• StopChirping

    That's probably the best thing that could have ever happened to that kid. I've lived around hockey players my whole life and seen this happen more times that I can count. Some drunk idiot starts talking shit to a D1 or pro hockey player, gets knocked-t-f out, and their whole outlook on life changes for the better. Knowing your limitations is really valuable.

    • Macro

      Exactly. Some people go through her whole life acting like that idiot because nobody ever put them in line with a STFU-sandwich.

    • I<3humpday

      Try Brazilian Jiujitsu, man. It defiantly humbles you.

      • Bob

        First day of Brazilian Jiujitsu is unforgettable, you quickly learn you know dick about fighting. Best part of BJJ is affliction wearing douchebags don't train, if they do then they quit after the first week because their ego can't handle someone 30 lbs lighter easily handing them their ass.

      • Lev

        You can't be defiant and humble at the same time.

        • jegarrido10

          bjj is not a humble martial art… look how it begun …. by challenging every other practitioner with an enormosly arrogant attitude

          • LarsfromNorway

            I think they challenged everyone because they were dissing BJJ, saying it was NOT good enough to call it 'martial art'. I don't think they did it with an arrogant attitude, I think they were trying to prove BJJ was up to standard, trying to gain credibility. At least, that's the story I know.

      • Nateb123

        I'd be humbled too if my martial art was abbreviated to BJ-J.

      • dirtysteve99

        BJJ guys are the most arrogant loudmouths Ive seen since Krav Maga became an internet comment trend.

      • its_forge

        Yes, the first few seconds of "please get your elbow out of my nostril" is quite enlightening.

    • Master_Rahl

      That douchebag will keep talking. I know his type, he'll claim he was sucker punched and deny a real win/loss in that fight. He'll hang around people he thinks he can physically dominate, to puff up his ego. He'll never learn, but DAMN was that fun to watch.

      Like Smokey said – you got knocked the FUCK OUT!!!!

      • its_forge

        He won't be able to talk shit for at least the first week or so, until the knuckle prints disappear from his jaw.

    • Herb

      I like how the one guy tried to stat calm and reason first.

    • KO8E24

      Well said

    • Joe

      I have yet to meet a hockey player that can do anything on his feet that he does on skates. Try to hold you at arms length to punch (never works). The minute they hit the ground they stop fighting (which is even funnier – because that is when they get s..t kicked)

      • dirtysteve99

        do you fight a lot of hockey players? That seems oddly specific.

    • John Kenny

      christ how much did this guy have in him? that's not just a knock-out, this guy was loaded from the get-go. KER-POOOW!

    • http://www.facebook.com/flyguyry1 Ryan Sargeant

      love ur post

    • OzEd

      yeah same, i've hung out with hockey players my whole life too. field hockey, and mainly chicks, but god damn, they can fight!


    are you a real person?

    • Steven B

      was that someone laughing or crying at the end? lol

    • Derp

      Is it just me, or does everyone else just pity that guy? Acting like someone he is not, it's very sad.

    • lol

      I think he did something..

  • The dude

    Where's Chris Tucker when you need him.

    • salute my shorts

      I figured he would back down after Dracula took his cape off to show he was swole.

      • dirtysteve99


        • patov40

          Slang past tense equivalent to "swelled up", as in muscles.

    • Not

      You got knocked….the fuck out!!

  • dnsbubba

    Everyone needs to lose at least one fight in their lives, to know that you can, and to know that you can survive it.

    • shadowsintheclouds

      There was no fight here, just a sucker punch.

      • Jesse

        dont know if its a sucker punch when your screaming do something right into the persons face….at that point you should know whats coming.

      • aztecsfan

        How in the hell is it a sucker punch? He was pleading for the guy to hit him, so he hit him.

    • shadowsintheclouds

      A sucker punch he TOTALLY deserved.

    • black27696

      "hit me hit me hit me hit me hit me hit me hit me hit me"


      That's not a sucker punch.

    • Julie

      that hardly qualifies as a fight…. dude got what he deserved

  • Mikey

    It looks like he just slapped him, and he STILL went down like a sack of potatoes!!!

    • guest

      Yup. Not even a power punch, didn't have his back and legs into it. Imagine a boxer doing this to him. lol

      • andfukyamoms

        it was right on the fuckin button though

    • its_forge

      It's called a "hook," it's all arm and shoulder, the force comes from the velocity of your fist. You can't lay out a lot of those but once in a while they can really put somebody down. It's the usual swing you use when giving someone a "sucker punch" which is pretty much what that is there.

      • Mike

        i wouldnt go ahead and call it a sucker punch.. he should have been ready to take a shot yelling at a guy 2x bigger telling him to hit him, Thats how you get ya ass knocked out!

