House life at a hoarder’s home — mother of God (36 Photos)

  • Brandon Butler

    Wow, just wow

    • nemesis

      Agreed, it's shocking to see but these are people who are suffering from some kind of mental condition. To mock them or their condition is deplorable and the other posters doing so need to take a step back. These are suffering individuals.

      • Arch

        Shut the fuck up.

        • Mehbot

          Such a devastatingly witty reply. Truly, sir, yours is a mind of subtlety to be much admired by the plebeian masses.

      • Mrs_Conejo

        self inflicted "suffering"

    • gnocco

      How is this gonna be the first world looking like Haiti after the quake…

    • biggles

      One good match, I can fix the entire problem of those people.

    • _me

      I for one am thankful that there is no "smell-o-vision".

  • If you said so...

    I think most of these are just messy rooms. You have to remember that most of these were probably found via the internet.

    • Gnole

      I agree with you….#18 #21 #25 #26 aren't more than just a messy room.

    • The TRUTH

      I think they look how I imagine most Chiver's rooms look like-Messy, disgusting, and generally void of women.

    • rich

      That's what I was thinking…I was about to ask what the difference between a "hoarder" and someone who just never takes out the garbage was. It seems like most of these are just the latter.

      • OpMongoose

        There obviously collectors and rat lovers. duh! -all the people on the show say shit like that. But we will take your kids "oh then I'm a hoarder"

    • Jason

      I work on one of the Hoarding shows and you have no idea how bad they really are. Even though you see pictures, it doesn't do it justice. Again you have noooooooooo idea how bad they really are.

    • Lisa

      There's messy rooms, and then there's rooms full of garbage, rats, and shit that are unsafe for people to be living in. That's the difference.

    • Optimus_prime

      Makes me feel better about my messy room

    • Tamara Garcia

      You are a fellow hoarder I see!!

  • Luke Talbot

    This ain't a five minute job…

    • Ryan

      with a match and a light it is, thats just plain laziness. I feel bad for the kids.

    • Rafael-RS

      try seconds

      light a match… walk away to enjoy

    • Epic Fail

      A match and gasoline = five minute job to clean up. Can't believe kids live there too, so sad.

    • PatWizz

      oh, ok so i guess i'm the only one that thinks superman is real then…

  • 2Dogs

    Looks like whatever pets they had in there had explosive diarrhea

    • GernBlansten

      There is actually a cat hidden in each picture.

      chive, thanks for sparing us some of the messier bathrooms.

    • saltygary

      If you have ever seen the show, the ones with the cats usually have dead cats buried under trash in the house. So the clean-up crew will find just fur and bones or decomposed bodies. Its really effed up.

      The lady in #23 was wacked. She wouldn't get rid of year old yogurt in a extra fridge. She truly thought it was still ok to eat and refused to get rid of it.

      When you want to feel better about your situation watch those hording shows.

    • JarikCBol

      'Been feeding that Cat for 10 years! Turns out he'd died 4 years ago, never knew it. found his mummified corpse under a stack of newspapers!'

  • @Dabooshy

    Kinda curious as to how this is on the Chive.

    • greatodinsraven


    • Ken

      @Dobooshy – just because it's not scantily clad women you will never ever ever get to talk to?

      The Chive posts a lot of random things – a guy who build toothpick sculptures, some dumbass bully getting knocked out, expensive yachts – and weird stuff like this.

      I love you man, but c'mon now.

    • Red

      They posted it on the site.

  • Phil

    Nuke it from orbit!

    • MattKL

      It's the only way to be sure.

    • DaveStinson316

      Twice, just to be safe.

  • Professor America

    If I had a flamethrower I'd go nuts here.

    • 2Dogs

      A string of fire crackers would be hilarious

      • Scott

        But I just brought the 2 bunnies home yesterday!

      • bud

        you're thinking too small. try something like, a bunch of loaded mouse traps with a dab of nitroglycerin at the contact point.

    • Static

      i actually gagged a bit seeing this picture.

    • mutant26

      oh RATS…

    • _maxPain_

      The thought that this could be the back door entrance of a chinese restaurant made me throw up in my mouth a little

    • Mrs_Conejo

      funny that there is no one claiming that your comment is inhumane when it is about rats, but post a pic of a squirrel launcher and people get butt hurt…

    • @TAndrewarhol

      Charlie would have a field day with his new rat stick.

    • Frag Out!

      and run.

  • adam.adam.adam

    such a dumb and strange problem to have

    • Stu

      I'd say not so much hoarders as filthy slobs

    • Tamara Garcia

      It's called lazyAssHell syndrome! I have five, 5 kids and my house has NEVER NEVER NEVER looked like this, along with three dogs….NEVER…my house smells like flowers and febreeze and looks like a maid cleans everyday. Yes, it's exhausting (sometimes) but if your house is always clean, then it won't take much to keep clean!

      • Ambidextrious

        You eat a shit-load, don't you.

      • blackbird163

        obviously u have never heard of a mental disorder and OCD, have you? thats what these pple suffer from. To call them lazyasshells is just really ignorant.

  • Trav1121

    #36 There is a homeless guy buried in there!

    • Martin_McFly

      hoarders gonna hoard

    • tapsnapornap

      looks like he has a home to me!

  • Phil

    Dammit Chive. you should have had a hot girl post both sides of this to make up for butchering our eyes.

  • Kahless


    Hoarders of Hamelin

    • IndyMN


  • MattKL

    Some of these are just disgusting.

