Hot Right Now: Sh*t happens sometimes (40 Photos)

Cut to the chase: high-res Bad Ideas for the Weekend (34 HQ Photos)

  • chicago

    #29 love "the look"…
    #18 slammin' 10

  • stonewall_79

    #2 and #3 please

  • Samhedi

    #4 looks exactly like someone I "used to know". I must know who she is!

  • Samhedi

    #4 Anyone know who she is?

  • Albert Einstein

    Give it up for Ms. LeAnn Rimes (#25). Ed McMahon would be proud!

  • jomcko
  • moeshere Foxdale

    #34 A women like this would mean loving every weekend for the rest of your days….

  • WHOIS#3!


  • cpt.

    #2…hello sunshine!

  • Anonymous

    Need to rename this post they all are GOOD ideas for the weekend

  • Houdini1972

    #3 is so stunning I can't get my mouth to shut

  • sean

    id take #34 home no problem

  • jerky

    #2 sweet legs! #23 great eyes

  • bdg

    #24 Find Her Please!!!!

  • SteinTricia

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  • jig

    #25 Leanne Rhimes?

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