  • steve

    aaahhh haaaaaaa!!!!

    hilarious, serves him right the little twat

    • justin

      good use of twat hahaha

  • bruinsrepeat

    tea and fucking crumpets

    • patov40

      This could replace, "Leroy Jenkins!!"

    • OpMongoose

      I need a back story here? Where the crumpets too hard? Tea cold? A culinary mishap? WTF

  • Tai Mai shoo

    Remove that advertisement banner at the bottom of the page. It's annoying

    • Shea

      adblock for firefox/chrome 🙂

    • Guest

      Serious. It is annoying as hell. Make money some other way. Not by annoying your custoners

      • Shaun

        I'm sick of people bitching about ads. They need to make money, deal with it or shut the hell up and get AdBlock. It's not their problem if you don't know how to work your damn browser.

        • Someone

          i get that they need to make money. no problem with the other ads but these rolling ads at the bottom are fucking anonoying if you are on your phone and cant use ad blocker.

          Its a legitamite complaint that kills the usability of the site. if it was my site, Id wanna know.

        • Silly

          No ad blocker on iPod or iPhone

          • Mad JimmyD

            if you go through safari on Iphone sometimes you don't get the ad. It's a crapshoot. if you have the chive app you're outta luck. I just stopped using it.

    • Pedro

      Moron, just hit the big ass X and done….

      • orion

        Im on Android and its annoying as fuck

      • fool

        You cant when youre zoomed in dumbass. even then sometimes the x doesnt show up or close the fucken thing.iI cant see what im typing fuck thsi ad!

    • Fuck ads

      If you need to make money. Get a job. We don't need to advertise on every possible square once of unused space, whether it be online or elsewhere. Mind pollution.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=705465019 Marc Para

        Says the guy that joins us to cram as many funny and sexy pics in our head in 3 mins

        Well put.

  • Sam i AM


  • Xen002

    I would say 'dude, you just got hit by a truck'.

  • Joe

    3 reasons internet videos are awesome:
    1) Soldiers returning home to surprise their families
    2) Instigators / bullies getting their asses kicked
    3) Kittens

    • steve

      forgot porn

      • DeRaNgEd

        No just worded pussy wrong

      • some-dude

        forgot theChive

      • Julie

        porns the best part about the internet. that and LOLcats

        • realzoo

          Stop teasing us.

    • herp de derp

      i'd love to see a soldier returning home get his ass kicked by a kitten

  • Thor

    DO SOMETHING *punch* ohhh…nicee

  • Matt

    That's either fake or that kid has the worst chin ever cause that was a weak ass slap/WWE punch.

    • Plurp

      Usually the loud mouths are the weakest of the bunch. They have nothing else.

    • hoovus

      Have you ever been punched in the face like that? He was caught 100% off guard and that guy was a fucking truck. It's almost impossible to keep standing after being blindsided with a haymaker like that.

      • really?

        how the fuck was he blindsided when he kept saying hit me hit me hit me? he got exactly what he asked for. it was definitely not a sucker punch and he was definitely not blindsided. you cant be blindsided or sucker punched when you're in someone's face asking to get punched and acting like a tough guy.

        • Chris

          He was obviously drunk. He could have been blindsided by a herd of elephants.

          • Whiskey

            LMAO that is very true

        • hoovus

          Yeah he was asking for it but he sure as hell didn't have time to brace for it now did he? Watch the vid again it took a split second to land that punch. When you're drunk you don't have time to brace yourself for that. I'm sure if they were fighting beforehand and he got hit like that he'd be in better shape. All it takes is a loosened jaw to get KO'ed and a concussion.

        • dirtysteve99

          not a sucker punch, but he was hardly braced for it either.

        • its_forge

          You can be blindsided and/or sucker punched when you're a goddamn idiot and you don't expect your buddy with the bulging arms to take a swing at you after you've been yelling at him to take a swing at you for several minutes.

    • Hooka

      How can you tell how hard the punch was from where you are?? The best punches really only move about 18 inches. A short, sharp punch that pushes your jaw into a position that affects your Vagus nerve will do that.

    • Lev

      Watch out guys, we got a badass here. I bet he's super tough!

    • Bill Fucking murray

      it just has to hit the right spot and his mouth was open which makes it even easier to get knocked out. its not like the wwe real people cant take shots and shake it off

      • SARmedic

        I was going to say that too, that his mouth was open as well as getting it right on the "off" button. You know it was solid because he was stumbling for at least a minute after the hit, couldn't even stand up.

        That other dude was well over 200lbs, and hit him with a nice tight punch, and if you watch it he did swing his hips and come right off his back foot. That was a solid punch with a lot of force behind it.

        • dirtysteve99

          How can you tell how much he weighed? Can you still win money for that at carnivals?

    • dustin_b3

      Ho-OH-Ohhhkay tough guy

    • Jaba

      It's not how hard you hit or how big and strong someone is, you connect on the button like that, just about everyone is sleeping. Get that jaw wiggling and those molars chattering, done.

