• ontherun1989

    He wasn't just juggling those bottles, he was throwing liquor into his mouth, and every bottle was empty by the end!

    • r@f

      Females react like the first time they saw a penis.

  • MikeyP

    *orders jack and coke…gets it an hour later*

    • andfukyamoms

      This guy is good, but he ain't no Tom Cruise.

      • JDB85

        LOL, I think that may be lost on the younger crowd….

    • TX Country Boy

      I'm friggin thirsty dude. Andele that ass.

    • thedude325

      …and it tastes like shit.

  • Jim

    Ughhhh I just wanted a beer

  • Dylan

    That was amazing but more importantly, who's the brunette?!?

    • Jay

      Yes please. Loved the 'o' face.

    • Mr. Berg

      Oksana Marchenko. You know that guy got some from her and the blonde judge after the show.

    • Rita

      Oksana Marcheko. Her husband was leader of part of Ukrainian mafia and basically ruled the country for about 10 years and if you try to hit on this brunette you'd most likely get your head cut off.

  • ohno

    Holy shit EVERY SINGLE video on the chive has ads on it! WTF happened Chive?

    • hulksmash

      step 1: download ad block plus
      step 2: no more ads

      • Simon

        Let me translate that in a douche way…

        step 1: download an add-on that eliminates income from the site a lot of people love
        step 2: no more site we all love

        I appreciate that advert balancing can be difficult on a site. Heck, every video advertises a programme not relevant in my country, and if it was, I wouldn't watch it. However, if you want everything for nothing then I'm afraid that eventually you're going to end up with nothing.

        • yup

          Yeah.. because the chive isn't making enough money on stolen t-shirt designs and banner ads… How them boys gonna eat???

    • Woah

      Leave the internets to those who know how to use it.

  • mike

    not impressed…they werent even shaken with ice. who wants a warm cosmo or martini? no tip…

  • Socal Pilot

    only takes me about a sec to crack open a dos equis.

    • Olds

      I don't always comment on the chive, but when I do, it's lame as hell

  • Jerry

    by that time the line is 40 people deep and all you want is a beer.

  • Shitsangson

    Shit dang, here in Mercia we don't have time to drink at the circus none! I'd be tempted to punch em in the gut while he's doin all that fancy trickery and pour my own and the other twenty unimpressed thirsty hillbillys waiting.

  • chivette113

    He has good juggling skills. That's about it. Just make my drink dude!

  • David Phillips

    He's awesome but the video would of benifited from less shots of the annoying judges…50 year old Justin Bieber?

    • knotmee

      if only they would have cut over to some reaction shots…

    • Homer

      Came here to say this. Thanks. Crap videography, phony expressions on the judges' faces. Bleh.

  • SirDopeness

    sweet. I can jam this terrible music while you take 45 minutes to make me a rum and coke

  • Nceffer

    Worst bare tender ever. It took him 3.5 minutes for 3 drinks. Not to mention that the third one was short poured. With?

  • pedro

    if i had to wait that long for a drink id pour it myself

  • Actual Bartender

    Yeah they only do that periodically as the customer base rotates or for one large group of customers. The rest of the time it's speed bartending. Also, if I did all that and got no tip, I'd punch that customer in the dick

  • Tim Posta

    he probably beats up Asians at football games too

  • tylerO17

    Ukraine definitely has its priorities right

  • john

    She's all wet

  • Static

    most of it was just juggling. the only thing i saw impressive was when he switched the booze from one shaker into the other by tossing just the booze out. I'd like to see this guy in a real flare contest. he would lose.

    • Cantaloupe

      most of it was just bitching. the only thing i saw impressive was when you failed to write like you know English.

  • h3yblinkin

    Holy shit! I just became an alcoholic…

  • Chivin' Dutchman

    Oekraïnse barman is eindbaas

  • oompajc

    Congratulations, you are a juggler.

  • Mother Pus Bucket

    If you can pour me a shot of Jameson, you're the best bartender ever.

  • flibble

    why? I'm 4ft 8in high and married. sod off.

  • flibble

    wow chive. lots of spam comments today.

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