• BabyFarts Magizax

    worst invention ever :(:(:(

    • p$d

      what do you care? you're obv gay

      • a-nom

        His emoticons actually show quit the opposite of being jovial…now go sit in the corner until your parents come home. Your kind is not welcome here…

        • hello please

          Mocking entitled teenagers will only destroy their confidence. So… carry on.

  • Shane o

    God I hate that thing

  • Chunk Pants

    Fucking dream robbers!

    • Me.

      Burn your boob apron.

  • etcrr

    Just when you would think summer would be fun, they invent this shit

    • TheAutomaticMan

      I totally sent Chive this link like 3 months ago or something haha, bout time they posted it. Hope y'all enjoy it.

      • hello please

        Amazing, cos they posted it about a year ago or more as well. Come to think of it, that time machine explains a lot…

  • Manny

    Order a stack of these blue ballers. Hahahaha

  • CH1V3R

    Seriously, you would think her male co-worker was a 12 year old kid the way he's staring at her tits in the first frame of the video.

  • Der_Joe

    tits are a great gift
    don't hide them

    p.s. find her

  • Rae Shawn

    Boobie Kush

    • BenB

      Way better dub than the first.

  • CallMeYork


    Seriously though, fuck that shit.

  • eclipze

    LOL .. I kept laughing the whole video… If the guy had boobs, we'd only leave the house to show 'em off. LOL

  • Dan

    The video is hilarious and I've seen it a bunch of times, mostly because it's been out for over a year.I usually see funny videos on this site before a lot of others, get your shit together Mac

  • Him.

    I must be 12 as well then cause I didn't even notice a guy..

  • Tomx569


  • Seldi84

    HAha . The whole video had me in stiches. The fact it's a real thing makes me sad. Inventors have time to make this but not a hoverboard?

  • George

    If men had boobs they would only leave the house to show them off

  • Pants

    To think we landed on the moon 50 fucking years ago…

  • DrMa7moud

    Imagine a flbp post with that … Urghhhh the horror

  • R. Mackworthy

    Fuckin dumb.
    – Kenny Powers-

  • HOYVIN Glavin

    Buy this to cover your cleavage so you can wear shirts that show your cleavage.
    Reminds me of that bit on how we build houses for shelter and shade but then it's too dark so we put in windows for light but that's too much light so we put up curtains but then there's not enough light so we use lamps but that's too much light so we use lamp shades.

    Reject the cure – just keep treating the symptoms.

  • noegod

    Infomercial redubs are hilarious! And this truly is the worst intention ever!

  • Matt

    Woman wears clothing DESIGNED to accentuate Cleavage.
    Man — programmed by eons of human biology — finds this display Attractive.
    Woman is Offended.

  • MissChris

    Titkerchief. haha

  • NOLA

    dumb. why buy a deep cut shirtin the first place if you want your boobs to be covered. so dumb

  • fibonacci5150

    you know that feeling when you've slept to late and really want to lol? yeah I just had tears of laughter and no noise

  • Ricky

    nice white wine …Dick!

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