    • herp de derp

      brock lesnar

    • Mikehoncho

      i feel like joe rogan just commented on this 13 times

    • Bryan

      YEA…YOU'RE AN IDIOT……That was a right hook straight to the side of the head…..

  • KCCO

    Anyone else having a hard time viewing this video? Won't load in Mozilla OR IE

    • Utah Chiver


    • EasternCanuck

      Same here… its on Break.com

    • TheAutomaticMan

      >Won't load in Mozilla OR IE
      >in Mozilla OR IE
      >OR IE

      ^^Found your problem

      • Julie

        wut r u talking abowt? internat explorur is tha best browsur owt THEY'RE!!

        • TheAutomaticMan

          Haha, well put Julie, well put.

          Chive On mah lady.

    • IE sucks balls
    • RayBoogs

      use a good browser

    • f1junkie

      works just fine on IE

    • faemike55

      loaded in IE 9 no problem saw it and enjoyed the whole show

    • tanner

      join everyone in the future and download chrome.

    • Vance

      Probably cus youretring to lad them in horrible browsers

    • mark zecherburg

      Google Crome Nigga!

  • EasternCanuck

    Ask and you shall receive… he got owned…

    • Aran

      "hit me and its over" kept his promise…

  • F3n1x187

    The hell happened???

  • Plurp

    I love how the dude just looks up for a split second. You can see in his face that he's thinking "Alright enough of this idiot" and then WHAM!!! Wussy loudmouth gets knocked the fuck out!


    "You got knocked the FUCK OUT"!!!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/nbogner1 Nate Bogner

    I hope that kid later died of a brain bleed.

    • TheAutomaticMan

      Thats the chiver spirit…… asshole…..

    • Random

      Anyone willing to provide Nate with a number for an English instructor?

      • its_forge

        There's nothing wrong with his grammar. = )

    • Fisticup

      …and the most ignorant comment of the week goes to…YOU! Congratulations, wear that badge proudly.

      • herp de derp

        second place ^

    • Urcock

      What a cock

    • Just Sayin'

      And then the guy that hit him gets to go to prison with some REAL BAD MO-FOs? Yeah, that would be worth it………

    • its_forge

      I certainly don't hope that, but I hope he lost a word or two from his vocabulary. Like, now he has to think for a minute before he can remember the word "cheeseburger" or "car."

      • Noahjbird"kaKaaa"


    • Goose16

      Hey Nate…. What the fuck was that? Please do us all a favor and don't make babies.

  • hunter

    to be fair, he did tell him to do it.

    • Edd

      exactly, HIT ME HIT ME HIT ME ………… okay……. WHACK

    • exactly

      that's why i don't understand how people can say it was a sucker punch or that he was blindsided. or maybe they're just loud mouth pussies like that asshole that got knocked the fuck out….

      • its_forge

        Because it's clear he wasn't actually expecting the bruiser to do anything, is why.

        • dirtysteve99

          Still not a sucker punch. Sucker punch would require the puncher to make an attempt to hide what is going to happen.
          What we have here ladies and gentlemen, is good old fashioned idiocy, nothing more, nothing less.

  • Guest

    I am usually disgusted by sucker-punching bitches but this kid had it coming.

    • whaaaa??

      how was that a sucker punch??? the kid was asking him to punch him

      • TheAutomaticMan

        and he was looking right at him, kid had the reflexes of a retarded cow…..

    • Dan

      That was NOT a "sucker-punch"

    • the real truth

      it seems like there are a lot of idiots commenting today that have no idea what a sucker punch is

      • Just Sayin'

        Definitely NOT a sucker punch, he was looking right at him, and REPEATEDLY told him to swing. You can't be more ready than that. He was just stupid!!! If he got all up in a snake's face and said BITE ME, BITE ME, would the bite be a "sucker bite"? Didn't think so. LOL

    • dirtysteve99

      Most punches are going to be sucker punches by your definition. Generally an element of misdirection or speed is a good thing when fighting.

    • SmokinLamb

      That was NOT a sucker punch. He told him to swing (ass), he was looking straight at him, he deserved it. Kid has a mouth like Chris Tucker and reflexes of Stephen Hawking.

    • sparky

      When you're nose to nose with someone that's screaming at you to hit them and you do it's not a sucker punch man

  • passwordistaco

    Sucker punch ? Shit dished out a helping of wake the fuck up.

    • Shockteck

      Amen! After the second minute or so I was thinking I would have swung a minute sooner. This guy had patience.

  • James


  • Brodie Bruce

    You fuckers think that 'cause a guy reads comics, he can't start
    some shit!

    • nice guy eddie

      I'll fucking take all you on. snoogin.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=535930051 Mitch Andrews

        Stan Lee??

  • Saveferris

    DO SUM THIN! DO SUM THIN!!……..zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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