• Mac

    After browsing these photos I realized I am fucking ten times more TERRIFIED of Easter bunny costumes than clown ones.

  • Jay

    #1 & #8 Pedo Bunny City!

  • thelogic

    why do we subject our kids to shit like this? Damn near every single kid is terrified and shitting their pants! No wonder there are so many messed up people, their parents scarred them for life with freaky costumes. (Easter Bunny, Clowns, Santa Clause…..Leprechauns) no wonder we send our parents to the nursing home lol

  • MonkeyMadness

    #18 OMG! Wow! That one kid is not wearing a tie! Hahahaha, Holy shit man, that's going on the interwebs for everybody to see and laugh at!

    Seriously? What's wrong with this picture? It looks like your average family dress up get together snapshot.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #19 I see nothing wrong with this picture either. Is it because they're all wearing bunny shirts? Nothing unusual about that. It's ok for mothers and daughters to do that. Now if they were dudes, yeah, that would be odd. Sometimes I really wonder if Chive knows what's funny.

    • I_Love_You_

      LMFAO…There are christmas stockings hanging up behind them!

  • Anonymous

    My sister is #21

  • Sundevil81

    #21…yikes..reminds me of my sister

  • Chris


  • jenner1185

    #9 and #14 Sketchy bunnies scare me:(

  • Dylan

    A lot of these are from the site "http://sketchybunnies.failblog.org" but nevertheless, they are fantastic!

  • Tyler_r

    Imma get nightmares from this… Especially #17..:/

  • BigBK

    #16 much love to the Easter ferret😀

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=60715750 Adam Stanchiu

    Bahaha, this is great!

  • shnugs

    No son, Santa isnt real. No, neither is the tooth fairy or the Easter Bunny. Yes, Jesus is real son. 8


    #3 Taken by the tree uncle daddy did for us.


    #21 wins because it's ellen page

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