Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • BabyFart Magizax

    #48 OMG stunnning !!! Get her a shirt!!!!

    • Brian

      I'd like to see a better view of that hump.

    • The Truth

      and then take it off of her!!!

    • stonewall_79

      Agreed is for the good of all of us!

    • LucretiusCarus

      I'm sure her bf will be very appreciative of how she shows her appreciation…

      • STFU

        haven't you been told to STFU enough for one day???

        go away. bye.

        • BostonChiver.

          Troll, go home.

    • fingerscrossed

      get him a shirt* take away hers

    • KCCO

      I want to suck on your sweet tittie

    • Dirty_Dingus

      She's hot…and she can take a clear picture of herself. Make her Chivette of the week!

    • Cecil

      let her buy her own damned shirt just like every other guy or girl that comes on the site.

    • Jon

      For the love of all that is holy give her a shirt!!!!!!!!

    • KyleGamgee

      I don't know know how she can show us more than she already has…

      But I'd REALLY like to see her try. #48

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1516570985 Jeramie Nye

      yes get her a shirt.

    • sean

      he doesn't really need a shirt because from here he already seems like he is lucky enough but I would like to see more.

    • Red

      My God, some lucky bastard is getting some of that…

      • i live rooster

        and sone bastard is still sick of her shit.

    • DB Conor

      No, you fool! She can show more… What about the gap, and the hump, not to mention underboob and sideboob! Where are you priorities?!?

      • Hassel Shattnerhoff

        all I want to know is, what did you do with that money?! WHERE'S THE CASH DB??

        • boll

          this is not the db you're looking for

    • Caleb

      I have to be honest with you…you're wicked hot but fuck, get the people that are attempting to earn a shirt by 'adding to cart at 9:00:02' and being told "no more stock".

      But please, boobs.

      • StrictlyAnnoying

        Receiving sexy pictures in turn for a t-shirt? Sounds a bit like prostitution to me.

    • Repene

      Holy Chive, she needs her own post.

  • jbob

    ^^ this guy is gay

  • pickleman77

    #48 Holy hell…

    • stonewall_79

      Get her a damn t-shirt quick before is too late!!!

      • ronnydump

        we all want to see her appreciation!

    • pickleman77

      It's her boyfriend's birthday, but we get the present!!

    • Xhemial

      The boyfriend is a lucky guy

    • Gotta be fresh.

      She's got some HAIRY arms, which generally indicates higher testosterone levels and thus a hornier woman. Add that to her slamming body and good lord!!!!

  • triplecap

    #19 – Congrats! Let us know if he's able to KCCO.

    • http://engineering.com JB11

      you're telling me this girl didnt know she was preggers. I could have told you that lol

      • HatBomb


      • Captain Obvious


      • leen

        That is what I thought!

      • its_forge

        Fuckhead. Bellies are cute. Grown up guys love bellies.

        • Wrong


          • its_forge

            Up yours, idiot; I've seen more pussy than you'll ever dream

            • BostonChiver.

              Keep it coming with that keyboard courage…oh and having a VIP seat at the strip club doesn't count.

              • Frank Lee Behonest

                neither does seeing it on the internets

                • https://www.facebook.com/mrsharrisonford Erin Kolks


              • its_forge

                Yeah no. Only been to a strip club like twice in my life; that's like going to a casino. Go in with a certain amount of money, leave with nothing, but had a nice time so no great loss. Screw that. Thing is, see, you get a lot more pussy by being like me than by being an asshole jock douchebag. Just one of those things. Sorry about your penis.

                • BostonChiver.

                  You're talking a big game on the…internet…sunshine. I'm of the assumption that you got a good streak in college and those were your glory days. I'm not a jock, maybe a bit of a bro…and the penis comment makes me think you're 12 years old mentally. Don't feel like you need to defend yourself to me, because I seriously DGAF how well you do.

      • Yup

        Rather, I think the answer is obvious as to why she didn't find out she was preggers earlier. The bigger mystery is how she got pregnant with a gut like that.

        • Youreanasshat

          Are you fucking kidding me? You, sir, are a total fucking prick. She's goddamn adorable.

          • Wrong


      • DCD

        Actually yeah JB, I was thinking the exact same thing. Most inattentive husband ever then. haha!

        • TheDumbHurtsMyEYE!


      • She'sNotFat


    • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane

      All the best congrats….

      But yeah, I'm hoping I'm not alone in thinking this is not the way I'd want to find out news like this from my spouse….

