• Aztek


  • Beau mc faggy pants

    My pants are tight on my package

    • Tim

      I've never heard someone refer to their gunt as their package before.

      • You Idiot

        What's a gunt?

  • Ziplab


  • ChicO85T

    the last one is funny, definitely gotta try it lol

  • Unfkngblvbl

    Was this video from 1995?

  • cleveland rocks

    Ello govna

  • Bruins chiver

    If there is a bet with money on the line I will always find a way to lose 😦

  • bwmyers18

    Richard Wiseman?!?!? More like Wiseguy, amirite?!?!?!?.


  • cels0_o

    9th!!!! yess

  • doodles

    finally I can put the sticks, quarters, batteries and red ball that I always take to the bar to use!

    • SC Chiver


      • 1C451


  • ColaChiver

    That last one is funny as shit!

  • Oltimey

    Also known as 10 ways the get your ass kicked in a bar.

  • untamedride

    unless, of course, all your friends are so awesome that the will see the exact same video here on the Chive

  • GuntherSquirrel

    I know what I am doing next time I go to the bar! Sweetness!

  • B11

    A few of these were neat, the rest were just stupid.

    • Nonsense

      I respectfully disagree. A few of these were stupid, the rest were just neat.

  • Truth Teller

    Far too confusing for americans

    • whomi411

      yeah… seriously…wtf is a note? damn I wish I was a brit so I could understand proper English and lame as bar tricks. damn Limey.

      • zoom

        Be nice. They're still trying to figure out if Hitler can be trusted not to invade.

        • Japan

          yeah. 'cause we made you look so thoroughly on top of the situation, amirite?

      • SmartasLimey

        If you'd like to understand "proper English" (as opposed to "improper" English), then might I suggest that we start with:-
        1) Brit (with a capital B). It's short for British so is a proper noun, which generally are capitalised (note that capitalised is spelt with an "s" not a "z" in proper English).
        2) "Damn" should have a capital "D". As it's following a full stop (note that this is not called a "period" in proper English), it constitutes the start of a sentence.
        3) You refer to "lame as bar tricks". I'm assuming you mean "lame ass bar tricks"?
        4) A "note" when used in reference to currency, according to the Oxford English Dictionary refers to "a banknote or a written promise or notice of payment". All English paper currency is a promissory note, requiring that the Bank of England pay the bearer on demand the sum of…..". So "note" is simply an abbreviated term for banknote, or promissory note.

        Proper English made easy.

        • Superman

          Know what other word starts with a capital……..Douche.

          • glenn

            Like in: " shut up Douche" ?!?

        • whomi411

          HAHAHAHA….The fact that you took the time to look shit up is proof you are a douche…im sure u don't know what that is so you can look that up too. P.S. I dOnT gIvE a RaTs aSs AbOuT cApItAlIzATiOn. improper will kick prospers ass any day of the week!

          • yup

            It's not challenging to type correctly.. No need to search anything up?

    • Lunchbox

      You realize this is on an American site right?

    • Myballsurchin

      Funny how people of other countries make fun of Americans but always cry for Americans to help them when they are in trouble. Your right we are confused.

  • Dan

    Leonard taught me how to do the ball and brandy glass one like 3 years ago

    • Some_Guy

      BBT, teaching you how to impress chicks and win bar bets since…that episode

  • Verbal_Kint

    Here's one.. I bet you 10 bucks I'll get hammered tonight.

  • strawberrymoustache

    Damn British are wizards!

  • Piper

    Do I have to use cups of urine?

  • Beyah24

    The 11th trick is how to turn yourself into the creepy guy at the bar doing magic tricks

  • https://www.facebook.com/ron.forsteriii Ron Forster III

    that was pretty entertaining, ignore the trolls.

  • http://www.stokercmcc.co.uk Killy

    damn im english and coz the back of my mind knows this is an american site his accent sounds funny

  • ginger

    i dnt get the napkin into 3, he doesnt show how to do it…

    • tee

      no one can ever do it. thats the point of the trick.

  • Chris

    Ha ha…that guy called the bills "notes." What an idiot.

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