Chinese counterfeits so bad I actually want to buy them (35 Photos)

  • MattKL

    #13 Will have to try this to see how it measures up. Probably take a few glasses.

    • AmBush_Steve

      Actually, I think I might have been given this in Cyprus thinking it was the real stuff. When I complained about the taste of it the bartender said "Oh, it must have gone bad. We don't get many people that drink it so it must have been there a while"

    • Direthol

      you can not possible water jacky more than it is now.
      can't be that bad.
      But then again it is JohnsDaphne.

      Would someone hand me an 21year old BenRiach Authenticus Peated?

      • Hugh

        whisky snobbery ftw

        • Direthol

          You can hardly call the Standard Jack Daniels Whisky, outside of 'merica.

          • Jacksonsonson

            That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard, do some basic research on whiskey and you will find it comes in a number of different varieties. Comparing scotch to bourbon…

            • Direthol

              comparing jacky to whisky…

            • Direthol

              party drink yes.
              whisky only by definition.
              rich taste no.

              • coocoocuchoo

                shut up.

                • DRPOOP

                  FAKE AND GHEY

              • sean

                "only by definition"? you mean, it IS whiskey, but only because it fits the definition of what it takes to be whiskey? bah, that hardly means its whiskey *rolls eyes at retard*

      • JDontherocks

        Peat is dirt.
        oooooohh this has such a wonderful dirt flavor….

    • Gallus

      Would you really drink it? I'd be afraid of going blind.

      • KeepinCalm

        i thought the same – too much methanol in your faux "Jack" and your eyes are history

      • nikeeeee

        what doesn't kill you only make you stronger

        • john v.

          thanks, Kelly.

        • dawgbone

          Or a blind vegetable.

    • Freakytime

      I'm sure there's some lead in it. Arsenic at least.

  • RandomTask09

    #18: Well, finally something worse than Crocs… Corcs

    • mrjimmyos

      Of all the things to counterfeit…

  • nabA

    #12 Awesome. Enough said.

    • Rian Guy

      Actually not a fake but a parody. I got a shirt just like it in high school.

    • MarkieB

      Isn't that Colin Powell?

  • etcrr

    #13 Oh boy now have some Tenderness in your whiskey

    • fuckoffetcrr
      • etcrrGet-a-life

        keep up the good work dude. etcrr comments on everything and thinks he knows it all. you have my support on stopping this clown.

        • that_ALBANIAN_guy

          Keep up the good work guy. fuckoffetcrr comments on everything that etcrr comments on and thinks he's funny doing so. You have my support to stop your support of this mime.

          • derp

            keep up the good work

          • Dennis

            you have my support to go and fuck your mother, fucking stupid ass albanian fucktard… you should stop eating so much dick

  • noegod

    #5 Pretty sure I have one of these bottles in my shower right now.

  • Random observer

    By #35 I was rooting for them to see how close they could get

    • Danno Maurer

      That website doesn't exist

  • saladfingers1

    They seem to love adidas, adadas, adddass, nevermind.

  • Wet_tosti

    In China/Japan copyright probably means right to copy!

  • blah blah

    Oh, it's a parody of prada! I see what they did there. #33

    • Hah!

      I like that

  • Chinese counterfeits so bad I actually want to buy them (35 Photos) | Funny Pictures Pro

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  • I_Love_You_

    lol a fake or a crafty ploy to advertise hmmm I wonder…

  • speakers

    #32 My cousin bought this for her child because she was told it had "the latest graphics and can play any game out there. You just need to download it." I pity the kid.

  • some bloke

    #26 I wonder if they buyers even know they are counterfeit? We can tell the difference between a genuine Heimekem, and the dutch knockoff, Heineken, but could a non-english speaker?. Imagine if your favorite brand was identified by a Chinese character – would you be able to tell if it's a slightly different character?

    • Alex

      I bet a speaker of German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Finish, Danish, Italian, Portuguese, etc. could tell the difference. So, yes, "non-english speakers" could probably tell the difference.

  • Hunter X

    Just wait until they start copying lawyers. They'll really be fucked, then.

  • MarthaJeane

    Someone should teach them the acronym for adidas. Then they might stand a chance at getting it right. Then again, after #28, maybe not…

    • 80'S Baby

      All Day I Dream About Sex..?

      • Bizzle

        Adidas isn't an acronym. Its creator Adolph Daschler didnt really like the name Adolph after that whole Hitler thing so he went with his nickname Adi plus the first three of his last name. Adidas.

  • snooze

    So this is the products of the country that will 'take-over' and 'beat' the US economically? What a joke

    • bob

      Yeah, interesting. You have Americans running a factory in China and the Chinese can produce quality products. You put the Chinese in charge with Chinese quality control and you get really shitty products.

      • DaddyD

        Wrong. There are many Chinese factories that produce high quality, high grade products under the supervision of Chinese managers.

    • Mrs_Conejo

      they are making fake electronics that the US military/contractors have purchased for defense systems as well. how embarrassing is that?!
      time to wake up it seems…

    • derpy

      you did know prior to posting that china can buy, sell and whore out the US economy in a pretty red dress prior to making that post right?

  • The Bandit

    #3…would look good next to my Sorny or Panaphonics (I should've bought the Carnivale though).
    #1…would be more fun if it said "Nuke".

  • Merica

    F***ing Chinese, wtf copyright laws….. We need a real cold war…

    • vdvcx

      dum face

    • Elan

      We need another thirty years of nothing really happening while we fight random battles in other countries?

      …Wait, isn't that what we're already doing?

  • bob

    I think I got cancer just by looking at these photos.

    • darsh


  • morebeer

    eh, close enough…

  • notawittyname

    #8 is made even better by the mcdonalds fry box.

    • rob

      Almost surprising that it comes with real coca-cola.

    • thedude325

      And the apparently cat meat patty

  • Gallus

    Okay, #13 made me laugh. But I sure as hell would never drink any of it!

  • fasteddie82

    #12 is shopped I think…

    • Anomanom

      It's a parody but it's real. I've seen those before.

  • Loyal_Chivette

    #29 just why?? Oh goodness.

    • Tom Haverford

      A magazine full of blurred out Asian Bushes

  • gagagafaga

    #5- shouldn't that say "no more frakes"??

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