Fire extinguishing system goes off at Air Force base — now it’s a party (6 Photos)

  • Shannon Coverdale

    I'm in!

    • vindi

      This happened at our datacenter once halo system went off. Cost us 20k to refill it and a shit ton of work cleaning it up.

    • Shannon Coverdale dog.

    • J D


    • Kenton

      Sorry, AirForce guys. My partner didn't come into work yesterday, so I had all the office all to myself. It's not everyday you have the privacy to fap FLBP at work. I took advantage of it to the fullest, hence white stuff everywhere.

  • some marine

    That's pretty cool

    • Kenton

      Is that stuff hard to clean up? Does it just wash away, does it just go away? What is that fire retardant substance like? Is it "bubble-bath" status? Or is it more "shaving-cream" status?

  • mutant26

    ugh…the cleenup!!!

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Nah! Open both hangar doors, pop open some beers and watch them float away…..

      • Jaives

        Besides, they have to clean it up anyway… might as well make some use of it. Get some beer, girls, hire a local band, some lights and charge $5 at the entrance.

    • Si1entStatic
    • Farfum Trenson

      Sorry meant to thumb up but sausage fingered the thumbs down 😦 Kcco

  • Jackson

    Now all they need is BEER + CHICKS = EPIC PARTY

  • Martin_McFly

    You realize a lot of this extinguishing foam is made using animal bi-product… soo.. it smells pretty fucking bad..

    • tv_paul

      So do the people who attend Foam Party raves.

    • Yep

      Thanks, Debbie Downer!

    • F.S.M.

      The animal fat foam has a yellow tinge and isn't used much anymore. The Air Force uses Aqueous Film Forming Foam (A triple F).

      • Adam

        That's how you debate!

      • The Beetis

        AFFF is used for fuel fires. This type of high expansion foam is different from AFFF. Also, smile welding sparks wouldn't (or at least shouldn't) have set this off. It lo

        • The Beetis

          It looks like they where testing the system.

          • Fire Dude

            Depends on the sensor. and Yes this was a acceptance test or a yearly test of the fire protection system (at least #2 down).

          • Hhh

            would they really test it with aircraft inside? I can't see it being good for them…

            • Fire Dude

              #1 had to be a False dump. But the rest as you can see the floor is covered in plastic and no aircraft inside. High Ex and most of all other fire fighting foams are highly corrosive.

    • Chris

      So are my chicken mcnuggets.

    • seanroy

      AFFF is mostly salt water usually

    • Kristina

      The HEF system installed on my last job didn't use the animal by-products (protein from pigs' blood). You're right that the old systems used to.

      No one expects this stuff to expand as much as it does until they're trapped in a corner with a giant wall of foam building towards them. BEST QC TESTS EVER!

  • Kilo

    *clean up*

  • Ahall005

    #2 #3 We have something like that at the restaurant I used to work at. I was told never to push the pin to it. Now I see why. SO AWESOME!

    • Stephen Gondek

      It's called an ansul system. We've been joking for years about pulling it after a rush or during shift change. *walks over to ansul pin and pulls it* "F@$& it! I'm not closing!"

  • Josh


  • tv_paul

    #2 All they need is flashing lights, techno music and ecstasy and the could throw a hell of a good recruitment party.

    • Kenton

      "I’ll bring the glow-sticks, who’s got the acid?"
      This sentence was written under the 1st picture. You totally thought you had this awesome sentence to post, but really, you read what he wrote, and by the time you were done fapping it to white stuff all over the military personnel, you thought your idea was original. That is why you have plus 18 instead of plus 200, there is only 18 knuckleheads who clicked thumbs up because they didn't see the sentence under the first picture. I am the reason you are at 18 instead of 19. Oh, if I had connected my account, I would have like +100000000000000, but I don't care about it, so I don't do it. You have probably been posting everday to the past year to get that. I'd get that in one post (if i made it in the first 7 comments)


  • Marco Antonio Gonzalez

    Well…. The fire system works

    • Ben Chartier

      Worked…wont anymore

  • BabyFart Magizax

    Looks like a foam party

  • SadeShadz

    #4 I Woooo….:)
    Sorry for the mess!

  • Not Fatty

    What's up with patty? We see that fat fuck putt all the weight back on. That guys a fucking loser.

    • A BiPolar Guy

      – has common human weakness
      + works for the chive
      = Much cooler than you will ever dream of being

  • didi

    it will choke you do death preventing from dying in fire. genius!

    • A BiPolar Guy

      Humans must get out with or without the foam, foam saves the planes. Foam is a win.

    • Joe Q?

      No, surprisingly you can still breath when engulfed with the foam.

  • John

    Anyone care to comment on the condition of the aircraft after the foam?

    It looks pretty but those are expensive jets under that crap.

    • S.Freud

      Better a few hours cleaning those jets than having to replace them entirely.

    • matty022

      This happened at my base before. The foam doesn't harm the jets, aside from them needing a good wash.

    • Darren Gray

      The jets are just fine, just an extensive cleanup and a waiver or 2 later and they're flying again

  • Static

    seems like only the first pick was of the "incident" – the rest, theres nothing in the building? just testing?

    these are the same ones used at gas stations also..