      • ctr

        This is exactly what I was thinking. My first reaction would be complete joy if we were indeed trying, but then I would be pretty pissed that I was told via the internet for something that is suppose to be so special. Being unable to embrace your loved one knowing your life is forever going to be different. But that's just me.

        • Patches

          You guys don't get it – getting on a website is waaaaay more important than any feelings her husband may have. I'm sure he's happy that millions of random strangers (and possibly some friends & family) were told about this before him.

          • CarlosMenciaRulz

            Yup, she can join the long line of "chivette" attention whores.

            • thisguyisawful

              oh god, you should end your life

              • patov40

                Agreed, but maybe we shouldn't blame him. If he likes Carlos Mencia it probably means he stole the comment from someone else. :p

      • Armorcladinosor

        ^ This

    • Frank Lee Behonest

      well, is he going to freak out because your are 6 weeks pregnant and he has been deployed for the last 12 weeks?or is it some other reason?

    • james

      Congrats! My first niece was born this month and she is a blessing! Bless you and your kiddo!

    • DaveStinson316

      Kinda expected this post to draw out the ass holes but holy pipe bombs Batman, there's a hell of a lot of people that need to KCCO and not be little bitch trolls. Grats on the kiddo on the way, hope all works out well for your family…

    • Mike

      From a dad that's expecting and already has a 5 yr old, that's a awesome way to find out. Best of luck to the 3 of you, kcco is the right state of mind for the upcoming excitement.

    • laelow

      Congrats, and KCCO !

  • http://www.thechive.com Jared S

    #26 and #45 hi…i chive too…

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/ADHDavenger13?feature=mhsn Firefighter23

      Chiving and driving? Also not wearing a seatbelt? *facepalm*

      • Skermitt

        That's what I was thinking, super cute, but driving and trying to take a picture of yourself and upload it to the internet while driving with no seat belt on? I'm terrified for all those around you on the road.

        • the TRUTH

          Lemme know if you guys get their numbers k?

    • who cares

      I just hope she only kills herself when she crashes, stupid bitch. And that goes for all you assholes that think surfing the internet or texting while driving is okay. Fuck you all.

      • bob

        yeah, agree. makes me very angry that the cops don't pull these people over. and yeah, i don't care if they kill themselves, i just don't want anyone else to get hurt in the process.

        • Jen

          whoa, lets all calm down here. maybe she is parked? if not, yes, she is an idiot. but wishing people would die? wow

          • rob

            Why don't you just shut your whore mouth?

            • Always Last

              ^^^ Thank you internet Police now, STFU you pompous asses.

  • 650

    #4 Chive, dive in…

  • Alan

    FIRST !!!!!

    • monkey

      go shoot yourself.

      • Alan

        challenge excepted

        • Alan


          • BaconMilkshake

            Please see #27

    • http://twitter.com/BillKingOC @BillKingOC


    • Pit_Boss

      Epic Fail!!!

    • Ali Ackbah

      Fuck Off with this shit, captain douchebag.

    • Dr. Evil


      • Dumbeaner


  • Brightbarbie

    Challenge accepted

    • cowboyroy

      challenge completed

      • lordastral

        Many are the times I have finished a paper at 7:30 in the morning the day it was due. And had started it at 2:30am after the bars had closed

  • dazisafag



    • HatBomb

      She must be cool, many a man would end up in the doghouse for sending this in.

    • KyleGamgee

      Yeah, I'm not sure about that "good laugh" bit.

    • yodaddy

      Yeah please send in pics of the beating she gives you for this!!!

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      With all due to respect to the husband, I think I might be in love with this woman.

      • rihughes

        I'll bet she really appreciates all those fucking dogs crawling all over her.

        • SJay

          She's probably so high on pain meds all she can do is KCCO while they run around.

    • Underbaker

      Rugby, Roller Derby, Snow Boarding, and now her shoulder is getting fixed. Your ass is so kicked when she gets out of that bed for sharing this picture.

  • Correct

    #26 photobomb hotness

    • whd

      definitely need to find the bomber

      • hunter

        all ready found

        • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1342407079 Tricia Marie Rollo

          Hahah hello hunter!

          • ken

            Front is smokin' too!

            • https://www.facebook.com/the.thomas.lenz Thomas Lenz

              who is the girl in the front?!? I want to meet her!

              • Wade

                The front is my dance partner and the bomber is my girlfriend!

              • Nemo Hoes

                Morgan Epperson

  • Lisa

    #6 Turtle, you are drunk….

    • Spelling People

      In my country we spell it "tortoise" and yes I realize #27 applies to spelling as well

    • Lowrent75

      Oh Tortoise, why you so crazy?!?!?!

