Facebook needs a filter for stupidity (26 Photos)

  • Ned_Plimpton

    #18 Omg, kill her…. But FIND HER first because she looks hot…. Then kill her.

    • Dick Salad

      Yea… love her eyes… they are amazing…

    • twoedges

      You can have her. She has a blurred face which means that at any moment she is going to become the victim of some violent crime and I wouldn't want to be anywhere near her when that happens.

    • imwithstupid

      eiffel tower… lol

      some of these would make good t-shirts

    • Blaine17

      you beat me to it.

    • socket2me

      seriously ? hahahahahaha like, we can't see SHIT from that pic, right ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=560821865 Ryan Fillion

    I'm from michigan and had no idea we had the great wall of china here that's amazing

    • http://www.facebook.com/matt.zernec Matt Zernec

      Haha. Nope. I've never seen the Great Wall of China anywhere near my home either.

    • pretoxicated

      better yet look up ( china, michigan) and its actually a real township, but alas no wall

      • thom

        What an idiot, that is totally Mexico.

    • Nottoobright

      No you dummies. This was taken in Ann Arbor, which is no where near Michigan!

      • Chivalrous

        It's right off the Diag. Duh.

    • hwath

      I like to think that person was joking. But after reading the rest of these, I just don't know anymore.

    • SHAWN


    • Mr. Attitude

      Ever walk that friggin boardwalk in Grand Haven? Sure as hell seems like the Great Wall!

    • swank

      We should build one around flint, you cannot leave the wall until you have a job or college acceptance letter, would bode well for all of us.

    • http://www.facebook.com/MikeyMontero Mikey Montero

      Go Canes

  • Andyrew711

    I wanna slap whoever posted #12. that's why I don't get on FB. too busy chiving!

    • Urethra Franklin

      Also too busy having a sick nasty dick sweeper mustache!

      • socal dude

        You bring up a valid point, good sir.

      • Andyrew711

        the stache was a joke. which is the only reason there's a picture of it. loyal chivers don't make fun of each other. that's pretty much the opposite reason behind the site. have a blessed day.

        • Urethra Franklin

          Is the stache a Metaphor? Loyal Chiver? You're a guy on the internet….with a Beiber haircut covering one eye…chill out

          • Andyrew711

            picking an Internet fight. classic cyber-badass. have a good one 🙂

            • Jawbone

              Never mind the 'stache. The Beiber haircut is a cause of greater concern. And yes, the mustache is a giant joke, we know.

              • WTF!!!

                Wow you people are some judgmental faggots

    • Juiol

      Yeah this is where intellectuals gather.

      • Jawbone

        We've got you, at least, good droll sirrah!

    • Anon

      Pretty clear that this is a troll comment by the poster. Not every one of these is a serious post 😛 Enough are though..

    • This Guy

      *Too busy being a hipster

  • BigPup

    #4 I'm constantly bombing labias…

    • Lolzersauce

      With Weapons of Mass Destruction I bet lmfao!!!

    • needamap

      yea she didn't spell "Libya" right either…..

  • Wet_tosti

    #25 harry bring that ring to Voldermordor!

    • Devin_Medrano

      I see some of these pics and I wonder if they're just trolling on purpose lol.

      • amrith777

        Tragically–I'm betting most (if not ALL) aren't.

      • aussie

        Not in this case I don't think – both Elijah Wood and Dan Radcliffe have been mistaken for each other by fans before, with fans turning up to the red carpet events to give them wrong pictures to sign.

  • Not Funny

    #25 Trollin

    • GAChiver

      That's a Hobbit not a Troll

  • CLT Chiver

    I see stupid people!

    • Underbaker

      They are everywhere and don't even know they are stupid.

      • Brutal_Deluxe

        One of them is trapped in my mirror. How I loathe him.

        • Underbaker

          So does yours ever escape and pretend to be you making stupid remarks and decisions? Mine does it all the time.

  • Kris

    Oh God, I hope some of these people were trying to be ironic…

  • BuffaloJustSayin


    Pat, I'd like to buy a "U"

    • Goosedmoose

      Same thing really "Marriage is a never really settled "I O U" of give and take." and a WHOLE lotta sometimes Y!

      • BuffaloJustSayin

        Preaching to the choir, pastor.

    • Guest

      Why do you want to buy a "U"? Where exactly would you put it to correct the word?

    • Yeeep

      I thought the stupidity in this picture was being so close to the water and not being able to swim.

  • WisGal_KCCO

    Hilarious, but incredibly depressing..

    • millipede

      I weep for the future.

    • Devin_Medrano

      I don't want them living on this planet anymore.

  • http://6-month-transformation.blogspot.com/ goldengekko1

    #25 the fact they think frodo is harry potter is both sickening to my eyes and an insult to all LOTR fans alike what a fool that person is lol 😀

    • internet trolls

      hello goldengekko1, nice to meet you

    • Jawbone

      They're gayer than two dicks touching. Might as well be the same movie.

