Daily Morning Awesomeness (26 Photos)

  • Heineken

    #25 ass ass ass ass… Mmmm!

    • etcrrr

      Somebody called my name ?

      • Witchlover

        One on the left is perfectly hungry… Damn, makes me feel the same way just looking at it!….

    • big_james

      Can we get this in a HQ DAR please?

    • chivettes2love

      5 dollars that they are brazilians!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BabyFart Magizax


    • Boobies

      Why are you yelling? Why the anger?

      • BabyFarts Magizax

        excitement my friend, excitement

  • idowning3


    Out to kill Bieber I hope!

    • Bink

      Original. I like it.

    • zoopilandia

      you're not the only one who hopes for that..:D

  • hater

    #22. I find your lack of waves disturbing.

    • JDB85


    • MacNCheesePro


    • Hang Ten

      If you're looking for the perfect wave – it was on Alderon

    • herp de derp

      couldn't he use the force to make some waves?

  • BabyFart Magizax

    #14….. DA'FUCK?!

  • Trav1121

    #9 Sexy and funny! Love Zooey!

    #25 Delicious post-Hump Day hangover medicine! Thanks

  • etcrr

    #13 He will never forget this day of awesomeness

    • MattKL

      The Force is strong with this one.

    • Esr0d

      The girls MUST be found!

    • Trav1121

      Don't assume, man. Maybe that lil dude gets Bikini Car Wash chicks like that all the time. He could be a ladies man! In which case, just another day for little Billy McPlayaberg. 🙂

    • etcrrr

      Your kid will also never forget the day the police took you away after he complained Stan.

      • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

        that's what you decided to go with? you could have taken an extra couple of minutes to make that a little less clunky.

      • Bonefingers

        Slow day at the hater office.

    • Dyon

      Nice shirt on the kid, but thet all need to get the hell out of the way so we can check out the Stingray.

      • its_forge

        Fuck the car look at those perfect tits!

        • its_forge

          Four of 'em!

    • Epic_Failure1

      I want the heck out of those girls. Please find them and send them to me. I just hope they are over 18

      • TommyKnockers

        the one on the right looks like Gauge to me..and yeah she's over 18.

    • pudge

      turn your head and first moterboat…now you are a man

  • m..

    #10 and the bunt goes foul

    • central_park

      This guy deserves to get it in the junk, with his weak reaction to the incoming ball.

    • DaddyD

      Probably a Red Sox bunt given the way they are playing these days …

    • omnomnom

      Balls to face

      • DickFister

        A true dick head?

    • Amigo

      I couldn't stop laughing at this

      • Huh...

        I'm not your amigo, hombre

  • SuperiorTo8

    #14 Is the guy on the left giving birth through his belly button?

    • DaddyD

      An innie has become a super-outie.

    • etcrrr

      Dude on the left is STAN.

      • Set yourself up

        Dude on the right is etcrrr

    • Devin_Medrano

      Looks like a damn fist coming out

    • noegod

      That's what I was thinking! It's like Guato! "Quaid, start the reactor Quaid!"

  • dashete

    #5 Shit just got real.

  • etcrr

    #18 Not sure why I really like this but it's pretty good

    • Trav1121

      I agree, dude. It is really interesting for some unknown reason…

    • SnowMan218

      Monkeys always like to hang on .. !!

    • John

      Taaaakke onnnnnnn meeeeee.

    • etcrrr

      I apologize on behalf this impostor for this retarded comment.

      • Flox

        You gotta be bored out of your mind. ( I guess we all are, thus we are here)

      • Kiko

        The fact that you went through all this trouble to set up a fake account to pretend to be etcrrr further shows how pathetic all you trolls that harass him are. There can only be one reason. You have homo-erotic feeling for him and are expressing them like a little boy pulling the pig tails or your third grade crush mixed in with animosity caused by your repressed homosexuality. Why else would you all be so focused on one man when there are so many women to ogle. There's funny trolling and then there's stalking. You butt-pirates are stalkers.

    • bebebebebe

      this looks good to Me.

  • :o wow

    #13 find one on right!

    • MattKL

      Also the one on the left.

    • Anon

      What you all miss is a future chiver in the middle with the star wars shirt on. Hot chicks are here and gone but star wars shirts are forever.

      • JAFitC

        Au contraire. Hot chicks are here forever. They keep making new ones.

    • SnowMan218

      or left ???

      • Jawbone

        You can find them in high school, you pervs.

        I'd titty fuck both to death, though…

    • DubU2Death

      They both work at a Hooters in Orlando

  • http://www.facebook.com/chelsea.schmillen Chelsea Schmillen

    What I've been thinking for the past two weeks. I wish i could get be lazy enough to order tomato soup delivered to my house! oh the life.

