Daily Afternoon Randomness (51 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    To pic 26, your welcome.

  • that guy

    Girls don't get friendzoned. Quit wildly throwing around terms you don't know the meaning of.

  • wackford

    #3 & #9 …pure class.

  • https://www.facebook.com/Fr33ksh0w Freek Show

    I wouldn't take her back, even if she was gold plated…

  • ghad

    #47 #48 she's hot …. bang her on July 23rd & then break up w/ her on July 24th

  • .Krookz

    #36 nice!!!!

  • Kenny

    #45 I love you Ashley!

  • taylor

    #41 is either fake or result of plastic surgery, lost about 50 lbs and gained 4 cup sizes, either way I like the end result

    #47 its your fault, but best of luck to you

  • JustTryingToHelp

    #44 is one of the scariest things ive ever seen…. so no condoms = no evidence?? got it, lesson learned

  • bobby

    #48 dont do it. It will end the same

  • guest

    "Hi. I cheated on my BF and he left me. Now I'm trying to win him back by proving I'm not a slut by having a well known website post pics of me in my bra and underwear"

  • Trey

    #10 – what kind of queer would have that picture taken with his own car. He obviously has no dignity and admits he messed around with another man!!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/philip.alvarez1 Philip Alvarez

    #47 i am sorry but friendzone to me does not apply to women since most already know when they want a girl & this post was so ridiculous, it worked once but now its just sad & pathetic. I am glad other chivers are giving this girl hell.

  • Shawn

    Where in Ontario is #6 located?! I recognize it!!! I need to know!

  • ramon

    yo airforce dude, take back #47 because its not like she did a #44. trust me she will NEVER make that mistake AGAIN.

  • RettB

    #4. I have the weirdest boner right now…


    #43: i see a bad moon rising …………

  • Rose

    #41 see what hard work, breast implants, and spray tan will get ya?

  • Eric

    #47 #48 Sounds like you ruined what could have been a great thing. I have known a few women like this and they complain "why can't I find a nice guy?" What a shame.

  • OH Laawwdd!

    #20 please moar i know im posting this on an old dar BUT MOAR!!!

  • omgh4x

    #47 Criminal misuse of the term friendzone.. do you even know what friendzone means?

    getting dumped for cheating has absolutely nothing to do with friendzone


  • goodbyejeffery

    #43 is awesome

  • Jeffro

    To the guy in the Air Force who has the girl from #47 and #48 wanting him. DON'T DO IT!!! If she did it once she'll do it again. And if she really liked you that much, she would never have let another dude kiss her. You're a serviceman, you deserve better. You could be busted-ass butt-ugly and do better. I don't know what she thinks she's proving by working out, that she can commit to herself maybe? She's probably like tewoman in #44. They're all whores, except for our mothers, and they probably were too at one time or another…

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