.

  • Yuuup!

    HOLY FUCKING SHIT! How did nobody's lines get tangled or open twisted?

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