    • Trav1121

      With the tech out there today and the cry for more convenience, you should be able to get whatever the hell you want delivered to your doorstep! I agree, Chels! Like some gdamn Kleenex!

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/ADHDavenger13?feature=mhsn Firefighter23


    • who cares

      This photo encapsulates exactly what I thought when I saw this commercial. Idiocracy is actually coming to fruition.

  • maclean

    #10 pow, right in the kisser

    • morebeer

      and the nuts

    • The_Dood


    • Si1entStatic

      you misspelled mangina

  • Trav1121

    #5 OMG! A Knife Hawk! The most dangerous animal known to man… I heard it once killed a shark with a laser on its frickin' head!

    • etcrr

      Dr. Evil – my only Shark with the freakin lazer on it's head? ahhhhhh damn

    • MattKL

      The devil you say!

      • Trav1121

        Yeah, man. You don't wanna fuck with things that have no business being together. Like a little kid with one of those old Acme cartoon dynamite plungers that isn't attached to anything… You just never know wtf could happen! Same goes for Knife Hawk. Just when you think it is safe… BAM!!! The ol' fork in the eye! Haha

    • SnowMan218

      Night Hawk Were ..??

  • John Kenny

    Awwww, Katy Perry kissing Russel Brand…maybe they reconciled. 😉

  • Cantbeunseen

    #14 ..Awkward moment when your fat torso resembles Snoopy the dog..

    • MissChris

      Dammit, you're right – now that I've seen it, I can not unsee it! lol

  • Ander

    Holy shit!! Is he giving birth through his belly button? #14

  • Bink

    #25 is easily the highlight of this.

    • SnowMan218

      Nothing New Dude, this is the Chive …

  • Vic

    #9 Love me some zooey!

  • Spywith1eye

    İma kill you B!t@#

  • John Connor

    #17 Skynet! This is how it begins

    • Greyhead

      Sir you are a twat.

      PARALYSED Claire Lomas wept with joy yesterday as she completed the London Marathon in a bionic suit after 16 days.
      Although denied an official finisher’s medal, she was overwhelmed to receive a box of marathon gongs donated by runners she had inspired.

      Claire, 32, became the first person to finish the 26.2-mile course in a £43,000 ReWalk robot suit which allows her to walk by sensing upper body muscle movement.
      Well-wishers in The Mall were headed by her husband Dan, 37, and their 13-month- old daughter Maisie. A guard of honour was provided by the Household Cavalry.
      “This is breathtaking. I didn’t expect anything like this at all. The fact that people have given me medals is like icing on the cake,” said Claire, of Eye Kettleby, Leics.
      Claire, paralysed from the chest down in a horse riding accident in 2007, is set to raise up to £100,000 for charity Spinal Research. http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/318918/Robo-C
      (She does not get an official medal as the rules state you must finis within 24 hours other runners have sent her there's)

      • Kenny

        Totally awesome story, thanks for posting that.

      • John Connor

        Feeling like a jerk.

      • Kris

        Get a sense of humor, pussy.

        • Jouhker

          Agreed Kris, Greyhead needs to ease the fuck up. We all get the story, it is remarkable. However, I found the comment that John Connor made about Skynet to be quite funny. Amazingly inspirational story doesn't make it any less funny. I didn't read it like he was making fun of her.

          • LAWL

            I pictured the dude behind her tied to her and he's actually helping her move…

    • Capt. Bo Jengles

      Accidentally hit thumb up, but seeing that you realized your fail, I'll leave it at that. Good for her! + 50 restored to the faith in Humanity.

  • The Bandit

    #10…hurts only from watching already!
    #25…a nice view this early morning!
    #16….RIP MCA!

  • http://www.facebook.com/chelsea.schmillen Chelsea Schmillen



    • Jouhker

      Science rocks! Congrats indeed!

  • Logicyup

    #23 Jousting random people on bikes should be legal. We have bike lanes everywhere where I live, and those fuckers avoid them at all costs.

    • kevguy

      yeah but then you'd be on a horse and drivers would bitch about you too

    • ttyl hef

      every person in American should be required to commute to work for 1 year on a bike.
      It would help in a number of areas:
      traffic congestion
      obesity issues
      encourage fitness
      polution problems
      infrastructure stress

      Yes – I know it isn't practical for everyone but it should be encouraged.

      • Dabears

        Try A carpool, and a gym. A bike isn't gunna fix fat, dumb, and traffic

    • thedude325

      21st century Don Quixote.

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