    • Beth

      Yeah. The first pic is of the incident. The others are from when they tested a different system back in 2009.

  • sploodge

    #3 I want to run through it :O

  • Anon

    Promoting the use of drugs is not cool, Chive. We have enough problems in the world, without "the greatest website ever" promoting acid.

    • anon hater

      stfu and learn how to take a joke anon.
      #2 anyone down for a scarface?

    • Adam

      It's too much to type so I am just going to refer you the late great Bill Hicks. You need to open your third eye, okay? Okay!

      • The_Dood

        You see, I think drugs have done some good things for us. I really do. And if you don't believe drugs have done good things for us, do me a favor. Go home tonight. Take all your albums, all your tapes and all your CDs and burn them. 'Cause you know what, the musicians that made all that great music that's enhanced your lives throughout the years were rrreal fucking high on drugs.The Beatles were so fucking high they let Ringo sing a few tunes.

        • thedude325

          I like the Tool reference.

          • The_Dood

            It's actually Bill Hicks, the man that Adam was talking about. But yes, it is at the beginning of Third Eye.

    • bob barker

      shut up

    • Travis

      Someone help me out here….all I can think of after reading Anon's post is the scene in Caddyshack where Chevy Chase say's "You take drugs, Danny?" and Danny replies "Everyday".

      • Moknowsbest

        Right on brother…everyday

        • Moknowsbest

          So whats the problem?

          • 1sicGSXR

            I ran out and need some more?

    • Moknowsbest

      Spoken like a man who has never had any fun before

    • The Guy

      Shut up! It's a joke dumb ass!

    • Jason

      I agree! Besides, Molly would be much more fun than acid in this case.

    • elbruces

      Thanks for sharing, grumpy old finger-wagging lady!

  • Jamie

    Thanks for posting pics of an event that happened a long time ago! Way to keep up with the times!

    • Hahadamit

      This was just a few weeks ago. Not a long time ago. I work here on Eglin and had to respond to the incident.

      • Jamie

        This did not just happen a few weeks ago. I saw these pics a few YEARS ago. I don't appreciate your ruse.

        • Hahadamit

          Maybe pictures 2-6 are old. They look like pics from when a different system was tested in 2009. But the first pic is of an event that took place just a few weeks ago. April 12th in fact. And it was high expansion foam, not AFFF. It's less corrosive and much more environmentally friendly.

          • Owned

            Someone owes Hahadamit an apology…I ain't sayin' no names, but his initials are Jamie.

            • Red

              Jamie has a very small penis. Cut him some slack.

            • Hahadamit

              I like the way you think 🙂

              • Jamie

                You like to think about small penis'? 😦

          • Jamie

            You just made my point. Thank you very much and I think you owe my an apology, dumbass.

        • Taco

          Yea, sorry Jamie, I'm a firefighter on Eglin, and you sir… ARE WRONG. Hahadamnit is exactly correct, but don't feel bad. I know her pretty well and is one of the coolest chicks you'll ever meet. So there's not too much shame in being proven wrong by a cool chick. But there's a plus to having a small penis; I hear condoms are cheaper… Go figure!? You lucky bastard!

          • Hahadamit

            Haha. You fucking rock taco

          • Jamie

            A firefighter at Eglin? How low did you have to score on your ASVAB to get that job? lol

  • noegod

    Who cares about the clean up, it's a helluva lot better than some scarry ass halon system! Halon eats up all the oxygen in an area so that the fire is suffocated, along with anyone who doesn't get out within a minute or two! (depending on size of area) Halon is usually used in rooms with computer servers or electrical equipment.

    • Bender

      Halon is no longer in service for that very reason. Only the military can use halon now. They replaced it with inergen which essentially does te same thing it just doesn't kill you.

      • dick

        halon was banned because its bad for the environment. not because it depletes the oxygen, which is a common misconception.

    • Alexander P Jansing

      Yeah, I just got out of active duty MX. Never had to use the stuff, but we always were told not to mistake the fire extinguishing system for a light switch– joke being that someone managed to think a giant yellow box was a light switch before 😛

      but yeah, you really don't want to be on the clean up crew XD

    • PresCamacho

      You sir must be in CE?

    • Retired Navy

      Halon is also used on Navy Ships in the engineering spaces. On a side note, I would not want to be the poor SOB that caused this. Some of these foam systems can have caustic traits that will eat the hell out of the electrical/electronis systems!!

  • Michael

    Is that a person in that second picture right in the middle of all that falling foam?! How in the hell do you find your way out of that???

  • @IsSheADaughter

    Wow. That's pretty awesome. I'd ask someone to marry me in that. That's rememerable.

  • mobalized

    Afff = not fun lol

    • Zrock76

      I was looking for someone that knew what it was, cool

      • cr3shd3m0

        well those A/C are down for awhile sorry maintenance crew

    • Am3

      Rebasing all 7 days… Fuck

  • BeerAndStupidity

    Bikini girls are missing…

  • Anomanom

    Rub a dub dub got planes in mah tub.

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