    • mitter78

      Ok..I don't wanna be THAT guy. But, that isn't a tortoise. It looks like a large snapping turtle actually. Regardless…he doesn't give a fuck.

      • F.S.M.

        You are correct. That is a North American Common Snapping Turtle. Alligator Snappers have shorter necks and spikey backs as adults. Both species can climb like squirrels. A chain link fence is no obstacle. I had one as a pet for years. They are awesome creatures.

        • Mr cool

          Cool story bro

    • jeff donuts

      hahaha badass turtle

  • Steve

    #21 happy birthday from the chivers…..

    Does this count as an act of kindness?

    • Dakota

      tell her on facebook… katy puckett

  • zach

    #4 wow your so beautiful. Chive on from CO

    • Goodnuf@hotmail

      * you're #27 Oh, great.

      • Pat_Bateman1

        Hahahaha Goodnuf, was thinking the same thing. Plus # is a smoke show

  • dazisafag



    • wow!

      yoda after darth leaves…: "That place… is strong with the dark side of the Force. A domain of evil it is. In you must go."

    • peanut3603

      I didnt think the chive showed titties…… Wish they woulda posted a better pair tho….. titties

    • Pumpmyer

      May the farts be with you

    • Kuato


  • I_am_golf_c0m

    #37 Oregon Trail 2012

    • Just guessing

      I swear this looks like I-75 in Atlanta…

    • Patrick

      I would lock the wheels and float down the river with the help of Indian guides.

    • Mikehoncho

      great reference

    • SJay

      "You have died of dysentry"

    • 6_Crack_rocks

      wagon is looking a bit low on food, need to go hunting.

      also never ford the river, your kids always float away

  • Bickle

    #48 MOAR!

    • Patrick

      So would she be a whore for getting naked for a payment of sorts?

  • Swizz Mac

    more fit girls chive!

    • bob

      Go out and find one you ugly virgin!

    • 650

      Did you see that shit Instagram is pulling in the Best Links section today (COED mag. link)??? FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU…………

    • Poke4Life

      Yes Please!!! A Jamie Eason post would be much appreciated, as well!

  • BabyFarts Magizax

    #36 OMG MOAR!!!!

    • Terrence

      She must have had Taco Bell.

      • Chet_Manly


    • GrayDog

      This model is Kelly Ouzounoglou.

  • Tom

    #1 Donkey, carry Shrek.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=511843973 Robert Parsons

      that was a drunk night for me….so much fun stuff went on that night 🙂

      • ImpressMe

        Drunk on your ass again?

    • Jake

      Donkey in Background: "Threeway — sweet!"

  • El_Capitano

    #42 – I find your lack of clothing disturbing…

    • Ned_Plimpton

      You forgot to say, "YAAARRRRRR!!"

  • Gumbo


  • Couvs

    #18 i'm sure must be shopped but if there was ever a skillet with the hilt of Ice as a handle, I'd SO want it!

    • Cecil

      Only if it's anodized or cast iron, none of that chinsey Teflon shit.

      • its_forge

        or stainless, stainless rocks

    • Aragon

      That is the only weapon the women were given back in the old days.

    • http://twitter.com/Angelic_Daemon @Angelic_Daemon

      So long as the whole thing is made from valyrian steel.

      • Whiskey


  • DrewskiDrew

    #41 KARI BYRON!! YUMMM!!

    • Jimmy

      Notice the bald one isn't in the pic. It's cause he is an asshole.

      • Bob


      • MonkeyMadness

        Maybe he's taking the pic. Who's the asshole now?

    • Underbaker

      Kari, shouldn't you be at home taking care of that baby you had last season? Excuse my ignorance here but who is the hot chick in the Punisher shirt?

      • http://www.facebook.com/AmakusA02 Ronald Ramos

        Vampy Bit Me… Gorgeous cosplay girl, look for her on FB and her website…

        • Underbaker

          Oh my gawd!! Vampy deserves her own gallery, she is awesome.

  • CarRamRod

    #19 It will be even funnier when his friends see it first and tell him before he see's the DAR

    • BritChivette

      If he's reading the DAR, chances are he doesn't have any friends in real life.

      • NeverSummer

        What does that say about yourself?

    • Skynet

      Husband won't be, FIRST!

    • ofcbarbrady

      And then again even funnier when he finds out who the real father is!!!

  • Jason Dean

    #2 – Moving day at Oprah's place.

    • Guest

      Or Roseanne.

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