• martian

    yeeee boy

    • Jay

      Am I the only person who thinks Scumbag Steve is awesome for making this? At least the guy knows how to make a joke and roll with the punches. Fuck yeah Steve!

    • Frank M

      Is he wearing rouge?

  • Todd_A

    Crap.. Now I've got "Scumbag Ste-eve, Scumbag Ste-eve" stuck in my head.. I hate you a little bit right now Chive.

    • Jesse

      I always felt a little bad for him. Figured he just had a rough night and a stupid picture got taken and now he's the posterboy for all scumbags. I was wrong…..

      Memes do come true

    • MacNCheesePro

      At least he's embracing it….

    • Anon

      Ahh come on. At least it was a bit funny. It's pretty obvious he wasn't trying to make the best song in the world.

  • http://www.countingposts.com dutch


  • Ryan

    "whos that going home with ya bitch!?"

  • Mixmaster Matt

    Who can't rap a song to save his life?
    Scumbag Steve! Scumbag Steve!
    Who's alone spanking it every night?
    Scumbag Steve! Scumbag Steve!
    Yeah you got a meme, that don't make you fresh.
    Scumbag Steve! Scumbag Steve!
    I'd slap him if I saw him in the flesh.
    You suck!

    • NebraskaGuy

      That's better than Steve's, for sure! 😉

      • elliott

        Weak at least scumbag steve is funny because he isn't serious

        • DaddyD

          And you think Matt is serious? Chill, bro …

  • noegod

    America, you need to make up for this guy asap!

    • Brutal Deluxe

      We tried deporting him to Sweden, but he claimed he wasn't from there.

      • S.Freud

        We'll make up for this douche just as soon as Canada makes up for Justin Bieber and England apologizes for Amy Winehouse,

        • Anras

          I think Canada can't be to blame for beiber, after all he wasn't famous there til america got a hold of him. I think the were planning to get him eaten by a polar bear anyway…

          • aVERYgayCHIVER

            We gave you Ryan Gosling – so EFF OFF

          • S.Freud

            He was born there. That's almost unforgivable. Poor Canada

        • mongoose5271

          Don't forget Nickleback!

        • Frank

          No. In Canada or England both those people would have died in obscurity,

          U.S.A has the blame as to why they are on my TV.

      • Swede

        ey wtf dude!
        What did sweden do to deserve that? =(

    • Scofield

      We gave the world Kate Upton. You're welcome.

    • Jlopez

      Good thing about America is you're allowed to be who you want. Even if you want to be a shitty rapper. We don't apologize for that.

      • Vince

        Unlike these other countries… fucking moron.

  • TylerG_76

    His Mother must be so proud.

    • Psully23

      Well it's obvious he still lives with her so I'm sure she's just a little proud of him

    • boobman

      Over the age of 21
      *Scumbag Steve meme*
      Still lives with mom.

  • MrCoffeeman

    Sure… we all needed a male version of Rebecca Black.

    • Cartwright

      I asked my lil bro who Rebecca black was. I haven't stopped laughing since.

    • Heh

      Webecca Bwack*

  • yoav^^^

    omg he is soo from the HOOD!

    why do white "rappers" always bring a at least 1 black dude? is it to make the clip more legit?
    so very very sad

    • http://www.kneedeepinabottle.com Navin R. Johnson

      why does he have to be from the hood to rap?

    • John Daniel

      that guy wasn't black. He looked like he was Indian.

      • Anon

        even if he was black it is more than likely just one of his best friends so why not have him in

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=654840083 Mike

      why do you have to put him together with actual talented white rappers?

  • jeremy

    scumbag steve has a meme… makes music video to get attention
    good guy greg gets a meme… chills out and does nothing

    • Jimbozo

      Uses parents' house to film video and borrows dad's college ring to use as bling-Scumbag Steve.

  • Rebecca Black

    This guy has no talent.

    • elliott

      amusing though

  • wstsdebum

    I'm not for capital punishment, but someone needs to end this. Chuck, where are you when we need you?

    • Brutal Deluxe

      We at least need some kind of testicular guillotine to limit damage to future generations

  • or do i?

    Now i want a video from all the other memes!

    • http://twitter.com/MRKCCO @MRKCCO

      Trololol lololololol lololololol Trolololol lolololol

  • h3yblinkin

    I can never get back the minutes of my life wasted on watching this song… Damn

  • KingAnon

    Him and Rebecca Black should work together

    • http://www.kneedeepinabottle.com Navin R. Johnson

      you mean like in a porn right…no? musica……nah

      • DaddyD

        A duet!! I can't wait!

  • Logicyup

    Please, make it stop.

  • C-Mo

    Is he wearing…..makeup?

    • Brutal Deluxe

      I saw that, too. At least he had the common sense to take off his miniskirt.

    • Scofield

      I think he has a bad case of roseacia…

  • Cal1

    No bad for a miming untalented retard

  • steph

    Sure the song sucks. But good on the guy for having a sense of humour enough to be able to laugh at all the fun the internetz has made of him.

    • Katie

      Seriously why is everyone hating on him. I thought it was funny and I don't think he was being serious anyway.

    • tim

      Agreed. It's fun shit.

    • saltygary

      Thought the same exact thing. Do I ever want to listen to that again? Hell no, but at least he is having fun with it instead of crying in the corner because the internet is making fun of him.

    • Kosko

      Um. That wasn't the actual scumbag Steve. That dude IS pissed. He emailed the chive a while ago. He definitely did not make this video.

      • mcfadinj

        Uhhhh, that was Scumbag Steve. You should really check memebase about it before trying to call someone out.

  • Handle

    He's like a white Vanilla Ice.

    • Sean

      He kind of looks like a fat Mac Miller

  • http://twitter.com/Speedstripe @Speedstripe

    Meh, couldn't hear anything over the Thin Lizzy I was playing…

    • Zodiac308


  • That guy

    Who is scumbag steve? This went over my head.

    • Katie


    • j_rizzo

      Don't be that guy

  • 817-chivette

    That was horrible!!!

  • Steve Hater

    There is a hierarchy of douchebaggery. Scumbag Steve is at the top. He has made it to douche lord

  • Xarion

    Scumbag Steve makes music video…Good Guy Greg thumbs up post.

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