• Seth_Michaels

      I think you spelled your name wrong.

  • Whiskey_Drinker

    'Do you need help?', 'Yes…. Seeeeeeee!!!' So cute..

  • Ned Ryerson

    awesome kid. has a great attitude!

  • http://www.funnypicturespro.com/13981/karate-master-falls-into-a-dastardly-trap-video/ Karate Master falls into a dastardly trap (Video) | Funny Pictures Pro

    […] From: theCHIVE » FAIL […]

  • noegod

    Adorable! My kids used to be cute……miss those days.

  • uzo

    He looks and also sounds like Winnie the Pooh 8)

  • hmmmmmm???

    berry…Berry…BERRY…BERRY!!!…chive fail

  • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

    "Honey! One of the kids is stuck in a drain hole! Quick, get the camera for the Chive!!1!"

    – Fan testimonial: "It's almost too much trouble to tell you to go fuck yourself Paula. Almost."

    • Paula ain't human

      I'd ask if you had kids of your own, but you probably ate them if you did you inbred wildebeest.

  • Agent Arrrr-ange

    I got trapped in the hamper once. My mom didn't think it was so cute though. I was 41.

  • CaptainStag

    "Akiva"? Seriously? Poor kid..

    • iChive

      It actually means "Born To Millennial Parents" in ancient Sumerian.

  • *****

    for being stuck there, he is actually very calm about it

  • aussie aussie aussie

    Just plain stupid….

    • Australia bites

      If you're looking for the kangaroo fucking videos, you're at the wrong site. Mate.


    better learn karate with a name like Akiva.

    • D3AN

      I'm one of many instructors at our dojo and taught an adorable kid named… Gohan. Smh.

  • Bobestradamus

    Fucking help him

  • http://www.facebook.com/nic.beck Nic Beck

    IT"S A TRAP!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dan

    Honey, our son is stuck in the clothes hamper. Quick, get the camera.

  • Ken Kong

    known me i would have kicked the wall and got myself out.

  • DrMeatwad

    So calm about the situation.

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