    • Boner

      Fuck lotr

  • Larry

    Someone needs to add some chlorine to the gene pool…

    • socal dude

      …one assclown at a time.

    • The idiots

      Somebody plopped a steamer in the gene pool…

      • Brutal_Deluxe

        Sorry, totally couldn't make it to the can in time.

      • Dr_StrangePants

        the idiots are taking over by MxPx

    • martian maggot

      glad you didn't say 'jean' pool…

  • phillyjeff

    People under 20 years old are stupid and all they care about is Jersey Shore or some other lame ass person.

    • Bayer

      I'd have to say that is a niave thing to say…
      My sister is 17 and can't stand jersey shore and is also a straight "A" student with academic awards out the ass. Your comment should have been in this post right after the MJ has died comment.

      • Jaives

        And it seems your sister is doing better than you, especially in the spelling department.

      • Bob

        it's spelled naive, and I'm only 15

        • eightshmidtnndyy

          chill, im sure it was just a typo and he makes a good point. now, granted, i think most people are idiots, not just the demographic specified in the original comment. kcco

    • Robert

      That is a very general and ignorant statement. I am 18 never seen Jersey shore, and the only people I respect are those over seas fighting. I agree that most people under twenty are on the dumb side but we aren't all retarded.

      • Juiol

        "the only people I respect are those over seas fighting" Sorry, that's retarded.

    • ben

      Wait wait wait… you're calling the under 20's the idiots? We aren't the ones who have decided to fuck the world up. You're a fucking moron.

      • Kevin

        "Jersey Shore or some other lame ass person. "

        Jersey Shore is not a person.

        • Michele

          I thought he was making a joke, by calling Jersey Shore a person.

    • Dan

      Slight generalization there buddy…

  • cicadetta

    #19 Salads are serious business. (Digging up long dead Roman generals? Also very serious…)

    • SpacemanSpiff

      Lettuce not joke about this

    • Sebastian

      At first read I thought they were just over reacting to underage drinking. The best Caesar is the drink.

    • Guest

      Sieze her! No, stop, she's having a siezure.

      • Canguro

        I before e, except after.. er… well it's seizure anyway

    • Canguro

      Maybe they just had to get the baby out fast..

  • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane

    #22 For the sake of my faith in intelligent life, I'm going to hope this was someone from Florida's first winter in a state that actually gets snow…

    • Master_Rahl

      Beats what I thought it was, before I read the caption. I assumed someone had too good a time and, umm, couldn't contain themselves.

    • Rude Dog

      not to burst anyone's bubble but the photo is not a "satellite view" of the earth or anything…look closely…it a picture of a guys head and he has an abrasion…the thing at the bottom corner is a finger so it was "he" who was taking a picture…the black things that look like trees are hair follicles…it just shows how amusing this photo truly is-CHIVE ON YOU FRIGGIN CHIVERS!!!!

      • bruce

        Can't tell if you're serious or not. You'd have to be pretty stupid to actually belive what you just said.

  • Bigokie

    #13 and #24 Looks like from the same "Rachel" I'll bet she's never had to worry about anyone cheating off of her in school… like, ever.

    • http://twitter.com/Exile714 @Exile714

      They MUST be the same person… because they have the same name!

      • Guest

        must have changed her picture though.

    • http://www.facebook.com/adraward Adam Draward

      would you like to be added to this list? lmfao

  • Kevin J

    I have little hope for the future… :S

    • 619

      atleast you still have hope lol

  • http://twitter.com/Thogert @Thogert

    Some people just shouldn't make babies.

    • Martin

      Lots of sweat got mixed in that seed.

  • Ricky

    #20 #26 almost want to believe they are trolling

  • Bradyized

    #26 FFS…. *facepalm*

  • Dude Imbibes

    #24 Because it's magic

    • Prodigy

      Force of gravity is always toward the center of the earth. Love, physics police.

  • Mrs_Conejo

    Been around the world and found
    That only stupid people are breeding
    The cretins cloning and feeding
    And I don't even own a tv

    • Master_Rahl

      They're not sick, but they're not well

    • thedude

      NOFX dye

      • Sam

        It's Harvey Danger, douchebag.

        • Jawbone

          All the same queers, doesn't matter.

  • SMH

    i don't want to live on this planet anymore.

    • Jawbone

      Then kill yourself. No one will miss you.

      • just me!

        go stick your head in a bucket of water.

    • Devin_Medrano

      I have a better solution. How about THEY don't live on this planet anymore.

  • Jungle

    #7 Can't. Stop. Laughing.

  • Joe Q?

    I wish i could friend Rachel just to see all the brilliant posts. She can't even spell her own name right. #13 #24

    • Needlegun13

      I was going to comment on that, but you beat me to it. I'm hoping Rachel is like, 8 years old. Either way, damn girl. Damn.

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