    On the other hand, they all make me feel a lot better about my only slightly messy apartment.

    • Kzo

      Exactly, I feel like i am Dexter when i see this!

  • Spas

    #25 looks like a petting zoo
    #26 looks like after an insane party =)

  • Mad_Hittman

    I would like to know how they would react if they came home from a vacation and their houses were all cleaned up and tidy…

    It would probably go back to this in a few months 😦

    • Herb

      They go psycotic. This is a serious mental problem, without help, they will make it worse.

  • Marty

    im a police officer, and have been to many houses that are like that…not to that extreme…but very similar….you cannot imagine the smell that comes from a place like that…and getting into a fight and rolling around in that mess is horrible

    • SmokeyMorgan

      Also an officer here. Only thing you don't see in these photos is the millions of insects swarming in these homes. I have literally gone back to my station after leaving one of these and showered……twice. While taking my uniform off, I have found insects in my pant legs and under my vest.

    • Tamara Garcia

      You guys are the salt of the Earth. You guys need to be paid waaaaaayyyyy more for the ish you put up. I hope you guys aren't republicans because you would have been if weren't for the bill they shot down….God, to have to go into this….I salute you guys. But, I used to a Home Health Aide and believe me, I have seen this type (not as extreme, well, maybe) of mess before and I have never went back…can't take anything home to my kids and hubby…..GOD DAMMIT!

      • Ambidextrious

        I hope you don't vote.

      • @Z_Triple_T

        What she's trying to say is, "you guys are awesome. KCCO, and thanks for keeping us safe."

    • reaperMEDIC

      I work in a ghetto area as a fireman…. it is disgusting how MANY people live this way. The worst thing is, they almost always have pets that are obviously not cleaned up after, and the resulting smell stays with you the rest of your life. What's even more awesome is seeing all of the rats and roaches trying to get out when the house is on fire, I don't know how many windows and walls I've seen covered in roaches.

  • sean

    nobody noticed that #15 is a kitchen so bad the trash is overflowing from the floor to the counters..? easily the only one that made me at all surprised

    • JJJJ

      I want to know how it gets to that point, do they just stand at the edge and start throwing stuff in at some point? BLECH!

      • sadman

        They can still walk on it and squat down to access the stove. This room is 90% full (optimism?).

  • N8orius

    The girlfriend made me watch an episode of "Hoarders, buried alive" and the 1 she randomly decided to have me watch with her cover a story of 2 older ladies living in a sty like some of the one's above, one of the older women hadn't been seen for a couple of months, and when the place was court mandated to be cleaned out, they found the missing lady, or rather a mummified corpse of the missing lady, crushed under an avalanche of old magazines.
    Chive, why did you post this? Trying to KCCO.

    • South of the south

      It's like a tragic comedy, in a way. Unfortunately this problem is more common than we might think.

    • jduceii

      'Made you watch'? Man the f^ck up!!

      • N8orius

        Watch out everybody, looks like we got ourselves a Badass over here!

        My apologies, I guess I should have opened with, "I was watching TV with my girlfriend of 5 years, we live in an apartment, and it was her turn to pick a show, so she picked Hoarders and I watched it with her…"
        But I figured people with common sense would have gathered that without so many words, and for that I am sorry sir.

  • Bane

    This Is how imagine Paula would live happily.

    • MariaSky100

      Where is she, by the way?

      • Anonymous

        Hopefully under a pile of magazines or empty tuna cans.

      • Paula_

        Enjoying my lunch (see #31). That furry thing on the floor is my foot.

        – care for a free drink?

        • MariaSky100

          Bon appetit…

  • C_Bush

    And this my friends, is why you find yourself a wife.

    • Lil John

      Dude… if you live like this, only someone as disgusting as you is gonna marry you.

    • DoC

      Women are either just as bad or worse as horders.

  • herp de derp

    these people should be jailed for child abuse / animal abuse. jail would also cure their "disease". can't hoard when you have nothing

    • Julia

      It's a mental health thing, not a intentioned criminality thing. They need help and treatment (including meds, if necessary.) for their illness, not incarceration. That being said, children need to be removed for their own physical and mental safety, and having them removed may spur the parents, with proper support, to get the help they need.

      • DoC

        Institutionalized = Jail + treatment. I've watched the show "Horders", you can see in their eyes just how crazy they are. Some of them really need to be in a mental institution anyway, but when you do this to your kids, it's criminal neglect and abuse…makes me sick.

    • stonewall_79

      They need to get a shoot in the head.

    • Cori

      In nearly all of the stories on hoarders, which is where most of these pictures are from, the person with the problem had a tragedy in their lives. They fought it until a terrible thing happened to them. Jail might separate them from their things, but they need therapy to deal with the issue that caused the breakdown. Also, those with kids seem to seek out help once losing their kids becomes a real possibility.

      I watch because I see myself in these people, I know that if I don't take steps today, I'll be just like them. Kind of preemptive therapy, but I worry it won't be enough.

  • RealZoo

    Why bother trying to clean it up………just torch it.

  • griz

    I used to work at a foreclosure field service. Dealt with a lot of hoarder properties that are equal to, if not worse, than these. Clean up sucked.

    • AJG

      me too, shit sucks huh

  • bukssna

    And people live here?????? D:

  • South of the south

    #21 ooohh Subway. Now am hungry.

  • spicticus

    #25 We should introduce this hoarder to the crazy cat lady. I'm sure the cats will have a lot of fun.

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