If Liberace threw up on the Jersey Shore, you’d have a Bulgarian Prom (22 Photos)

Bulgaria is the poorest country in the EU right now but when it comes to prom, they spare no expense. The average prom dress costs more than the annual income of an average Bulgarian family. The girls dress like flamboyant street walkers because prom is viewed more as a celebration of adulthood than a farewell to school.

The Vagabond interviewed one of the prom girl's mothers, who justified the cost:

“When my daughter grows up, she may get married two or three times and so have different wedding receptions. But the prom happens just once in a lifetime."


  • rich

    #5, #14 Oh my god that's disgust – #3, hey there

    • Ron

      How poor can they be
      #2 is on a horse and behind her is a Benz and an Audi

      • Yoselahonda

        Just cause the country is poor doens't mean that everyone in it is poor.

      • sadman

        Horses are not cheap. That's why you don't own one.

    • Aoi

      I´d hit it…
      …all of them

    • disturbed

      I want to go to there!

  • costumeball


    • Underbaker

      #9 is that Elphaba and Glenda?

    • magrin

      future porn stars of america

  • nepster

    Ain't nothing wrong with #3…Mama Lucia!

    • Booger

      You may want to bring some little band-aids for the damage her braces will do to your little soldier, but other than that soldier on.

    • eggnog

      Bulgaria? More like VULGARIA amirite?

    • johnny

      very nice!… how much?

  • spenny

    first, why arent our proms like that lol

    • Dick Salad

      I'm trying to imagine this…

      Spenny averts his eyes from the computer monitor but you could still see the traces of shock on his face from witnessing the Bulgarian prom photos. After looking around to see if anyone near by was listening and says in a reflective voice, "Why aren't our proms like that?" Afterward he breaks down into maniacal and raucous laughter!

    • Desi

      Because American kids apparently have more self-respect. They dress up in duct tape.

    • spennysPROMdateMITCH

      A) Because you say "LOL"
      B) Because your lack of punctation is hurtful
      C) Because your name is Spenny
      D) Because you never graduated.
      E) Because you said first, but never added a "second" thought.
      F) Because you never picked me up JERK

    • https://www.facebook.com/cavillea.diannea Cavillea Diannea

      my prom had a dress code. we couldn't even wear stapless dresses.

  • Weedo

    Glad they have their priorities straight over there.

    • wdh

      soooo never raise a daughter in bulgaria, thats what i got from this post..

    • B Dub

      As I viewed this post, all I could think of was Brian from The Family Guy trying to inspire low-income kids, and them just not getting it…

      Student 1: “I could be a ditch-digger?”
      Student 2: “A motel maid?”
      Student 3: “I could be a hooker?”
      Brian: “Er, well no, you don’t want to be a hooker…”
      Student 4: “Wow Mr. Griffin, you’re the first teacher that ever told us we could do anything.”
      Brian: “Well, I…I didn’t mean sell your body for money…”
      Student 5: “Oh captain, my captain.”
      Brian: “No, you’re actually misunderstanding…”
      Student 4: “Oh captain, my captain.”
      Brian: Well, if it works for you I guess…”
      Student 3: “Oh captain, my captain.”
      Brian: “Yeah, what the hell, be the best damn hooker you can be…”
      Student 6: “Oh captain, my captain.”
      Brian: “In your case I’d get the money up front…”

  • Terry Bull

    "The average prom dress costs more than the annual income of an average Bulgarian family."


    • Dave

      You might be right, but it could be true also. These crazy proms they're showing might go down only among the (relatively small) middle and upper class. Since they are only "once in a lifetime" events, it's totally possible that these relatively affluent Bulgarians spend more than the national median income (but still significantly less than their own annual income) on the dresses.

      • Dirty_Dingus

        Good point. The average prom dress & acc. in the 90210 probably cost more than the average income in Podunk.

        Still, I think they do this because this is the age when they will look their best, so they have to go all out to flaunt it, in the hopes that some rich dude will rescue them from a life of poverty. re: 'Fancy' by Reba.

        • Caleb

          Hahahaha I forgot all about that song, good stuff

        • http://www.frombearcreek.com/wordpress Animal

          I was thinking more of Confederate Railroad's "I Like My Girls A Little On the Trashy Side."

          • AmBushSteve

            Great song Animal. My phone shuffled by it just yesterday.

            Given where they're from,a good percentage of these girls are just trying out the working clothes that they'll be wearing when they move to western Europe or North America.

      • Terry Bull


        Or Chive is just full of shit, and quoting this article from 2008 and applying the actions of one family to that of an entire country. Or the actions of those in Sofia as representative for the whole country. Everyone celebrates prom. I've been to a few Eastern European "balls" myself, though not in Bulgaria, but can't imagine it to be that different. And I don't doubt that they spend lavishly on the affair. But I simply do not believe an entire year's salary would be spent just on the dress (on top of tickets, rental car, etc.). Not to mention many families make their own dresses, or if they do buy them, they clearly aren't paying American or Euro prices. I get it, the pictures are funny, haha, they are poor but pay for tans and fancy cars for one night… hardy har har. But it is no representative and simply not true. Some dresses cost more than the annual income, but not the AVERAGE.

    • Rudd

      Annual income is approx. $500 Canadian.

      • Moe

        Why do Bulgarians get paid in canadian money!?

        • Rye


        • Desi

          Bulgarian money is ugly?

          • JMF

            Ive been to Bulgaira several times, and never once have I heard of anything like this…let alone seen it.

            Its total BS and the Bulgairan currency is Bulgarian Lev, and last time i checked it wasnt far off the GBP to USD rate

    • Any

      Not true, I'm from there. Prom "dresses" are expensive but the avg. salary would be about $800 – $1000/month, and a "dress" like that is ~$500.
      I think this is embarrassing anyways, apparently it has been all over the news in BG too, and many people are shocked. Unfortunately, this is what the young girls look up to there…Just look up Bulgarian music videos on youtube, the "chalga" ones and you will get the idea.

  • this guy says

    dirty mind for number 22

    • AllanA

      Got me staring at it for a second lol

    • Come@meBro


      • HumpDan

        Why is that girl wearing two different colored shoes?

        • Habsy

          Look closer.

        • Desi

          The SHOES bother you about that picture??

    • Vent187

      Mind fuck.

      • Dr_StrangePants

        that's only the tip of the iceberg as far as the types of fucking are concerned…I'm going to hell in a bullet train

        but it's actually 2 different sets of legs

  • whyme1973

    #1 #3 #8 #11 #19 Which porno was this?

    • Desi

      Paula does Bulgaria.

    • sfb101

      Bulgarian drag queens 1

      • http://www.facebook.com/james.keogh.733 James Keogh

        I was looking at these pics thinking "damn Bulgarian porn stars are young", then I re-read the header properly….

    • johnny

      I'm booking a flight to Bulgaria if they look like that…..

    • JarikCBol

      "Weapons Grade Jailbait"

  • Chiefhenry27

    Makes my prom back at the Holiday Inn look like crap…

  • Booger

    So I guess celebrating adulthood involves letting your date go balls deep? Makes perfect sense to me.

    • Falthor

      wasn't that the whole reason for the prom anyways?

      • Booger

        You are correct sir.

    • Curious_Observer

      Can show face in #13, but blurred out in #18 ???

  • Matt

    Ho parade!!

    • blue_bronco

      Next bachelor party? Bulgaria!

  • joha

    No way these girls are all going to prom

  • jwincman

    These are high schoolers?

    • projectrice

      They must have very LONG school years.

      • Bored@Work


  • tv_paul

    #22 Who knew it was still 1980 in Bulgaria.
    #13 Obviously the girls all go to Party City to fill their fashion needs.
    #7 Cher?

    • LucretiusCarus

      2nd in from the right in 22 = all class

      • Underbaker

        Look closer at #22, those legs belong to 2 different girls, got me at first to.

    • yup

      fuck you paul

  • https://www.facebook.com/Dweppler08 DeAnna Michelle Weppler

    #19 has some nice boobs, so I can appreciate the…dress? O.o

    • Whale

      Yeah…how are some of them able to afford the fake racks?

    • My_3_Things

      Think these girls are looking to get "added to the cart"?

    • soft taco juice

      Something about the face looks like a dude in drag. Probably the stupid painted on eyebrows??? Why do chicks ever do that?

  • Noidios

    These are high school girls? Most of them already looked up like washed up middle-aged women!

    • B!!!

      The plow takes 10 yrs off an average Bulgarian womans life!

  • ColaChiver

    #22 3-5 years in prison? ….Worth it

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      In Bulgarian prison, you drop soap daily to atone for your sins. They no like you.

    • https://www.facebook.com/cavillea.diannea Cavillea Diannea

      ..you'd have to register as a sex offender. still worth it?

      • Yuuuuup.

        In Bulgaria its legal to fuck a 14 year old. So in reality that dude could fuck girls born in 98 and still be good to go. The more you know.

        • sadman

          Buy them a happy meal then tell them, "Only 15 minutes on the play-park. I want you limber, but not tired."

  • whyme1973

    Sometimes…I wish I was 17 again.

  • asdf

    Watch the show, not just the commercials, its called whore-nge

  • Bhyo

    If my daughter looked like #1 #8 #11 #12 #18 she would never leave the house again without mom jeans and a sweatshirt

    • wokka

      number 1 would need a pair of dad jeans….. maybe some dad genes too

      • Matt

        Just go Find your daughter 20 min after you drop her of when shes in high school bet its the american version of this.

  • shawn

    I know a couple of those have to be dudes

  • ElDiablo69

    Just because you spent tons of money on a dress doesn't make it a nice dress! Some of the girls need our Chivettes to give them fashion advice.

  • electric boogalo

    A bikini with a see-through night gown over it. Why's that so expensive?

    • B-to-the-H

      It's all relative. It might not be super expensive compared to our economy, but the average annual income in Bulgaria might just be really low.

      • BG0112

        my annual income is 6200 $ and i am above average here in Bulgaria

  • DJ Diddles

    So everybody's cool with checking out these high school chicks?

    • Dick Salad

      It's probably legal there anyways

      • Vagina salad

        Legal shmegal

        • Dick Salad

          Whats your favorite dressing?

          • Vagina Salad

            Menstral vinegrette

  • Juice

    Bulgaria here I come!!!

    • steva070

      No, believe me, you don't!

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